2012 DFC Taiwan - CHI-056 Stray dogs are lovely too


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2012 DFC Taiwan - CHI-056 Stray dogs are lovely too

  1. 1. DFC Taiwan計畫編號 Team No. CHI-056嘉義縣基督教協同高級中學指導員:謝恩琦團體代表人:蔡欣諭團員:蔡欣諭、邱禾、侯昕妤、陳妍臻前言Motivation: Our campus often has many stray dogs. They’ve been here so long it almostseems like they are one part of the “Concordian” family. They come and go as theyplease, and you can find them in all the corners of the Concordia campus.Unfortunately, the dogs equal fleas. Many of the students love the dogs, but cannottolerate the fleas. It has been a constant struggle to decide if somebody should takethe dogs away. So we decided that we would de-flea the dogs in the campus, whichwould not only help the dogs, but also let all of us have a clean and friendly campus.過程DAY 1 (8/31)Making our blog We chose a blog website call “Wretch” to make our blog. We are writing everystep of what we are doing and how everything turned out. We decided a lot of thingstogether, like what background we should use, because it had to be about dogs. Then,we typed our own introduction like things we liked and our hobbies and what ourrole was in DFC. Next after we told our class our plan, we used our blog to answertheir questions. They asked some questions like “How do you catch the dogs?” We 1
  2. 2. also included a video of what our teacher thought about our project after we started.(The video is in Chinese.)Finding our teacher for our DFC-謝恩琦 (Ms. Lilyann :D)Finding our teacher that wanted to help us was a challenge because not manyteachers wanted to “run around and catch dogs.” At first, we asked our Englishteacher-Mr.Schaff. But he said that he didn’t know how to catch dogs, and he onlyknew how to catch cats. Maybe he’s afraid of the dogs. Then, we thought maybeteacher Rebecca could help us, because she loved dogs. Unfortunately, she was inIsrael, and wouldn’t be back until almost September. Finally we decided to findteacher 恩琦 (Lilyann), who is our art teacher. We debate if we could ask her,because she probably doesn’t know how to catch dogs. At last, we decided to ask her,because although she can’t help with the “catching dogs” part, we knew she wouldsupport us, and try. Plus were planning to draw little bookmarks to make money. Shewould help us a lot with that. So on July 25th, we wnet to ask her! She said yes.Our plan at that moment At first, we wanted to sell our bookmarks to make money for the dog fleamedicine. But later, after talking about it together, we decided to give them the cardswe made if they donated money because we were concerned that nobody wouldactually buy the bookmarks. At the same time, we decided to change the bookmarksinto something more like little cards, because bookmarks were harder to draw, andtook longer. 2
  3. 3. Day 2 and 3 (9/1)~(9/2)Drawing our cards After deciding and talking over and over again about what we are going to do,what was going to happen and many other complicated things, we started drawinglittle cards!!! Never would we have known we would draw for nearly eighty days!!We not only came every noon to draw cards, but also came on weekends that wewere free too. During these eighty days, our teacher had repeatedly told us, “I can’tbelieve how slow you guys are drawing!” Because every noon we would only finishone or two cards a person. Even though she joked about that everyday, we wereextremely thankful for her patience, and for letting us draw at her office.Saturday, (9/1) After discussing when we were free, we decided on a Saturday, September first.This was the first time we ever did our DFC on a weekend drawing, and so of course,it wasn’t entirely successful. We only made around four cards that day. We spent alot of time preparing to draw that day. We searched for nice quotes and bible versesto put on our little cards and cut the paper into equal shapes and chose colors for thepapers. On that day, Shelly made a really beautiful little card that we all loved. It wasa hand-drawn card of a DFC facebook page, and it looked almost like a real one, butmuch cuter! 