SharePoint eller Yammer v. Jon Haugen, Microsoft


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Yammer - social business, muligheder og fremtidig roadmap

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SharePoint eller Yammer v. Jon Haugen, Microsoft

  1. 1. SharePoint eller Yammer?
  2. 2. 3 vigtige løsningsområder for Yammer Collaborate Engage Innovate
  3. 3. At engagere slutbrugerne er afgørende
  4. 4. Forbedre intern kommunikation Announcements Improve top-down and bottom-up communications My Feed/Publisher Empower employees with a voice. Polls Gather feedback and ideas quickly. “Yammer has increased clarity of purpose and vision at ACT Conferencing. It has eliminated unnecessary filters and given us a way to communicate across silos.” Mark Kelly, President & COO, ACT Conferencing
  5. 5. Gør læring og onboarding social User Profiles Identify and use internal expertise. Notes Centralize information and locate resources easily. Universal Search Find people and information across business systems. 10% reduction in training costs. Source: Forrester Research Inc., Forrester TEI of Yammer, 2011
  6. 6. Anerkende talent og fremragende præstationer Files Quickly identify owners of important files. Groups Gain insight into performance and see what your team is working on. Praise Recognize great work and encourage more of the same. “Our managers use Yammer Praise to acknowledge top performers and boost morale. This recognition makes employees happier in their jobs, improving talent acquisition and retention.” Mark Kelly, President & COO, ACT Conferencing
  7. 7. Hurtigere innovation Groups One place to plan projects from inception to completion Crowdsource Ideas Post a message and ask employees to help you brainstorm immediately. Profiles Quickly find experts in order to go to market faster. 79 % of Yammer customers are exposed to more ideas and innovations in their organization. Source: Yammer 2013 Business Value Survey .
  8. 8. Tilpasse sig og reagere på forandringer External Networks Collaborate with key suppliers, partners, and customers to quickly respond to change. Notifications Receive notifications once updates are made to Notes and Files to quickly determine next steps. Files & Pages Co-create content in real-time and provide instant feedback to key stakeholders. 21 % improved communication with key partners, suppliers, and customers Source: Yammer 2013 Business Value Survey .
  9. 9. Byg en fælles kultur Announcements Drive alignment, eliminate mixed messages. Threads & Comments Reduce hierarchal barriers through two-way communication. Polls Speed up the feedback loop, address questions, and solicit responses instantly. 80 % Source: Yammer 2013 Business Value Survey . of Yammer customers are more informed about what is happening in their organization
  10. 10. A single place to Rich document manage your content previews across SharePoint and Yammer Your content always stays in sync with Work Pro SkyDrive better together on Office documents with Communicate withconversations inline multi-party HD video Connect and discuss in real-time Post to Yammer right from within the document preview
  11. 11. Best-in class web publishing portal Bring your intranet to life with dynamic conversations Communicate in real-time Stay connected from any device
  12. 12. Search across conversations, content and business data Surface updates in Yammer from siloed business apps Make your existing business apps social with in-context conversations Responses to posts show up both in Yammer and the business app
  13. 13. guidance Yammer app