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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. No Geeks Required<br /><br />1.800.434.5136<br />
  2. 2. Mega trends driving growth in SaaS Collaboration market<br />- Cheaper Bandwidth<br />- Globalization, more distributed teams, economy forcing SMBs to use more contractors and less full-time employees<br />- Email overload – businesses are looking to move more processes out of email. <br />processing orders<br />getting project updates<br />document collaboration <br />- Mobile devices increase necessity and expectations for mobile communication & collaboration <br />- Economic downturn favors less up front investments and smaller spread out financing model, and looking to downsize & offload IT support when possible<br />- Emergence of software-as-a-service as a viable model for delivery of business software applications, recognized for its benefits -  cost, accessibility, user orientation, etc. <br />
  3. 3. So why is the story interesting NOW?<br />SaaS has gone mainstream<br />“Global cloud related spending is expected to go up to $94 Billion by 2014”<br /> AMI Partners<br />Integrated Collaboration has been defined<br />Thanks to: Google Apps & Microsoft Office 365/BPOS<br />We have responded to our customer. After releasing our mega-upgrade in early 2010, HyperOffice implemented over 100 customer requested enhancements over 2010. <br />“2 of the top 3 fastest growing SaaS segments in 2010 were communications and collaboration”<br /><br /> October 2010<br />- Web Conferencing<br />- Online Database & web forms<br />- Wikis<br />- Sophisticated Project Management Tools<br />- Push Email for over 1700 mobile devices<br /><ul><li>Site Publisher
  4. 4. - The most tightly packed communication and collaboration tools in the market.</li></li></ul><li>Customer Persona<br />Small Business defined as <br />3-100 employees<br />Multiple locations<br />Little or no IT people<br />Need help with adoption<br />Want to outsource software and support<br />Ambitious. Looking to scale up quickly<br />
  5. 5. Differences of Enterprise vs. SMBs<br />Lots of IT resources to tailor solution<br />Have training programs<br />Require LDAP<br />Integration with other software<br />Using social software<br />Integrate with existing email infrastructure<br />No IT resources<br />No time for formal training<br />No internal support desk<br />
  6. 6. SMBs are stuck in the middle <br />Enterprise Collaboration <br />Enterprise Collaboration Add-ons<br />Point Solutions :<br /> Collaboration Email<br />Document<br />Management<br />Project<br />Management<br />Meetings<br />
  7. 7. What’s Unique about HyperOffice?<br />Experienced<br />Comprehensive <br />Extendable <br />Laser focused on Small Business needs<br />
  8. 8. Comprehensive<br />Collaboration or Collaboration + mail<br />Web Meetings<br />Web forms, online database, workflow<br />Mobile Messaging and Sync<br />
  9. 9. Extendible <br />Collaboration & email data<br />Easy Customizations & Profiles<br />Deep customization for individuals, <br />Manage employees, management &<br /> customers all at the same time<br />HyperSynch: Mobile Support<br />Push email for every major mobile device – iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile.<br />Optimized interface for all web enabled phones<br />HyperDrive<br />Web folders<br />Drag and Drop<br />HyperShare for Outlook<br />Use Outlook for email<br />Share Outlook Calendars/Contacts/Tasks<br />
  10. 10. No GeeksRequired<br />Live Phone Support<br />Domestic Call Center<br />Highly Trained Staff<br />Available to all Users<br />Free Live Training<br />Daily live sessions<br />Expert Insights<br />Questions Answered<br />Intelligent Help Engine<br />Training Videos<br />Setup Wizards<br />Robust Ticketing System<br />Client Resource Site<br />Industry Approaches<br />Customization Methods<br />Customer Offers<br />Account Management Team<br />Acts as your Long-term Guide<br />License and Service Option Guide<br />Keeps you Updated of Enhancements<br />
  11. 11. Announcements!<br />Free Portal for qualified analysts, journalists, PR firms<br /> 1 year license<br /> Up to 25 users<br /> Collaboration Suite (only) <br />