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C2 level word revision


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Brainstorming words and placing them in the right category right as a quick revision before the final language exams

Published in: Education
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C2 level word revision

  1. 1. ECPE WORD REVISION Technology Education Environment Sciences/ Space Work/ School Home Entertainment Medicine Curriculum Assessment Methods Values Problems Causes Governments Individuals Tourism
  2. 2. Crime Human progress Future predictions Types Criminals Punishment Society Cloning Stem cell research Space exploration Chip implants GM crops Aging population Artificial insemination Transport Medicine Education Home
  3. 3. Tolerance Descriptive adjectives/ phrases Population Immigrants Causes of prejudice Discrimination types Black race Parents Teenagers Subculture Friends Birth control World hunger Predictions Related verbs
  4. 4. The media Healthy lifestyle and life choices Life changes The Internet Newspapers Television Politics Exercise Diet Vegetarianism Right age to drive/ vote/ retire Robots E-books Distance learning Tradition Globalisation