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Video marketing & YouTube


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Advice on using Youtube for marketing - tips on optimisation and creating useful videos

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Video marketing & YouTube

  1. 1. Video Marketing & YouTube
  2. 2. Why use it• 3rd most popular site• 2nd biggest search engine• Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month• Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month• 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute• 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US• 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc.) every week.• There are more than 500 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link• Place to host videos for your own websites
  3. 3. Boils down to…• People like consuming information via video• It helps drive them towards action• It’s easy, and free, to create and host
  4. 4. 3 Key Pointsfor success
  5. 5. 1 Have an objective = destination
  6. 6. Objectives and destinations• Web traffic • Your website• Leads • Data capture options• Nurturing of prospects • Subscription to your• Customer service channel
  7. 7. 2 Be useful for your audience
  8. 8. Create something they want• Ask them• Keyword research• FAQ’s• Product demos• Technical advice• Entertain them• Engagement affects rankings
  9. 9. Creating it• Keep it simple – think about mobile• Keep it short• Shoot a video on your phone• Record your computer screen e.g snagit, camstudio, ezvid etc
  10. 10. 3 Optimise and measure
  11. 11. Optimisation tips• Use good thumbnails• Optimise your video for keywords - Flash files are not ranked – File name – meaningful – Good compelling titles with keywords – Description – keywords and detail, include links – Tags – use up 120 character limit, mirror the title, “ “ for phrases• Closed captions – upload transcript if you can• Create and post regularly
  12. 12. Annotations• Annotations – use them – Driving to other YT content helps rankings – Add links into annotations – within YT only • can create external links – Calls to Action: Ask viewers to ‘like’ or ‘favourite’ the video. – Ask a question to enhance viewer engagement. Asking a specific question is often more effective. – Link to related videos or other content that you have referenced in the video – Provide additional or supplemental information about the content – Repeat Subscribe solicitations and other CTAs at the end of the video.• Drive video responses – big help driving search• Respond to early comments quickly – building them helps rankings
  13. 13. Measurement• YouTube analytics• Your website – e.g Google analytics• Specific landing pages, offers or datacapture
  14. 14. Key Points1 Have an objective = destination2 Be useful for your audience3 Optimise and measure
  15. 15. Remember