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Day 4 Day 5 (9/3)~(9/4)Fundraising!! We fundraised for three days. We fundraised in our own classes during breaktime, and went to talk to teachers and asked them for money. Many teachers werevery generous and gave much, but we met many difficulties. For example, most ofthe teachers had a homeroom class, and they wouldn’t be in their office duringnoon-sleeping time, and more than once, we were stopped by many teachers askingus why we were walking around during that time. Some of our classmates didn’twant to give money to us, because they were also doing DFC, and were tight on theirmoney too.Day One This day was the first day of our fundraising. I brought a mickey mouse box toput all our money in. Winnie and Shelly are in Class 8, so they started fundraising intheir class. Me and Jenny are in Class Ten, so we fundraised in our own class. On thefirst day, Class 8 wasn’t successful, and nobody gave money because almost half oftheir class was doing DFC too, but in different groups. For example, a group with myfriend Zoe in it was doing fundraising for an orphanage selling little handmadePlay-doh earphone plugs. Compared to our group, they gave something for themoney and we didn’t. (Because we only gave teachers little cards, otherwise wewould have never got enough.) So most of them did not end up giving money to ourgroup. As for our class, we got a surprisingly big amount of money. I think a lot ofpeople gave money from class ten is because they were surprised that even if theygave just one or two NT, we thanked them all the same. I think that even it’s just alittle bit of money, it means as much. Next, during noon time, we went to the officeof the Junior 1 through Junior three homeroom teachers. In the offices, we werereally successful. Winnie seems to have a knack for convincing teachers and grownups to donate money for us. That noon, we met Teacher Rebecca who was thehomeroom teacher of Class 8 and loved dogs. She told us she would love to help usfundraise the next day, and would tell her whole class about our project and wouldhelp us to get money from Winnie’s class. She also offered to help us catch dogs oncewe were done with the fundraising. We were very lucky to meet her!This day, we got the total of 847 NT.Day two 5
  6. 6. This day we were all very excited, because Teacher Rebecca was coming to helpus! We hoped that with her help, we would get enough money to buy fleamedicine.First we went to the English teacher’s office, where there she convincedmany people do donate money for our cause. After that, we went to the counselor’soffice, and during the walk there, we met two teachers, and because of Ms. Rebecca,they also gave us money. At the counselor’s office, we met a teacher who informedus that de-fleaing collars were much more cheap and convenient than the medicinewe decided to buy, and so, we thanked her a lot and took her advice. We changedour plan to buying collars. That day, we got the total of 2800 NT. We were all veryhappy because we never dared to think we would’ve been that successful. 6
  7. 7. Day 6 Day 7 (9/5) (9/6)Catching the dogs This day we came for the first time to catch the dogs. We were unsuccessful.The dogs all ran away from us and disappeared. After around fifteen minutes, therewasn’t a dog in sight. At that moment, we almost gave up. The dogs were just soafraid of us! Even if we had food in our hands, they would still run away. But in theafternoon, I came alone again with some food. There was a white dog under a schoolbus, and I decided to try again.I threw the food near the car and waited. For a long time, the white dog didn’t move.But after around five minutes, it stuck his head out and quickly ate the biscuit. Then,little by little, the dog came out! At that second, I had confidence again that if wetried, we would succeed. They were just afraid a whole lot. If we had enough 7
  8. 8. patience, they would let us eventually. 8
  9. 9. Many people came to help us. They all thought it was so fun!!! We didn’t, but they all had a lot of 9
  10. 10. fun with us.The woman in the pink shirt was Teacher Rebecca. She offered to help us catch thedogs. 10
  11. 11. Success!!Conclusion We learned a lot of things in this week. Not only did we change the environmentof the campus, we really got know all the dogs. We could name every dog in thecampus and sometimes, when we are walking in the campus, we would look at thedogs and we would say, “Hey! That’s little brown! Or that one’s called Mama.” It’s alot of fun to know the dogs well. It’s one thing to know there are dogs in the school,and another to have once fed them and touched them. It was a great challenge andexperience. 11