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Media contents planing questions

planning contents

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Media contents planing questions

  1. 1. • They will both contain the same colours, fonts and masthead as used on the cover. I think doing this allows the magazine to feel less fragmented and create a sense of synergy between the two aspects of my magazine. • The cover and head lines I’ve used one my cover will also be featured more in depth, as on the contents it may have the page number to the article listed on the cover but also it will contain a brief summary of what the overall feel for the article is. • I feel having the same colour scheme throughout a magazine helps it to feel whole as too many colours can distract from the magazine’s contents. So by having just a few colours it allows the reads to really notice the articles or photos. Also by having plain colours such as black and grey as the most prominent colours on the cover and contents, it allows the writing or splash I’ve put in yellow or red to really catch the eye of the reader. • My cover image is an extreme close up in black and white, it works well and it looks good. However on the contents my photo will be in colour as having all the photos in black and white may stray from synergy to boring. The contents photo will be a medium long shot.
  2. 2. • I have decided I have enough photos. My cover star is a solo act so he will be the only one on the cover and article. I feel having a different artist on the contents gives my magazine more variety rather than focussing purely on one artist or band. • The contents photo will be a medium long shot, it will be in colour and taken in front of the white background unlike my cover.
  3. 3. • Yes, my magazine will included an editors letter at the bottom of the contents page, with a photo of the editor beside it. I feel as I plan to make this magazine as the first edition, having an editors letter is key. It will set the mood for the whole magazine and let the readers know how and why the magazine will write their articles, reviews etc. This can make it easier for the readers to develop a relationship with the magazine if they’ve heard from the editor. • The editor will speak in informative way, letting the readers know what the magazine is all about, why they’ll enjoy it and perhaps some plans for the future of it. • It is not essential for every magazine to have it but as mine is a past and present rock magazine it may be necessary to set the tone for the readers.
  4. 4. The magazine contents will contain: • ‘News’- a section devoted to letting the readers know all the big news in the rock world, whether it’s new album release dates, band breakups or record breakers, it’ll be included. • ‘Features’- The main chunk of the contents, it’ll include all the articles and posters etc. included inside. This can be the main article on our cover star, to the smaller interviews with up and coming bands or artists on our radar • ‘Live’- Is the section we give to gig reviews, festival performances or surprise appearances. The best shows of that month there for the readers to enjoy, along with a array of photos of the gigs. • ‘Reviews’- In this part we review the latest albums or singles being dropped by new or old rock talented, with track by track analysis and ratings dependent of style, music and lyrics.
  5. 5. • My magazine will have two columns. On the left side will feature of photo, taking over almost 2/3 of the left side, underneath that will be the related page number and brief summary of the article attached to the photo. Then finally the left column finishes with an editors letter just introducing the readers to the magazine. • The right column will have our list of contents, including news, reviews, live and features, each individual section contain summaries of its’ contents. • In know the more you have the busier it looks but in my case I didn’t want it to look overly busy, I felt keeping it simple with two columns would be sufficient for getting across my message to the readers in a clear sense.
  6. 6. • Will you include any quotes? What will they be? How will you make the page numbers easy to see? Will you include subscription information? Will you create any graphics/boarders/boxes/line to help define the layout? • I will follow on from my cover with the use of quotes as they help to give the magazine a more realistic feel, on my cover the quote is “sex, drugs and rock and roll” said to be quoted by the cover star. I feel that looks and sounds like something a rock star would say, which gives it credibility. • For my contents, underneath the photo will read a little quote, to give a taster of the article and the artist featured views. It may be along the lines of “The bands dead. Its time for my solo career to be born” which sets up a glimpse for the article. • The page numbers will be in a big font, in a dark red colour. I feel this will lock in well with the other red on the page, as well as making it easy for the page numbers to be read. • Under the editors letter there may be a website in which a subscription can be made. • I feel the way my columns will go together, the photo will act as a line between the two.