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Mb community partners

  1. 1. Build Your Outreach with Local Rockstars and Jazzcats The Music Building 2013-2014
  2. 2. WHY PARTNER WITH THE MUSIC BUILDING? We are looking to partner with local businesses to create dynamic community events. The partnership can generate added exposure for both The Music Building and the businesses who support our community space. Here’s how you can get involved! All photos in this presentation are original content produced by MB community. Hope you enjoy!
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE MUSIC BUILDING? We are leveraging social media to organize our community, offering perks to our members, and create an interactive brand by partnering with local businesses 12 floors of music since 1979! Our facility is located in Times Square, with 69 independent recording and rehearsal studios. We’re one of the few remaining physical hubs for art community in Manhattan. Our vibrant history covers the local music scene over the past 30 years. Past tenants include Madonna, Billy Idol, The Strokes and many influential New York musicians
  4. 4. Our community consists of hundreds of bands and artists who influence New York City culture through social media and art. The core of our strategy is based on capturing the real life interactions that take place in the building, and sharing news on our email newsletter, social media channels, and posters on the Music Building bulletin boards. This creates a strong element of trust and high levels of engagement. HOW DOES THE MUSIC BUILDING ENGAGE AUDIENCES? Email Newsletter: Growing reach of 1000 39% open rate 4.8% higher than industry Facebook Page: 6000 followers Doubled our growth rate each year since page established in 2011. In the The Music Building: Events in 505 MB Community Room 4 events 200attendees per month per month Bulletin Board in MB lobby 500people per day
  5. 5. HIGH LEVELS OF ENGAGEMENT ARE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS The percentage of average small business Facebook fans that are local. 15% 61% Source: http://selnd.com/QyLIEW The percentage of MB Facebook fans that are local. Our grassroots outreach leads to high levels of engagement within the local community. Average Small Business on Facebook
  6. 6. We are connected to over 90 local bands, such as Atomic Tom, Battles, and FIGO, who are using Facebook to share Music Building produced content and have an aggregated reach of over 100,000 followers. Audience and Outreach
  7. 7. Partnering with Local Businesses: Turn The Music Building artists into your brand ambassadors Sponsor Food+Drinks at a Music Building Event: • Food/snacks for 40-50 people • Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages for 40-50 people Your Logo Your Logo Creative Branded Experience • Feature your business at the event • Turn attendees into brand ambassadors via social media • We create original branded content (photographs and flyers) that features your image and logo • Share information about your business in the MB newsletter and social media channels • Place printed materials in our community room • Raise awareness about your business and encourage our tenants to support it locally
  8. 8. Photos from Events at The Music Building
  9. 9. LINKS The Music Building: http://www.musicbuilding.com Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/themusicbuilding YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/musicbuildingnyc
  10. 10. Event Designs Your Logo Here Your Logo Here
  11. 11. Original Videos The Music Building presents The Blackfires Bring Rock Back by The Music Building Watch on www.youtube.com/musicbuildingnyc
  12. 12. Current Partnerships Sidetour: Hosting music history tours and listening parties
  13. 13. Current Partnerships
  14. 14. Current Partnerships
  15. 15. Current Partnerships
  16. 16. GET IN TOUCH + THANK YOU If you are interested, I would love to discuss these opportunities in detail. Please feel free to contact me at ruhi@musicbuilding.com or 848-391-2703. Best regards, Ruhi Shamim