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  • Who I am What is my roleWhat is my backgroundWho
  • We are in the process of recruiting an agency to create the new online platforms for birdlifeWhat I call the platforms are the intranet the extranet and a tool called CMS for the website. Then we will also have to completely redesign and restructure the website
  • CMS, content management system that will enable every user to create, edit, publish etc the web content he/she is responsible for. Those tools are thought to be very immediate and easy to use.Everyone in Birdlife is potentially able to manage his own content become accountable Now there is a big gap between your work and the website. With a CMS you can potentially just do it. I say potentially because a certain degree of control needs to apply, we don’t want someone to do crazy things on our website, still, it is much more streamline!
  • The extranet is a shared working space for Birdlife employees and partners (or others) where to work together. The uses of the extranet are multiple, can be where you share documents, a collaborative tool, a place to discuss topics, a place where to post all the sort of information, an address book etc.It will become the core place for any work interaction within the partnership
  • The intranet will be the place where every employee will find the information he/she needs, being this information related to the administrative topics (HR, employee books, who is who...) as well as the Project Managment system and the secure location to set up your discussion and collaboration spaces.The intranet overlaps in many ways to the extranet, will look and feell very similar and many of the sharing and collaborating functions will be the same. What will differ is obviusly the level of access, the security and the kind of information you can find there.
  • Despite having excelent content our website looks old and the navigation grew messy over time. We need to refresh the look of our site, of course. And make the navigation structure easy and intuitive. But most of all we need to make sure that we convey the correct messages to our target> what BL is, what we work on, why do we matter for the target, why they should support us..Basically, the website is like our Resume> we need to tell why we are so darn good as we think we are
  • I am in the process of recruiting an agency to develop the 3 platforms and to restructure the website.We will work with the Agile methodology, that means that we start symple and we build iteractively on it. Based on the feedback I will receive I will request new functions to be added. I will not aim to create the perfect tool at the first shot but I want to perfect the tool over time.And for this I need the help and the committment of everyone in this room. If you will not tell me what your needs, desire, problems are I will not be able to help you. I don’t have a crystal ball to see what your wishes are, so please reach out for me!
  • If you had followed the development of internet in the last 15 years, you have noticed that the internet paradigm changed immensely. We moved from static pages where people went to look for some information, the internet as an encyclopaedia, to a social place where we go to hang out and share our lives. The whole WWW moved from the library to the public square. And it works! So we will do the same. But don’t take me wrong, I am not saying that we will have a nice FaceBook page. We will, but this is not the point. When I am talking about going Social, I am talking about putting the People in the Center. It is not about the technology, it is about the people that used it.The new solutions are designed to engage people, to have them willing to share and get satisfaction out of sharing. And of course, we need to go mobile, because people are less and less bound to the desktop. And there are countries, continents, that are skipping the clunky step of the desktop and are getting into mobile navigation directly
  • I like to think that what I am working on in term of internet is in tune with the wider strategy of Birdlife.In fact, the 4th pillar of the strategy says “Empower People for Positive Change“ AND “Build a strong, skilled and mutually supportive global partnership”Improved information flow/access and enhanced “oneness” and coherence should thereforeimprove effectiveness by saving time and resources, promoting innovation, minimising duplication,accelerating dissemination of good ideas; ensuring positive synergies; and promoting thegenuinely global scale and impact of BirdLife’s work.
  • I said that the vision is to Empower all of us to work better and to achieve higher goals. However it is worthy stressing that whatever tool we may provide, is and remain just a tool. It has no own will nor power, will not perform miracles and will not solve any issue on its own.It requires a share will to succeed. And requires awareness: it is YOU that is talking with the audience, so be aware not only of what you say it but also how are presenting yourselfAnd requires commitment: to use it And requires accountability: it is YOU that need something from the person on the other side of the screen, so is your resposability to make sure the other person gets your message And requires strategy: we all think before talking. We don’t go out in the road and scream loud hoping someone will listen to us. You need to direct your messages to the right people and for the right purpose.
  • I am sure that right now you are all worried. Don’t. We are going to change the paradigm under which we have worked so far, but if you think well we are just using a new tool to do what human being do since ever, communicate in a natural way.
  • When I am talking about a Change the paradigm I am thinking about enabling a shift toward more effective work. I am not planning a revolution. Revolution ends on the guillotine. let-’s stop talking about theory. I want people to receive notification in their inbox, if, for example, someone added something in a discussion. And to reply via email, just as before, but with the content that get posted to the sharespace for the benefit of all the other subscribers. Same way of working apparently, but very different effects.Or I want you to be able to set a date where your content get automatically retired, so you don’t have to remember to remove it from your pages.And I want to associate a face to the names behind the email, so that when you meet in person, you already know each other.
  • Please take this list as an indication of what we will have as functions:
  • STM web development 2012

    1. 1. Web Development 2012
    2. 2. Project Web Content Management Solution Extranet platform Intranet and Website redesign and restructure
    3. 3. What does it mean…CMS or Content Management System are software tools for creating and amending website content. enable users to readily edit contents within existing templates.The content becomes YOUR content
    4. 4. What does it mean…Extranet provides secure areas for interaction and communication between BirdLife and its Partners.Enables you to collaborate efficiently
    5. 5. What does it mean…Intranet a working, interactive customizable environment to serve the organization, with familiar Internet-like functionality and navigation.Your daily one stops shop
    6. 6. What does it mean…Website Redesign and Restructure  new look  logical navigation  key communicationTell our visitors why we matter
    7. 7. How we are doing it Agile methodology Open Source Start simple Not perfect but perfecting
    8. 8. How we are doing it Social Focused on people Mobile
    9. 9. The vision behindEmpower People for Positive Change  Build a strong, skilled and mutually supportive global partnership  Enhanced “oneness” and coherence  Improve effectiveness by saving resourcesPromote Ecological Sustainability
    10. 10. Change the paradigm It is a tool It is your tool To succeed it needs everyone to be: ⁻ aware ⁻ committed ⁻ accountable ⁻ strategic
    11. 11. Change the paradigm Less email Less redundancy More automation More informationEffectiveness on work!
    12. 12. Change the paradigmShifts not revolutions  User friendly  Riding the habits  Tailored on your preferences
    13. 13. FunctionsDocument library managmentContact book, Calendar and EventInstant communicationProject managmentTemplate sharingCollaborative toolsForums, news, announcements and alerts
    14. 14. What next?Recruit the agency and start working asapThe priority list: ⁻ Extranet ⁻ CMS ⁻ Website ⁻ Intranet
    15. 15. What after next?Review of the content (summer 2012)Iterative improvement (after 1st release)Constant feedbackI need to hear from you! (now, next, after next!)
    16. 16. KEY TAKE AWAYS Redeveloping our online tools Focus on the people Iterative improvements Feedback based