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Supply chain risk management


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Supply chain risk management

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Supply chain risk management

  1. 1. Supply Chain (SC) Risks:Upstream (mfg/vendors) , Downstream (distributors)Supplier contract can be modified to address Supply Chain, Insurance, Business Continuity Approach,Risk Mgt
  2. 2. Alternate ProcessAutomatic or manual processes designed and established to continue critical business processes from point-of-failureto return-to-normal.;S:17;F:QP!14100&EventKey=46299&EventAttendeeKey=3882870&RandomValue=1313517197119Risks to supply chain;O:LargeSlideWin.htm&BGColor=%23FFFFFF&BGImage=Connie Dello Buono San Jose California 408-854-1883