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"What is the role of branding in the post-consumer society?"
People are turning away from the consumer society, creating new relations and engagements. Times have never been more challenging nor more exciting or suited for brands. How could one adapt to this future brands cape?

Michael Ericsson, Brand Strategist Creuna


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Future Brand scape - Webbdagarna i Malmö

  1. 1. MICHAEL 
 ERICSSON michael.ericsson@creuna.se 
  2. 2. FUTURE
  3. 3. 450
  4. 4. BE LIKE
  6. 6. DR?
  7. 7. Dieter ! Rams
  8. 8. Those who centre their business on improving people´s lives 
 have a growth rate triple that of their competitors, and they outperform the market by a huge margin. Jim Stengel
  9. 9. INTERNAL
  10. 10. PROJECTOR
  11. 11. LENS
  12. 12. FUTURE
  13. 13. Source: Holly Godier/BBC 2012 7 77 2006 2013
  14. 14.
  16. 16. Products/Services Trade Secrets Inside Stories Skills Tools Insights Guidance Market Places ENGAGE
 Money Effort Ideas New Production New Strategies New Network New Commitment
  17. 17. CHANGE


  19. 19. PURPOSE

  20. 20. DEMOCRACY

  21. 21. RESHAPE

  22. 22. TIME

  23. 23. A company without story is a company without a strategy Ben Horowitz
  24. 24. B SIMPLE

