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Social Mobilization webinar slides

  1. 1. Welcome.
  2. 2. Road  map  •  Digital  strategy  •  Engagement  and  campaign  tac2cs  •  Data  and  itera2ve  campaigns  
  3. 3. How do we WIN bigger?
  4. 4. Everyone’s a campaigner
  5. 5. NGO-LED! PEOPLE-LED!Networks allow people to increasingly leadefforts for change. Change-making is shifting from
  6. 6. Why does this matter for campaigning?more empoweredsupporters bigger winsmore moneyretention
  7. 7. •  Real  work,  real  impact  •  Story  •  Data  •  Itera2ve  
  8. 8. Real  work,  real  impact    People powered campaigns can onlysucceed with strategic contributions byindividuals, activists, and volunteers --online and offline -- that shift the balanceof power in our favor.These campaigns would literally beimpossible to win with staff efforts alone.
  9. 9. 100,000  people  
  10. 10. Mobilise  people  to  pressure  directly  on  consumer  brands/buyers  of  XXXX  to  cancel  contracts  with  XXXXX    Engage  people  globally  to  create  consumer  demand  for  a  sustainable  supply  of  XXXX  across  XXXX  sectors    Build  base  of  supporters  in  XXXXX  through  consumer  work  that  can  be  translated  into  poli2cal  pressure  before/during/aEer  the  XXXXX  elec2on    Solidify  commitment  from  consumer  companies  that  already  have  policies  for  sustainable  sources  through  posi2ve  public  exposure  and  supporter  messages  of  encouragement    Create  100,000  leads  for  fundraising  and  generate  X%  conversion  rate  to  dona2ons  from  online  ac2on  par2cipants      
  11. 11. Story  Our supporters are the heroes of our campaigns,embarking on journeys to truly impact issues overtime.We play a strategic role in defining challenges andpresenting clear theories of change, but the storyof our campaigns is ultimately created and told byour supporters -- through the words, pictures,videos, and actions that they share with theirnetworks and the world to influence targets andgrow campaigns.
  12. 12. winning  the  story  wars  .com  
  13. 13. It’s time to stop telling storiesand start inspiring stories.
  14. 14. 5 levels of engagement
  15. 15. Online: observers and followers"!Channels: websites, socialmedia, online news…"may be on email list, but inactive"Following: rich orentertaining"content, their friends, thenews cycle"!
  16. 16. Online: endorsing Greenpeace"!Channels: websites, socialmedia, email, mobile"Action: sharing with friends,taking simple online action,publicly supportingGreenpeace on sites or withauthorties"!
  17. 17. Online: contributing!Channels: email, social media,mobiles"Action: regular online action,contributing their creativetalents, ideas and content onyour site and social media!
  18. 18. Online: owning!Channels: email, social media,mobiles, blogs, forums"Action: the line betweenonline and offline begins toblur – joining events, creatingcontent and being part of acommunity!
  19. 19. Targeted  “superac2vists”  People  whohad  done  3  or  more  online  ac2ons  -­‐  emailed  3755    •  About  500  completed  the  ask  plus  local  groups  •  773  supermarket  visits  logged  •  109  reports  •  New  products  found  •  New  stores  on  our  target  list            
  20. 20. 44  
  21. 21. Online: leading!Channels: email, social media,mobiles, meetings, coaching –indistinguishable from offlineprogramme"Action: supporters arecomfortable using online toolsfor organising andcampaigning on their own!
  22. 22. Trained NVDA volunteers in theUK led efforts to turn offemergency fuel switches andtake the handles with them,effectively closing BP stations. “I know some of our volunteerleaders better than I knowpeople working in the UKoffice.”– Richard Martin, GPUK
  23. 23. observing & following"endorsing"contributring"owning"leading"
  24. 24. Monitoring and analyzingonline conversation"to seize opportunities,adapt campaigns inrealtime and damage"limitation"
  25. 25. Data  We use all available data to make ourcampaigns smarter and to build betterrelationships with supporters, activists, andnew audiences.We analyse data in order to understand thebest points of entry and trends for an online/public dialogue, to engage with supportersbased on their complete histories andinfluence, to test our hypotheses, and toevaluate our performance.
  26. 26. 62  Inside the Secret World of the DataCrunchers Who Helped Obama WinOptimizing supporter anddonor engagement"
  27. 27. What  works:  Message  is  clear,  simple,  and  something  everyone  can  understand.  Illustra2on  is  preXy.  
  28. 28. What  works  Problem,  outraged  are  easily  conveyed.  Solu2on  was  in  the  cap2on  for  this  one,  linking  to  an  ac2on  page.  
  29. 29. What  works:  Cute  and  funny.  
  30. 30. What  works:  Good  news:  The  aXached  cap2on  related  to  a  record  in  solar  energy  in  Germany.  
  31. 31. What  works:  Local  content.  
  32. 32. What  works:  Cheese  and    inspira2onal  quotes.  
  33. 33. What  works:  Outrage  and  solu2ons.  
  34. 34. Itera9ve  We (aim) to run our campaigns at the speed ofthe internet -- responsive to real world eventsas they occur, and adapting to changing timesto meet people where they’re at.To do this, we embrace nimble, lightweight,and low-friction structures and processes toenable talented staff to seize opportunities asthey arise (and more quickly than our targets),supported by responsive, accountablemanagement.
  35. 35. •  Work fast•  Minimize waste•  Expose ideas to realpeople early and often•  Test hypothesis•  Iterate in response tofeedback•  Scale successes
  36. 36. You can only change theconversationif you’re part of it.