Content Is King: Writing For The Internet


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"Content Is King: Writing For The Internet" presented by Eric Weiss at WordCamp Austin 2012

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Content Is King: Writing For The Internet

  1. 1. Content Is King Writing for the Internet
  2. 2. Who Is This Guy?@txhoudini
  3. 3. Just StartingWrite what you know (or what you want toknow)● Your profession/hobbies● Julia/Julia ProjectNiche "markets"● TechCrunch● AndroidAndMe
  4. 4. Just Starting● Realize you (most likely) arent the worlds expert.● Dont worry about staying on subject ○ Your sites direction might evolve● Dont worry about the design (too much) ○ WordPress makes redesign easy
  5. 5. Why Do You Like The Sites You Do?
  6. 6. Why Do You Like The Sites You Do?Break It Down ● Writing Style ● Personality ● Visual Style / Layout ● Humor ● Honesty / Integrity
  7. 7. Blogging Is A ConversationIn the beginning it is one sidedMight not always happen on the blog● Facebook● Twitter● Google+ (believe it or not)● Pingbacks
  8. 8. Curation Can Be Creation
  9. 9. Curation Can Be CreationAdd to the conversation● Your opinion● Quotes from elsewhere● ImagesLink back to source● Pingbacks help you too● Adds to your credibility
  10. 10. Curation Can Be CreationNothing To Do With Arbroath arbroath.blogspot.comJ-Walk Blog (defunct) j-walkblog.comBoing Boing
  11. 11. CriticismBe open to itYour first non-friend feedback is likely to benegativeThink about it but dont dwell on itDont change because of one person
  12. 12. Criticism"That was a terrible interview…you seriouslyasked her about her looks and her opinion onTyra Banks?? Why would you think yourreaders would give a crap?" -first comment on an interview with G4 host Morgan Webb
  13. 13. Writing StyleText ScientificMessage Journal
  14. 14. Writing Style {Text ScientificMessage You Journal
  15. 15. Writing StyleProofreadBe consistentNo word counts
  16. 16. Titling Your PostResist the temptation for puns (unless you arereally really good at them)KeywordsShort
  17. 17. LayoutPeople look before they readFirst impressionClean
  18. 18. TL;DRLong posts are greatScrolling down through lots of text is notUse images, dropquotesDo not use pagination or slideshows
  19. 19. SEOThe basics can be automatic%%sitename%%%%sitedesc%%%%title%%%%excerpt%%%%category%%%%tag%%
  20. 20. SEOUsing categories and tagsCategories Broad topics that you will be covering more than onceTags Mentions, keywords, proper nouns Do not overdo
  21. 21. SEO
  22. 22. AuthorshipGoogles Authorship Setup your Google+ profile
  23. 23. PracticeReviewedByEric.comLess than 10 pageviews a day on averageReviewing normal everyday things.Links to Amazon
  24. 24. Tips● Pomodoro Technique ○ ○ 25 min. work / 5 min. rest● Dont overuse social media buttons● Dont use social media buttons that have counts● Dont spend more time on your images than your writing
  25. 25. Break The RulesKeeps it interestingDont over do itSet yourself apart from the rest