  25. 25. THAT’S 
  26. 26. SUMMARY SLIDES #1 Intro #2 Future Brandscape - The role and challenges of brands in the post-consumer society. A fundamental aspect of predicting the future is to know you history. Here is mine. #3 Grew up in a small town outside of Umeå. O N L Y 450 people living there. #4 People need heroes, I am no exception, when growing up I wanted to become Tom Cruise #5 I have always been a team player so during a part in my life I wanted to become “Like Mike” and play basketball. Play together to achieve success. #6 I have always been a humanist, and through influences and experiences I wanted to become a Doctor. 
 To give something back to the ones needing it most. #7 #8 Moved to Stockholm and rediscovered old heroes of pop-culture - Peter Saville. Iconic designer within Factory Records. I put the focus on becoming doctor on hold to enter the creative world of communication. I have always had a passion for design, but finally had the opportunity to delve into it. Creativity was my new urge. And over the years it have gradually shifted from just being a expression moving into processes, thinking and innovation.
  27. 27. SUMMARY SLIDES #9 One other key influencers so far in my career have been this man: Dieter Rahms. He dictated the 10 Principles of Design. Rules that it not just applicable on design but also on brands. #10 MOVIE: Ten design principles of design by Dieter Rahms. (Available through Youtube or Vimeo) #11 This a quote from Jim Stengel (P&G former global marketing Officer). A statement that motivates me, this is a statement from one of the biggest brands in the world. Clearly stating that there are other dimensions to companies then making money. I dwelled even further into this. Lets talk about my view on brands. #12 This is very simplified way I see a brands role today. The intersection between the internal and external 
 stakeholders that makes everything easier, more understandable to interact with people. I will break it down into main views. #13 The brand PROJECTOR: The brand as the projector, where it focuses on internal influences and through the brad projects them to people outside the company. The inside outside perspective. #14 The brand LENS: The brand as the lens also focuses on outside influences in order to make the brand more clearly. 
 The outside inside perspective.
  28. 28. SUMMARY SLIDES #15 So with that stated we now move on in the story into todays topic. “The future brandscpape”, People are turning away from the 
 consumer society, creating new relations and engagements. Times have never been more challenging nor more exciting or 
 suited for brands. How could one adapt to this future brand scape?  #16 Consumption has been a fundamental aspect of business for decades, But something has shifted. We are entering the post-consumer society. Where mind wins/challenges over matter everyday. #17 Let's break it down into statistics, back in 2006 only 7% of the Internet users created content. The same figure in 2013 is a staggering 77%. 
 That is challenging and if you act and interpret this correctly - you will win. #18 So how about the target group? Very diverse, very hard to pin-point. It could be a old lady creating online content about cat food in Tokyo on, a teenager in Oslo being a driving force in social media within fashion or a small group of people in Rwanda creating their own shapeshifting products for their communities bypassing larger corporations. #19 Brands can become the Joint property in this new relation. So what are the components of the modern innovative brand? #20 My view on creating a modern innovative brands. Three major components:
 SIMPLE: Your brand need to be easy to understand from the inside out. Your brand need to be easy to interact with Your brand need to be easy to create a relationship with.
 Above all reach an instans approval from the people. ! PASSIONATE: Passionate about the people you want to attract. Passionate about your products/services Passionate both outside and inside the company. Passionate about your vision. ! ! A couple of examples some of them you might have seen before: STORY:: YOU NEED A STORY! Relevant Authentic Exist outside a commercial perspective Engage and moves people
  29. 29. SUMMARY SLIDES #21 SIMPLE: In order to be relevant you need to focus on engaging people be open with what your brand stands for.
 Create a give give scenario where you place your brand as a sharing simple company where you open up for the exchange with your consumer, Offer them things and you will be rewarded. #22 PASSIONATE: In order to achieve change you need to take stand, real stand BE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING. All your commitments as a 
 brand need to be democratic, honest,and transparent otherwise they will be left out of the loop the sole purpose is not just make money, 
 but also doing good. Example TOM´s eyewear. #23 #24 STORY: Let people create their own stories through your brand. Create or rebrand your brand as one as create relationships of fair exhange.
 AIRNBNB, enable people from all over the world, live stay and exploring other peoples homes and by that bypassing the hotel market. Creating unrivalled storytelling values to your brand. SIMPLE: Purpose before profit. NIKE extended their reach in a open storytelling manner with achieve you Greatness campaigns. 
 They lifted a target group of 800 million obese people creating a huge possibility in making millions of new stories that really made a difference and in the same time extending its core to be a game changing part of more peoples life rather than a small category of people. MOVIE: Nike “Achieve Your Greatness” Available through Youtube and Vimeo. #25 PASSIONATE STORIES ICT provider in Bangladesh, a new brand in a region that never quite experienced 
 transparency, simplicity, honesty and respect. The create everyday stories for millions. The are here for everyone
 They even democratised one of the strongholds of brand their identity. With creating a open playful way of identity where people can create their own way ot OLLO. Open Passionate and Democratic and user centered. #26 STORY, Be passionate where others aren’t. Give people relevant platforms, 
 Ex ZOPA p2p plattform for loaning from peers. Excludes the bank system.
  30. 30. SUMMARY SLIDES #27 SIMPLE: Respect your customers, don´t waste their time. Time is money and consumers are picky with their time and so are you. #28 We began talking about heroes of mine in the beginning. Anyone knows to recognise this man? This is investor side of thing, Ben Horowitz from Andreassen & Horowitz (Venture capitalist) Capitalists often tend to drop very low on peoples list of inspiring people, For me this is one of my current Tom Cruises, Michael Jordans or Peter Savilles.
 An innovative, big-hearted smart investor. He has invested in Facebook, Skype, AIRBNB and many more new companies ! A quote by him, one that really inspires me and got me interested. 
 Even for this type of modern entrepreneur a story is one of the most important parts when scouting for new business opportunities. Take that with you to the next boardroom meeting. ! In today’s turbulent times, leaders must take special care to define a clear vision, instill a strong sense of 
 purpose, and reaffirm a core set of values. #29 LAST BUT NOT LEAST: When creating or recreating your future brand, in the post-consumer society
 Please B ! SIMPLE: In order to be understood and relevant. PASSIONATE: In order to attract and retain people STORY: In order to get that emotional bond that focus both purpose for people and profit that has a bigger meaning.
  31. 31. SUMMARY SLIDES #30 That’s my simple, passionate story about the future brand scape.