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Case study: Inspired by Iceland


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Case study by Cleverwood: How social media rescued Icelandic tourism after the volcano explosion.

Published in: Marketing
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Case study: Inspired by Iceland

  1. 1. How social media rescued Icelandic tourism after the volcano explosion @Cleverwood
  2. 2. Background 2 14th of April 2010 30% less tourisme Prediction: £180m less revenu
  3. 3. Problem to solve • How can we increase the amount of visitors? • How can we change the negative opinion about 3 Iceland as a tourist destination? • How do we tell the story without making it feel like government-sponsored marketing?
  4. 4. Realisation Facebook 4
  5. 5. Realisation Twitter 5
  6. 6. Realisation Video 6 Own video Videos from fans
  7. 7. Results 7 1. 79,252 additional visits above the forecast 2. Total revenue was £138,7m. 3. The perceptions of Iceland increased in its 48% three main market tourist markets. 25% 24%
  8. 8. Learnings 8 • Mass social participation can work • Use personal stories to stimulate engagement • A national online event can create more awareness