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Cleverwood Trends Session 8: Who's the King? Content, context or community? How KBC uses the community


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KBC presented their 'Gap in the Market' case (Het Gat in de Markt) on our Cleverwood Trends Session 8: Who's the King? Content, context or community?
Nice that KBC won gold on this year's Cannes Lions

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Cleverwood Trends Session 8: Who's the King? Content, context or community? How KBC uses the community

  1. 1. 1Everybody creates content
  2. 2. 2Do you have success?Would it make you feel happy to get some more comments, likes, shares?Short: that your audience gets involved…
  3. 3. 3Are you shouting in the desert?
  4. 4. 4We offer a not so secret recipe.
  5. 5. 5Simple ingredientsfor successful content
  6. 6. 6Simple ingredientsfor succesful contentCase study:Gap in the Marketby KBC Banking & Insurance
  7. 7. 7Short: Gap in the MarketKBC Banking & Insurance is a catalyst for our economy and supportslocal business with: Expertise Advice Support payment traffic Risk hedging LoansKBC brings “supply and demand” together in this campaign, createdfor local (starting) entrepreneurs.The content to help entrepreneurs will be created by the community.
  8. 8. 8Short: Gap in the MarketPhase I “Demand phase” February 2013 “What’s the gap in the market inyour town?” II “Fill the gaps” March 2013 Asking (starting)entrepreneurs to fill thosegaps. External campaign about 6real KBC-cases who havesuccesfully filled a gap in themarket.Phase III “Social Battle” April 2013 “Battle” between startingentrepreneurs who have filled agap in the market.Winners get a chance to use 1 of20 company cars for half a year.
  9. 9. 96 important “ingredients”#1 Community#2 Interest#3 Platform#4 Fundament#5 Content creation#6 Use the content
  10. 10. 10#1 Community = kingDO NOT CREATE CONTENT,COMMUNITY WILL CREATE CONTENT.Who knows the community best?Who speaks the language?Who knows what they want to hear?Answer: the Community
  11. 11. 11#1 Community = kingDEFINE THE COMMUNITYWho’s YOUR target?What do YOU want to share?What information do YOU want?
  12. 12. 12#1 Community
  13. 13. 13#2 InterestFIND COMMON INTERESTWhat’s a common issue in the community?What’s a common interest?
  14. 14. 14#2 InterestTHE INTEREST IS YOUR CONTEXTIt engages the community to respond,discuss, talk, share, …But:The interest is also important for you.As it will define if the necessary contentwill be created.
  15. 15. 15#2 InterestIndividuals:What’s missing in your town?Starting entrepreneurs:What gaps can you fill, and where?KBC:Who wants to start a business, can wehelp them?
  16. 16. 16#3 PlatformCREATE A PLATFORM To create content
  17. 17. 17#3 PlatformCREATE A PLATFORM To define the rules To define the context
  18. 18. 18#4 FundamentCREATE A BASE Give a kick-start. People don’t want to be the first.If not… there will be no creation of content.
  19. 19. 19#4 Fundament Prefill with statistic data by Truvo User generated data from market survey by Corelio via iVOX
  20. 20. 20#5 Start! Let them create content!Let your community know theycan give THEIR opinion.Give them a sign that’s they canbe heard!Show the way to yourplatform.
  21. 21. 21#5 Start! Let them create content!
  22. 22. 22#6 Use the content!177.157 Gaps in the MarketCommunity registered
  23. 23. 23#6 Use the content!300.000unique visitors on website during campaign (1 Feb – 25 March)The platform is still a sourceto find information on local business opportunities.
  24. 24. 24#6 Use the content!1.427 ideas of entrepreneursEvery entrepreneur who entered an idea,is invited for a personal chat in his local KBC branch.
  25. 25. 25#6 Use the content!Result:• Positive talk in the community (individuals and entrepreneurs)• Demand on working together with local city council• Unizo, associations of entrepreneurs, … ask to work together• Media cover the stories of starting entrepreneurs (tv, newspaper, radio)
  26. 26. 26The Gap in the Market:20.398 mentionsWWW.KBC.BE/GATINDEMARKT