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Slides from my presentation at Jeff Pulver's #140conf on Jan 14, 2010 in Boston at Microsoft. Thanks to Jeff and Ellen Rossano for the invite!

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  • Music 2.0 For Boston's #140conf

    1. Marketing Music 2.0 The New Improv Charles McEnerney •Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media • Host + Producer, Well-Rounded Radio • Founder, Musicians for Music 2.0
    2. Well-Rounded Radio • Podcast series of in-depth audio interviews with musicians from every genre and music industry thought leaders. •
    3. Musicians for Music 2.0 • A new idea for funding music tastemaking web sites and technologies and create a better ecosystem for tastemakers and musicians. •
    4. Music 2.0 • There’s a decreasing need for (and existence of) record labels, radio stations, music press, and record stores.
    5. Music 2.0 • Musicians now have direct conduits to their fans, selling music and merchandise directly to them or receiving funding from them.
    6. Music 2.0 • The model of the last 60 years of the majority of musicians making money from selling physical product is going away.
    7. Music 2.0 • Musicians are now looking to make a living from live performances, merchandising, licensing, and patronage.
    8. Music 2.0 • Music fans have an unlimited supply of free music. • Everyone is now a critic: giving a song/artist 10 seconds to see if it holds their interest.
    9. Music 2.0 • Up and coming musicians are now challenged with how to compete with all this music and reach their audiences, so they can turn their art into a business.
    10. Marketing Music 2.0 • Independent musicians are utilizing social media to build real-time relationships with fans. • Maybe not called marketing, but...
    11. Marketing Music 2.0 • They are using Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, video, podcasts, etc. to keep their fans in the loop at every step of the way...
    12. Marketing Music 2.0 • ...from funding to writing to recording to touring. • Fans get a very up-close look at the life of creative artists.
    13. Marketing Music 2.0 • Musicians are benefiting from being more entrepreneurial and strategic when asking for patronage or sales of other products.
    14. Marketing Music 2.0 • Can they follow a freemium model, giving away music for free and having 10-20% of fans buy/donate to help them make “a middle class living?”
    15. Case 1: Jill Sobule • Jill asked her fans to help her fund her album. Aimed for 70K, raised 90K, and received national press for her idea.
    16. Case 2: Erin McKeown • Erin did a series of concerts from her home in western Mass, streamed live to paying subscribers to fund her new record.
    17. Case 3: Amanda Palmer • Amanda raised 19K over a weekend using Twitter, auctioned items from her house and donations for private performance.
    18. Case 4: David Bazan • David raised money through living room shows around the country and sold t-shirts online to raise money for a new touring van.
    19. The lines have blurred • Making music plus making money also equals smart marketing. • Artists are improvising how they manage their own brands and careers.
    20. Music 2.0 • Now, more than ever, your music has to be “great” to capture people’s attention, they can tell others, and artists can grow an audience.
    21. We are the marketing • Word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing, but now all of us are central to helping artists get “discovered.”
    22. We are the marketing • If you have a favorite musical artist, tell five friends you know who will love them, too. • Who would they trust more?
    23. Thank you! Charles McEnerney @wellroundedradi