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Issue No. 66 – Monday 6th MarchIn this issue:Interview with popular actor Johnny Depp – page 3Horoscopes – page 5Recipes –...
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D' Class magazine cover

  1. 1. Issue No. 66 – Monday 6th MarchIn this issue:Interview with popular actor Johnny Depp – page 3Horoscopes – page 5Recipes – page 6Reviews – page 8Feature article:The school trip in Miami, by Elisabeth Jones – page 13L ondon School Teacher of English Mrs. Penny Lorddecided to join in a volunteer project which called“London’s teens can help”. According to this projecteveryone from our team has a responsibility; help to makeLondon better, more beautiful and cleaner. In the start weweren’t so excited but, when Mrs. Penny assured us thatwe will do something different and finally we agreed. Shetold us that we were going to do something in which wewere very good at. Some of us choose graffiti; some othersdance and skateboard etc. However we couldn’tunderstand how our hobbies could help London. Then Mrs. Penny explained us that we were going GOSSIP-GOSSIP to take part in a competition and if we Photography club! won, we would decide how we wanted to Our new photography club starts on spend the money in order to help Monday 4 o’clock and it’s waiting for London. Guess? We won the first prize; you.! It is free for everyone from the 80.000$. It was a major amount of money public between 12-18. and we couldn’t believe it but I think we Just call Mr. Smith:6987543278 finally take right decisions. Some of the See you there!! money was given to charities and to Teacher leaves! church too. Our History teacher Betty Rain is That, except the fact that we help going to leave our school on London make us feel there are things in Tuesday! We want you to know that which we are good at and we must fight you are a lovely and loving teacher for them to earn something which we and all the students love you!We will want. I am very proud of us! I also must miss you!!! say a big “thank you” to Mrs. Penny! I feel very grateful to her. She helped usunderstand that we are a part of this city and we control its future with our acts…!