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Supplier collaboration in quality improvement programs


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Supplier collaboration in quality improvement programs

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Supplier collaboration in quality improvement programs

  1. 1. Dear Supplier,We are available to help you in root cause analysis of all product related complaints.We wanted to know how you prioritize product quality and performance.Below is a list of what we are looking for when generating your process/quality metrics and qualityimprovement reports:1. Modify product/process metrics to monitor effectiveness of changesFor example:Revised Inspection Specifications, New training for process inspectors, othersTrend chart showing number of loose arm pin in 2010 vs 2011Number of suppliers audited during the last 6 months in 2011 and 2010Trend chart showing number of damaged frames/welding in 2010 vs 20112. Audit/verify process changes are incorporated.Last process audit: 2011 and in 2010 Date??3. Assess whether to change process limits to reflect revised process performance and set stage forfurther improvementSampling plan for each raw material reviewed when ?Incoming inspection trend data 2010 vs 20114. Others: Show data in graphics – Before and After (a new change, inspection, training, revisedprocedure, supplier audit, others) to show IMPACT of Change to reduce product defectsA small process improvement can mean a greater impact in both our bottom line.You are our partner in the manufacturing side and we are both here to ensure customer satisfaction.Please let us know how we can help you report and analyze all product related complaints.Your Quality Coordinator, distributor side.