Mobile Apps For Events: Adoption and Longevity


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Smartphone adoption is growing faster than any technology has in the last 30 years. With the average person looking at their smartphone over 150 times per day, it's no surprise that mobile is changing the Event Industry as we know it. Event planners all over the world are using mobile apps to reach their annual goals. Savvy planners, though, are maximizing the adoption of mobile apps to increase the impact and longevity of their events.

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  • Overview of my association and our meetingSCCM – multpirofessoinal members who work in the ICU - technical savvy About 4,500 professional registered attendees come to our congress each year / 6,000 total once you count exhibitors and facultThree years 1st year - 1200 2nd year - 1874 3rd year – 3371 of downloads, which is an 80% increase from the previous year.
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  • WHOI work in the publications department of SCCM and its sometime asked how I became in charge of apps in general. And I think it’s important to stress that I would value knowledge of a production schedule and organization of data over technical know how. Your vendor is going to be able to explain a lot of the technical stuff so you really want to turn to the person who is already doing the program book or someone like that to move this process forward because that person likely is going to be the one to proof your app as well. WHAT INFOEmpowered to make decisions -– don’t try to fit everything from the program book into the app- if everything is important, nothing is important! Obvious info, but also consider what maps are helpful and which ones are not; we sorted by location because we were spread out. TIMEI think we all try to build padding into our production schedules, but you want to be especially sure to account for the unexpected when launching an app. Start Planning in June > Launch a Shell in Oct. > Market in Nov. Dev POPULATED API vs. Spreadsheets / Pros and Cons LOOKI found it very helpful to actually sit with the team and the vendor to make a kind of story board for our app. In years previous, we kind of said okay, we need an icon for schedule, an icon for exhibitors and here’s some of the information that goes under each one. But, the staff and vendor found it very helpful when we created an actual spreadsheet that outlined each layer of the app. So we especially references two production spreadsheets throughout the process:  
  • Do and Donts DO Think carefully about the pro and cons when chosing a vender: uploading spreadsheets vs. building an API for your content Native vs. HTML – what’s your wifi situation going to be? Athetneication vs. non authentication Content management system access  Don’t assume when it’s launched your done follow through on an marketing strategy test on numerous devices proof your app and make sure everyone understands how changes to the program are reflected in the app. Just because the program book is printed, you have make sure staff is also thinking about this other compeneent I’d say, Don’t Wait - Our meeting attendees are attune to new technologies and are growing to expect this type of technology. We don’t want to be going through growing pains at a time when meeting apps are a ubiquitous part of the meeting experience
  • Mobile Apps For Events: Adoption and Longevity

    1. 1. Position a Mobile Appfor Success
    2. 2. Mobile Apps for Events:Adoption and LongevityCapitalize on the evolutionof mobile technologyModeratorAda WaltonDigital Content Editor,Meetings + Events Media Groupat Tiger Oak PublicationsSpeakerKevin LongDirector, CrowdCompass Mobile Apps Marketingteam at CventSpeakerMelissa NielsenManager, Print, Online &New Media Communications atSociety of Critical Care Medicinepresented by:sponsored by:
    3. 3. Preparing and MarketingYour App for Success‣ 4,000 medical attendees‣ 100+ speakers‣ 5-day event‣ 80% download increase‣ Focused selection processSpeakerMelissa NielsenManager, Print, Online & New MediaCommunications at Society of CriticalCare Medicine
    4. 4. Case Study:Event App DownloadsSociety of Critical Care MedicineYour App Downloads2011 2012 20131,2001,8743,371
    5. 5. Position a Mobile App for SuccessWho will be the project lead?What info will you include?How much time do you need?How will information be populated?What will it look like?Layout and production schedulesGlossary of termsTools for Success
    6. 6. Don’t bite off morethan you can chewThe Evolution
    7. 7. BasicspreadsheetsAPIpersonalizationGamificationfeaturesData for increasedsponsorshipBranding CultureCommunitycommitmentYear-roundEngagementTacticalStrategic2011 2012 20132010The Evolution
    8. 8. Lessons LearnedDo think carefully about the pros and conswhen choosing a vendorDo test early and oftenDon’t assume when it’s launched you’re doneDon’t wait – expectations are growing whileyou’re waiting