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Introduction slides for Music 2.0: Tools + Tech for Musicians, Marketers and Managers


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On Monday, March 19th, 2012, 14 presenters and 200+ people attended the third annual Music 2.0: Tools + Tech event for musicians, marketers, managers, agents, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech folks. These are the introduction slides at the top of the evening. For more information, visit .

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Introduction slides for Music 2.0: Tools + Tech for Musicians, Marketers and Managers

  1. 1. Welcome to Music 2.0a big thanks to the generous support and help from
  2. 2. Tweet out a thanks to these great companies who helped make this a free event!• Thanks to @msnewengland @notchbrewing @popchips @vitaminwater for helping with #music2!
  3. 3. Music 2.0:Tools + Tech for Musicians + Marketers +Managers + Agents + Promoters +Presenters + Investors + Technologists +everyone else...presented by
  4. 4. Thank you tofollow at @msnewengland
  5. 5. Thank you tofollow at @notchbrewing
  6. 6. Thank you tofollow at @popchips
  7. 7. Thank you tofollow at @vitaminwater
  8. 8. A huge thank you to Trish Fontanilla for helping me plan and coordinate this event!@trishofthetrade Please follow her + @vsnap!
  9. 9. A huge thank you toall of the presenters who took time outof their busy schedules to attend
  10. 10. A huge thank you toall of you for joining us tonight
  11. 11. tonight’s tags• #music2 on Twitter• music2 on Flickr
  12. 12. Hiring?• Post any positions you may be looking to fill and use the #music2 hashtag so others can find you.
  13. 13. Follow others• tonight’s presenters, sponsors, and attendees at wellroundedradi/music-2-0-2012• also on Facebook: http:// Tools-Tech-for-Musicians-Marketers- and-Managers/229949593769030
  14. 14. Who is Charles McEnerney?• Principal at Layers Marketing ( ) with experience from ArtsBoston, Fast Company, HBO, MovieMaker magazine, Seattle Film Festival, and WGBH.• Current + recent clients include The Arts Fuse, Future of Music Coalition, The Haven restaurant, Jamaica Plain Music Festival, Over My Shoulder Foundation, and Yoko Miwa Trio.
  15. 15. Who is Charles McEnerney?• Host + Producer of Well-Rounded Radio + @wellroundedradi• Founder of Musicians for Music 2.0 + @musicians4music
  16. 16. Why tonight?• Boston + New England has an impressive number of companies creating tools and technologies to help promote and fund music projects. • We also have a vibrant and diverse music community. • Its time to better connect the two for the benefit of both. 
  17. 17. Some Ground Rules• 5-10 minutes each to explain about what they/their organization does + answer a few questions from the audience• If it’s not a purely-music play, some details about how tools/technologies can be used for music
  18. 18. The idea• To learn about what a wide array of people are working on as we all figure out what music 2.0 looks like for each of us.
  19. 19. What to do• Listen• Share, tweet, blog, etc.• Get inspired• Delve deeper into the ideas that resonate• Enjoy
  20. 20. Send feedback• Tell us what worked, what didn’t and if you’d like to join us for another of these in the future...• or
  21. 21. Nancy Baym• author of “Personal Connections in the Digital Age”• @nancybaym
  22. 22. David Day• Editor, Weekly Dig• Co-founder, Together music festival• +• @daviday @together
  23. 23. Nimbit• Bob Cramer, Chairman + CEO• Carl Jacobson,VP of Marketing•• @nimbit
  24. 24. Magnitude Media• Leslie Poston•• @leslie + @magnitudemedia
  25. 25. Over My Shoulder Foundation• Dawn Carroll, Executive Director•• @OMSFoundation
  26. 26. Moontoast• Jeff Sable,VP Sales•• @moontoast @jeffsable
  27. 27. Vsnap• Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager•• @trishofthetrade + @vsnap
  28. 28. JamHub• Veronica Pierni, COO•• @jamhub
  29. 29. Rethink Music• Ardie Farhadieh, Project Manager•• @rethink_music + @ardieparty
  30. 30. Dympol• Jay B. Ziskrout, Founder + CEO•• @dympol + @JBZiskrout
  31. 31. Rock Shop Boston• Steve Theo, Pirate Marketing• + @piratepirate• Kevin Hoskins, CQ Presents• + @kevinhoskins• + @rockshopboston
  32. 32. Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston• Dlynne Plummer, Director of Professional Development•• @abcboston + @dlynnep
  33. 33. ZMX Music• Eric Ziering, CEO•
  34. 34. Adam Blye•• @adamblye
  35. 35. Goodnight!