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Jenna Powerpoint

  1. 1. Let us Remember Mrs. Jenna Louws
  2. 3. Jenna...I am truly blessed to have been able to call you "friend". You have inspired me with your strength and have taught me what really matters. I will cherish our friendship always and you will forever remain in my heart. I love you Jenna ♥ Anonymous
  3. 5. Thank you Jenna for being a great influence in my son's elementary school education, as you were to so many! You will be missed by everyone you touched. Anonymous
  4. 7. Mrs.Louws, you were always such a wonderful person with a smile that always could light up a room. All though elementary school you were such a good teacher and i looked forward to going to school because of you. You touched so many lives with your positive attitude and you will truly be missed. Anonymous
  5. 9. What a beautiful angel you will make Jenna. Such a kind and gentle soul.
  6. 11. Jenna, I am so glad we got to have all those morning talks. I will treasure them always. You are an amazing person who showed us all a little bit about what really matters in life. Live, love, laugh. xo
  7. 13. You always had a smile on your face. Even when I saw you at dance in the fall we would always wave to each other across the crowd of kids and your face would light up. It was always so sincere and made me feel like I mattered. I will always remember that.
  8. 15. What a wonderful example of a friend, mother, and teacher. You are so sadly missed already.
  9. 17. Miss George, my Kindergarten teacher. Now Mrs. Louws, you made school fun. I always thought you were so beautiful, the prettiest lady I'd ever seen. I hope you're at peace.
  10. 19. You showed me the true meaning of strength, courage, faith, determination and dignity. RIP you are one beautiful lady.
  11. 21. You were my very first friend!! Those we have early in our lives help make the person we are today. Your smiling face and fight for life will forever live in our hearts. You are a shining star!!!! Love forever
  12. 23. It has been such an honor to have known you, you have made a difference in so many lives young and old. You will be missed!