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MusicWise Australian 40's Plus Live Entertainment


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The MusicWise Concept, for Over 40's Live Music & Entertainment. What MusicWise offers, it's vision, demographics & features. What performers, venues, agents and the public can expect.

  • Ta Kath ... need to get the word out so when the time comes it is all systems go for not only the performers but also the venues involved in the launch.

    When the launch finally happens the momentum is going to be HUGE. People want this. They need it. Luckily I have a great team to assist in promoting it. Some of the best in the entertainment industry ... icons of music and their representatives. It is TIME that Mid-life Australians are catered for!
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  • Excellent work by all!!!
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MusicWise Australian 40's Plus Live Entertainment

  1. 1. Supporting the Over 40’s gMusician, Performer, Patron & Venue ... Because We’re Not DEAD Yet! ’ t t
  2. 2. Why Start MusicWise?MusicWise is being developed to fill a gaping hole inthe entertainment sector.It became obvious that within Australia, there werevirtually no websites catering t th middle-aged i t ll b it t i to the iddl ddemographic for live music AND entertainment ... The 40 to 65 year oldsThis age group has some clear differences toGeneration X & Y ....G ti
  3. 3. Over 40 s ... 40’s•Have more Patience•Greater Respect for Greaterothers•Care about Integrity Care•Are Loyal to Brandsand Venues•They Strongly SupportOlder Local Acts (rock,hard rock, blues, jazz,country & folk etc.)
  4. 4. Demographics 60-65 Of the total 18-65 1,366,374 population, the 18-29 40-65 age group 3,782,593 50-59 accounts for a2,743,499 massive massi e 51% Out f th total O t of the t t l Australian 30-39 40-49 3,103,317 3 103 317 population, population the 3,096,604 40-65 group account for 36.46%
  5. 5. The 40 to 65 Age Group Who ARE They? •Avid consumers of music & 60-65 entertainment ... Wh t t i t When they know th k1,366,374 where to go. 40-49 •They own records, CDs, record 3,096,604 3 096 604 players, mobile phones, DVD . l bil h DVDs They are becoming more tech & internet savvy, owning iPod’s & laptops. 50-59 •Family oriented, addicted to2,743,499 coffee & are not unknown to love their alcohol ... They can party hard! •Facebook is becoming a popular past-time ... l t ti
  6. 6. This cohort deserves therespect, time & energy thatgoes with experience, inlife and craft craft.
  7. 7. Musicians & Vocalists, who Vocalistshave worked hard forDECADES, honing their craft& skills, deserve support, i d treviews AND promotion promotion.They have EARNED this ... y
  8. 8. Stakeholders•Over 40 s Music Lovers 40’s•Over 40’s Musicians, Vocalists & Performers•Venues: RSL’s, Hotels, Theatres,Restaurants, Cafes, Music Clubs & PrivateFunction Rooms with live entertainment.•Artists’ Management and Booking Agents•Media Representatives•Music Festival Operators•Public Relations Consultants
  9. 9. Internet & the Over 40 s 40’s• Theyoften have access to the internet ...although they can find it confusing at first.•They are learning about technology and arewanting to know more more.•The internet is fast becoming a leadingresource of information for them them.•They are one of the fastest growingconsumer groups for internet relatedproducts.
  10. 10. MusicWise Features•Artist Profiles •Music by Genre•Feature Articles •Social Network built into site•Music News (we envisage •Gig Guide (paid for)our members will beinterested in artists news •Venue Profiles (paid for)other th th than j t about th i just b t their •Banner Advertising (paid for)music.) •Free Membership signing in•CD reviews CD contributes to data•Gig reviews (members are collection.encouraged to write in with •Funky Wordpress Design fortheir view and photos. The photos interactivity and f db k i t ti it d get published.) •Social Responsibilty•Video of the Week (to ( supporting worthy causes.encourage site ownership bymembers)
  11. 11. What Do Musicians & Artists Get? •A Free Profile for those artists who qualify & fit the criteria A Profile, criteria. **Approval will be at MusicWise’s discretion. Not all artists will be included. ** •Slideshow of current photos (preferably at gigs). •Embedded video (high quality from Youtube or Vimeo) If no Vimeo). video then a link to an audio sample if possible. •Interaction with fans All profiles will have comments fans. enabled. This will also prove a positive for venues as they can read what people think of the act. •Optional MusicWise email account NOTE: Performers who supply QUALITY video footage will be given priority. This website aims to be a TRUE multi-media site.
  12. 12. Criteria for InclusionTo keep the integrity of the MusicWise content& profiles... p•Strict policy of advertising/promoting acts that have amajority of their members aged 40 years & over - OR who caterto towards demographic.•Artists must have a proven track record of being workingmusicians/performers OR have been working in years previous previous.•Gig guide advertisements not complying with the set criteriawill be removed and monies forfeited forfeited.
  13. 13. What s What’s in it for Venues?•A Targeted audience of Over 40’s 40 s.•Ability to source new acts.•Potential for a permanent p p profile within the MusicWise site (paid). (p )•Interactivity with patrons if venue has a profile within MusicWise (paid for,however this will contribute to your business rankings.•Reasonably priced gig guide that links to venue profile and artist if they Reasonably artist,have a profile on MusicWise.•Banner advertising by genre. Pick a genre that best suits your venue.•Potential to take part in competitions to promote venue.•Regular venue advertisers rewarded with a venue review. Venues will beggiven a promotional code to give patrons for joining. p g p j g•Venues promoting MusicWise, by back-linking or encouraging patrons to joinMusicWise will be recognised for their efforts. The MusicWise gig guide will be a pre-paid service, in most cases, for the venue/promoter of an event.
  14. 14. A Little Bit About Judie Gade Deakin University B.A. (Psychology) •Major in Psychology, & equivalent in Health Promotion, with an interest in how the media portrays health issues. • Minors in Children’s Literature & Journalism. • TOP 4 overall, for Multi-media 4, overall Multi media Besides setting up MusicWise, Journalism. High Distinction in Judie is also finishing a life skills picture book, on how to deal Journalism. with depression, written for 4-7 p year olds. Articles on health & education Judie also writes on health, promotion initiatives, wildlife published locally & overseas by and environmental issues. mainly professional & education Married, with 2 children, aged organisations. 18 & 21.
  15. 15. What YOU can Do To HelpIt sIt’s quite simple ....1. No subscribers, no MusicWise.2. All you have to do is to tell as many people as you can think of about the site & how to subscribe. With subscribers, venues will look at advertising. The more subscribers, the g better the chance of success. It’s a number’s game ...4. Until then, a Facebook page has been set up... NOTE: The website is not up properly, and will not be promotes until content and design are finished. The callout to musicians and artists will begin soon.6. There should not be a ‘them and us attitude.’ This will help the whole industry . For venues, you will benefit from other venues’ actions and vice versa. Help others and help yourself.
  16. 16. Thank You in Anticipation. p
  17. 17. Enquiries: Judie Gade PO Box 6167 Frankston. 3199. VICTORIA. Mobile: 0410 402 404 Email: on it’s way: