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Case studies in inflammation-1


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Target: MBBS students

Published in: Health & Medicine

Case studies in inflammation-1

  1. 1. Case studies inCase studies in Inflammation-1Inflammation-1 Dr.CSBR.Prasad, M.D., Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College Kolar-563101 Karnataka INDIA Dec-2016-CSBRP
  2. 2. Case-1 Identify this organ. Describe the lesion. Why this lesion takes long time to heal? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  3. 3. Case-2 What complications this lesion can produce when it heals? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  4. 4. Case-3 1month old infant with persistent umbilical cord Dec-2016-CSBRP
  5. 5. Case-4 4 months injury 1-Describe the lesion What is your diagnosis? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  6. 6. Case-5 36-year-old woman with a h/o cardiac surgery 1-Describe the lesion 2-How this is different from case-4 3-Name the common sites where this can lesion occurs What is your diagnosis? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  7. 7. Case-6 36yo man with fever and swelling shown in the image. 1-Aspirated pus from this lesion. What is so unusual about this lesion? 2-What test you would like to do with the pus What is your diagnosis? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  8. 8. Case-7 This is a case of Ewing’s sarcoma (a form of bone cancer) involving the scapula. Swollen area was warm. What is the underlying mechanism that is responsible for this finding? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  9. 9. Case-8 Describe the lesion. Surgeon wants to do skin grafting at this stage. Do you agree with him. Dec-2016-CSBRP
  10. 10. Case-9 Patient with a h/o dog bite. Swollen cyanosed right limb. Surgeon did this procedure. Name the procedure and explain why he did so. Dec-2016-CSBRP
  11. 11. Case-10 Paraplegic patient developed this one year back. Urine examination showed protein. What is your interpretation of this new finding? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  12. 12. Case-11 This patient died of acute myocardial infarction. Can you guess the age of the infarct? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  13. 13. Case-12 Name the microscopic feature of acute inflammation shown in the image Dec-2016-CSBRP
  14. 14. Case-13 Describe the findings that may be elicited by clinical examination in this case. Explain the basic mechanisms? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  15. 15. Case-14. History of recurrent hospital admissions 1-Describe the clinical abnormality. 2-Decribe the findings in PBS. What is your diagnosis? Dec-2016-CSBRP
  16. 16. E N D Dec-2016-CSBRP