Basics to Beyond Belief


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OVerview of Sobczak\'s experiences

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Basics to Beyond Belief

  1. 1. Sobczak, the first 25 years Learning, Doing, Improving, Creating, Teaching, and Consulting to Defense, Commercial & Manufacturing Organizations
  2. 2. Sobczak learned to optimize Business Systems Such as: Order Entry Inventory --- Manufacturing Systems Shipping Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable General Ledger Personnel & Union Relations Advertising Public Relations
  3. 3. Inventory needs required integrating Manufacturing Systems such as: Production Planning Optimizing Factory Technologies Group Technology / Significant Numbering Systems Shop Floor Controls Work in Process Stocking Line Balancing Shop Floor Automation Training Factory Workers
  4. 4. Advising Company Owners & Managers Improving & Developing New Systems and Applications Sharing Achievements Counseling Personnel to gain confidence Consulting to Government & Industry Teaching new skills to Peers Documenting experiences
  5. 5. Sobczak, the next 25 years Implementing creativity outside the Box by building systems beyond the expected basics Advancing the state of the art
  6. 6. The World is deluged by New Technologies Planning Systems Bar Coding Security Automated Business Systems Technology Transfer Competitive Intelligence & Secrets
  7. 7. Planning Systems Block schedules PERT CPM PERT/COST Work Flow Analysis Line Balancing Feed Back Systems
  8. 8. Bar Coding Sobczak assembled the first glossary of Bar Code Technologies Sobczak applied Bar Codes to Inventory & Shop Floor for SME Sobczak prepared the SME Bar Code Textbook Sobczak teaches Bar Code Applications for the SME, CAMI, & the American Management Association Sobczak consults to DOD LOGMARS
  9. 9. Security Sobczak defines Virus based aggression Sobczak develops Enterprise Security Assured Private Entry, V-Phage, Detekt Network V-Phage, SDI security without human interface Sobczak writes monthly column for Security Intelligence Report Sobczak teaches Security at the National Security Conference in New York City
  10. 10. Sobczak shifts his focus SIID – Segment Indexed Integrated Databases A unique extension of the USAF WAL CAM-I MMCM program Sobczak locates & applies information here-to-fore thought lost to create new solutions
  11. 11. Technology Identification SIID is used to locate appropriate technologies that when integrated with state-of-the-art equipments solve production problems in a cost effective manner Examples: Exotic metal cutting and trimming for USAF B1-B Heads-up displays for the USAF F-35 aircraft New tin-zinc coating for commercial aircraft Production Integration for Loral Electronics Corp
  12. 12. Technology Transfer Located results are applied to create new yet to be conceived products and systems for the USAF, Navy, Army, Defense Contractors, and, General Industry. A SIID created management control tool reduced the computer equipment requirement for a fighter aircraft program management with integration system by duplicating large scale computer systems on a mid-range computer with links to desk & laptop computers. Reduced operating costs by 60-70%.
  13. 13. SIID organizes and structures data Organizing datum causes competitive intelligence information to jump off the page. Sobczak uses data structures to focus commercial off-the-shelf components to duplicate proprietary & secure systems. Using SIID Sobczak produced the glossary of terms used in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Configuration Management and Logistics Management.
  14. 14. Home grown weapons abound in the ether Sobczak has cataloged several weapons as part of his research concerning the span of control and potential of SIID. Read his Data Mining (DM) articles and unpublished books available to all at: Feel free to address your questions to: He can help you to reduce your costs of doing business Check the web site frequently as it is constantly updated.
  15. 15. Sobczak has credentials Fellow, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Fellow, Institute for the Advancement of Engineering Fellow, Institution of Production Engineers Author six (6) texts Author 600+ technical articles and presentations Retired Director, Plans for US Dept of Commerce NDER