LoudSauce WeMedia Pitch 2010


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  • 10k ads per day,
    bombarded by ads and
  • LoudSauce gives people a social way to buy ad space for their favorite causes. LoudSauce will aggregate supporters' micro-contributions to amplify these organizations’ efforts, therefore broadening and deepening their ultimate impact.

    LoudSauce will transform advertising from being primarily a medium for consumption to become a medium of civic participation.

  • Why advertising? Why now? Because it’s already happening!

    In 2004, 10,000 fans of the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser funded a 2-page ad in the NY Times asking readers, ‘Are you fed up with your web browser?’

    The answer: You Are Not Alone

  • Thousands say, ‘There probably is no God’
    The Church responds, ‘There definitely is!’
  • Thousands say, ‘There probably is no God’
    The Church responds, ‘There definitely is!’
  • LoudSauce sits at the inevitable of three trends and connects communities who currently don’t speak with each other but SHOULD:

    social organizations in need of the large-scale brand building awareness (that advertising can offer)
    individual donors who understand the power of media and their own collective power
    inspiring Ads that either already exist or are on the verge of being created.

  • Social media leaders will drive attention to the most influential ads, and fuel participation through LoudSauce to fund pushing those Ads out to online and offline Ad channels, giving mainstream credibility and exposure to important organizations and artists.

  • how do we get a mass audience to do anythings
  • low overhead,
  • LoudSauce is truly an early stage start-up. This prize would be critical in allowing us to build the prototype that will help us test LoudSauce with three enterprises. We would establish partnerships with at least one social enterprise and one artist in order to determine the best audience and the most likely partners.,

    build it, gives us credibility, get blessing
  • for this to be succes
  • One year from now, through many LoudSauce campaigns, the perception of what is possible with Advertising will have changed. Individuals and organizations will be inspired to put their money where their values are to help build a better world.
  • LoudSauce WeMedia Pitch 2010

    1. 1. Social ad buying for your favorite causes.
    2. 2. What if our billboards inspired us towards a bright green future?
    3. 3. What is our vision? We want to transform advertising from a medium of consumption to a medium of civic participation. So many great social organizations out there... with limited awareness and poor marketing. There is a major marketing gap in the social sector, which crowdfunded advertising can fill.
    4. 4. 2004 .... 2008 .... 2009 .... 2010 10,000 Firefox fans buy 2 page ad in NY Times
    5. 5. 2004 .... 2008 .... 2009 .... 2010 It’s already happening Paypal donates Silicon Valley billboard to Kiva
    6. 6. 2004 .... 2008 .... 2009 .... 2010 Londoners raise £135,000 for Atheist Bus Ads bus campaign bus campaign Londoners raise £135,000 for Atheist Bus Ads
    7. 7. 2004 .... 2008 .... 2009 .... 2010 Londoners raise £135,000 for Atheist Bus Ads bus campaign bus campaign Churches respond with their own ads
    8. 8. 2004 .... 2008 .... 2009 .... 2010 + + Crowds discovering our power Affordable Ad 40,000+ existing ads production & buying
    9. 9. How LoudSauce will work + $ $ $$
    10. 10. Tracking progress in online & mobile Colin Mutchler l 3 Messages l My Causes l My Account l Settings l Log out Share search: home campaigns blog browse faq l about l help Let’s put Green for All on ESPN Campaign by: ActiveFree 137 Funders $10,000 25% raised 5 days left Fund this ad
    11. 11. What is the overall impact? Increase attention & funding to leading social orgs & leaders building a better world. Popularize relevant & timely causes in the public imagination Create a new market for existing & future conscious ad content Inspire leading creatives to design ad content for social causes
    12. 12. What are the challenges? Will people really pay? How do we inspire people to put $ towards ads they believe in? Great Ads: Ensure strong creative that inspires users to give for first success stories. Discounted Ad space: Get charity rates with key partners like Google, CBS Outdoor, etc... Potential Competitors: Google could do this directly, Kickstarter and IndiGoGo get into Ads.
    13. 13. How do we sustain LoudSauce? Low overhead: 5% fee on all donations, way below media buying market rate of 15% Charge for extra help for social organizations who need premium support for campaigns. Get $ from Brands: Charge additional fees for corporate crowd campaigns. Own the Ad Space: Buy or innovate new digital billboards to rent to media buyers.
    14. 14. What’s the WeMedia impact? As a truly seed phase venture, the $25k PitchIt prize will be instrumental in making LoudSauce a reality. 1. Build the prototype and test with key social organizations. 2. Get credibility with key media buying players like Google & CBS Outdoor
    15. 15. We’re the team to make it happen. Colin Mutchler Successfully led development of major Nokia platform Global network of business and social innovators Producer for ListenUp! Youth Media Network Christie George 10 years experience in media distribution & marketing Oxford Business School Skoll Scholar / Said Prize Winner Social Enterprise Consultant
    16. 16. Imagine the possibilities...