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Mixgogo NYU 2015


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NYU 2015 Lean LaunchPad Class

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Mixgogo NYU 2015

  1. Team Edson Soares Namira Abdulgani Listeners: 15 Promoters/DJS: 18 Marketers /PR: - 1 Total Interviews: 31
  2. DAY1 / What we thought Promoters and DJs post the sounds of upcoming parties on Mixgogo Users listen to music selected by Date and location Users go out sure to attend an event with the right music
  3. DAY1 / Revenue source Ads on the app/website % ticket selling
  4. DAY1 / Business canvas
  5. DAY2 / What we learned Pormoters are interested on • engaged audiences: • recurring guests • informed about music • New audiences • Automated tools Event’s audiences care about the music, but also: - if friends are attending - Time taken to discover - Money spent Change: Redefinning our value propositions
  6. DAY2 / Business canvas
  7. DAY3 / What we learned DJs have different interests than promoters: - Want to reach out to the audience - Have feedback Change: Segmenting the audience and value proposition Brands are interested in sponsoring events.
  8. DAY3 / Business canvas
  9. DAY4 / Pivot Local Promoter Brand Manager / CMO Insight: Big brands’ CMOs don’t talk with local promoters, local promoters don’t have the channels and resources to pitch their projects to big brands.
  10. DAY4 / New Revenue model Sponsorship Mixgogo Agent Promoters in NY Brand Manager / CMO Small events promoters as an Ad Network Change: Revenue Streams, Channels and Relationship
  11. DAY4 / Business canvas
  12. DAY5 / Where we ended Promoters use mixgogo app to engage with their audiences Sponsors Promoters become members of Mixgogo Ad-network and have access to sponsorship Change: Scaling the power of influence
  13. DAY5 / Business canvas
  14. DAY4 / Next steps Map electronic music market Interviews with Marketing and Advertising professionals Execute Newsletter experiment Create experiment for brands Functional Prototype of the app Prevision of costs and funds (how to stay alive?) Follow up with scheduled interviews Expand the network and keep it up with customer research Hire developer