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Suny ulster iit gpresentation_final_042613

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Suny ulster iit gpresentation_final_042613

  1. 1. Cats have nine lives,you get two.Preparing students for real life,with case studies in a virtual worldSUNY Ulster Lisa Schulte, MS RN, CGRN,Tara Zacharzuk, RN MA, Hope Windle,Sherry Chisamore, Bea Hamilton
  2. 2. PeerFeedback• SUNY Conference forInstructional Technologyresponse wasoverwhelmingly positive• The possibility of creating andsharing a 2nd Life Hospitalenvironment and equipmentfor all of SUNY to share• SUNY Delhi presentation• SOL Summit presentation• Advance for Nursesmagazine Article• SUNY Innovative InstructionTechnology Grant $20,000
  3. 3. Audience Survey Show of hands• Who is familiar with 2nd Life?• Who has an avatar in 2nd Life?• Who is teaching in 2nd Life or other virtualworlds?• Who is doing Health Education in 2nd Life?• Who is building in 2nd Life?
  4. 4. NOAA
  5. 5. Center forDiseaseControl
  6. 6. Some of the institutions that areworking in Second Life.
  7. 7. Tacoma County Community College
  8. 8. Duke University
  9. 9. Glasgow University
  10. 10. University of California, Davis
  11. 11. • University of Akron, ohioUniversity of Akron, ohio
  12. 12. Meeting in Second Lifefor your class is anoptionIBM, Cisco, BMW, Cocacola all hold meetingsfor their staff in SecondLife.
  13. 13. Whyvirtuallearning ?
  14. 14. Need for- Alternative to traditional lecture style classroom- Increased “Hands-on” learning experience- Opportunities for Critical ThinkingLimited available clinical sites
  15. 15. The increasing complexity andwidespread use of technology inhealthcare has greatly increased theimportance of teaching technology skills inthe classroom.
  16. 16. Who is going through anaccreditation process?
  17. 17. NYSNA Faculty Camp 2012
  18. 18. What kinds of technology are you usingin and outside the classroom,and in your clinical setting?LMS? Youtubes? Databases?
  19. 19. OurWish listof equipment• Supply cart w/ drawers that open and close• Within the cart, one would find the following items.o IV solutiono Angio cathetero Blood pressure monitoro Blood draw supplieso Suction• Movable hospital beds• Hand sanitizer on the wall• Monitor should be by each bed• Glove dispenser on the wall• Crash cart in one room• COW Computer on wheels• Privacy curtains• Oxygen suction over bed•Two trashcans: one for bio waste•(red bag). One regular.•Medication cart•IV line•IV fluid•Med Room•Clean utility•Shelves for supplies•IV fluids•Gloves•IV tubing•Dressings•IV stat kits•IV angiocatheter•Med dispenser
  20. 20. ScrubsStethoscopesGloves
  21. 21. OBJECTIVES:Second Life provides nursing students an opportunity to:-practice in a safe environment to enhance learning-allow students to practice skills-apply critical thinking in a clinical setting outside of the hospital-network with peers and professionals-be exposed to a disaster response clinical scenario-have real time interaction with their professor and themselves- Introduce and reinforce quality improvement measuresOUTCOMES:- Students will gain confidence in critical thinking- Students will demonstrate an increased level of critical thinking- Students will be better prepared to handle a wide variety of real-life patientscenarios- Students will be able to identify various quality improvement measures-first time NCLEX pass scores will increaseCase Study: Disaster Relief
  22. 22. LESSON PLAN15 minutes :: Set up, Pairing, Instructor Intro60 minutes :: Do case study30 minutes :: Review with group & instructor
  23. 23. Cardiac and Maternity
  24. 24. StudentFeedback• Initial trainings confusing• Clearly stated outcomes• After case study,positive feedback• Study Groups developed!
  25. 25. Who has a high fidelity SIM lab?
  26. 26. SIM + Second Life = winning combo
  27. 27. • Aces case studies offered by NLN
  28. 28. How do I get on board?• Contact Hope Windle• Let’s set up an introductory session for your faculty/staff• Fly with us through our facilities• Share our case studies• Develop your own case studies• Train your faculty and students• Join us to develop the next IITG grant !
  29. 29. Now is the time to join usin thevirtual medical facilityon the Oneonta Island, next to the SLN islandMake YOUR case studies come to lifeJoin us !Contact us!Hope Windle 845-687-5295Lisa Schulte schultel@sunyulster.eduWe will be at CIT this year !