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Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365? - Sasja Beerendonk and Heather Newman Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2019


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Resistance to change is what you'll get without a proper change strategy for your collaboration platform. Unlike IT people, business users are not necessarily thrilled about new technology, features and functionalities.
Build it and they will not work. Most employees will need to be motivated differently to start a new way of working.
What are the reasons employees do not simply embrace new technology? And most importantly: how can we bend resistance to change to change readiness? How do we find your Champions and activate them? How do people understand when to use what app? Learn what makes change for technology so difficult and how to motivate your employees.

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Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365? - Sasja Beerendonk and Heather Newman Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2019

  1. 1. PROJECT X – 21ST SEPTEMBER 2012
  2. 2. Facebook never needed adoption, why does Office 365? MODERN WORKPLACE CONFERENCE PARIS 2019 Heather Newman & Sasja Beerendonk
  3. 3. Facebook never needed adoption … or did it?
  4. 4. Agenda About Us Why adopting Office 365 is different Culture & Behavior People Technology Speed of Change Governance Q&A
  5. 5. Connect with your fellow attendees Event Maven Tip — Quick Connections — Leverage the LinkedIN App Find Nearby Feature - @heddanewman on Slide courtesy of @meetdux
  6. 6. SASJA BEERENDONK Customer Success Manager
  7. 7. Tweet this Talk @heddanewman @contentpanda @SPSNashville #SPSNashville Heather Newman My pronouns are She/Her.
  8. 8. MWCP 2019 – MERCI à nos sponsors
  9. 9. 9 TechnologyGovernance Culture & BehaviourPeople
  10. 10. Beezy’s approach SMILE Advocacy Sign-Up EnhanceStart exploring Make available Leverage Increase @sbeerendonk
  11. 11. SMILE LIMS tart exploring ake available increase everage Discover your Beezy Onboard first groups & first use cases Seek new horizons Embrace the new way of working Advocate the digital workplace Take initial steps with the project team to define goals, use cases, information architecture, communication & training plan and platform provisioning, branding & configuration. nhance Start small with 1st use cases, communication, training, and build an Ambassadors & Champion Program. Expand to more users, more use cases, more Beezy modules/features. Share best practices within the organization and continue training broader audiences. Make the new way of working stick. Measure goals and customer health. Adjust communication & training. Learn from other organizations. Advocate best practices outside the firm. E @sbeerendonk
  12. 12. Focus on the “Why” Not on the “What”
  13. 13. Technology Acceptance Model Perceived Usefulness The degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would enhance his or her performance Perceived Ease of Use The degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free from effort @heddanewman
  14. 14. Culture and Behavior
  15. 15. The fact is that businesses do not have emotion. Products do not have emotion. Humans do. Humans want to feel something. And humans make mistakes. Which is why we want to connect, make to-do lists and plans to execute @heddanewman
  16. 16. People
  17. 17. People @sbeerendonk
  18. 18. Mapping Users to Job Function and Role Get guidance on these and other scenarios in the Productivity Library SALES Build and deliver proposals with input from different stakeholders. Manage sales planning, training and sales readiness in the same place. IT Drive IT transformation and change management. Plan, execute and manage all phases of IT deployment, adoption and rollout. HEALTHCARE Provide the best care possible enabled by a secure platform with secure messaging, streamlined care coordination and health team huddle capabilities. EDUCATION Empower your students to create the world of tomorrow with a simple and safe experience that promotes teamwork and unlocks creativity. ENGINEERING Move quickly between ideation, development and deployment. Integrate with developer tools. HUMAN RESOURCES Manage recruitment, training and reviews across departments. FIRSTLINE WORKERS Empower your firstline workforce with tools that will support schedule management and provide oversight to what’s most relevant to their day. MARKETING Deliver marketing campaigns and go-to-market activities across a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Manage project stakeholders, tools, budgets, project reviews and feedback.
  19. 19. Technology
  20. 20. 20 @sbeerendonk
  21. 21. Rateofchange time @sbeerendonk
  22. 22. Governance
  23. 23. Tiered O365 Group Governance Model Workgroups Company 1:Many publishing / broad conversations Department / Division Few:Many publishing / specific conversations Workgroups Cross-collaboration experience
  24. 24. Resources from
  25. 25. First run experience with SharePoint Communication site template Connected to online catalog of Microsoft curated end-user training content Customizable Microsoft 365 learning pathways web part Easily installed via SharePoint Provisioning Service Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways - Accelerating End User Training
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. MWCP 2019 – MERCI à nos sponsors