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Be what's possible woodmore volunteer event 04.25.2012


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Be what's possible woodmore volunteer event 04.25.2012

  1. 1. Gap Inc. Foundation Woodmore National Volunteer Week April 15th -21st, 2012 Celebrates Presented By: Amy McNish | Service & Training Manager
  2. 2. BEING WHAT’S POSSIBLE… Hey Everyone! About My Grilfriend’s House: My Girlfriends House, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Thanks for taking the time Maryland, consisting of strong, beautiful out to view our ‘Slide Show’. women that love to have fun, build lasting relationships, and help the young ladies of I just wanted to share how the community. our team went “BIG” for the We know how hard it is to balance family, friends, work, side projects, and a social life. “National Volunteer Week!” How about throwing some “me time” in the mix? Me time?? What’s that??Woodmore Towne Centre Old As women continuing to build our empire, Navy (3971) we can sometimes get so caught up in everything that we don’t make enough time ROCKS! for us. We had loads of FUN! So enjoy and My Girlfriends House understands the share… importance of physically and mentally taking care of you. We make sure that we give our members an outlet to enjoy life, friends, and Thank You! positivity.
  3. 3. Change theWorld…• As Service & Training Manager, for Old Navy Woodmore, I, Amy McNish was elected to be the Community Leader for this event. I was very excited about this opportunity because of my love and passion in helping others and giving back to the community.• I am working on the opportunity to become a “Community Leader” to receive the “Pass it ON Grant”. But I need you alls HELP! Please Log In to website and Nominate me, Amy McNish. If elected I can win $500.00 for “My Girlfriend’s House” Non-Profit Organization!
  4. 4. We Did 25+ Volunteer Hours… We did , Monday Wednesday, and Saturday…Author Kabrena Severe, came to do a workshop with the Girls…
  5. 5. Having Fun with Learning… After the workshop, on Saturday, we were able to introduce ourselves, and talk about the FUN we have at OLD NAVY!...
  6. 6. Diva Girls Pillow Talk…The young ladies take this time to talk about real lifesituations…. We had a chance to talk about the Ups andDowns in working in retail!...
  7. 7. Lunch Time! feed theWe where so amazed the this organization is able to …girls every Saturday, only through community support! But wemust continue to provide financial support they can keep helpingour YOUTH!
  8. 8. Front Office, Great Location… It’s truly a Diva Club House, very nicely decorated! Pink & Purple are the colors!
  9. 9. Workshop & Lunch Rooms…
  10. 10. Famous Wall, & Pillow Talk…This was Mondayvolunteering, no Girlson Mondays. We didlots of Office work!...
  11. 11. “THE DIVA STORE”
  12. 12. The “D” Store is all free for all the Girls! This store issupported by Macys, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nine West, and Now OLD NAVY!
  13. 13. “It feels Good to Do Good!”..
  14. 14. After a Long Day of Volunteering , We went out to eat at Friday’s!Rachel D. Was aGreat VolunteerSUPERSTAR!...Was the firstone to sign up!We worked 5hours togetheron Monday! …I think I workedher too hardshe look sooooHappy to beordering herfood! LOL!
  15. 15. THANK YOU!THE END…