Comparative adjectives


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comparative adjectives

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Comparative adjectives

  1. 1. If an adjective has one syllable we add the adjective. small + er = smaller than hard + er = harder than The ant is smaller than the hippo. –er to
  2. 2. Lions are faster than cats. fast
  3. 3. Goofy is taller than Mickey. tall
  4. 4. February is colder than July. February July July is hotter than February.
  5. 5. If a one syllable adjective ends with a consonant + a vowel + a consonant you must double the last consonant and then add –er. big + er = bigger than fat + er = fatter than thin + er = thinner slim + er = slimmer The elephant is fatter than the giraffe.
  6. 6. Elephants are bigger than dogs. big
  7. 7. A pig is fatter than a wolf. A ig p Aw fat olf thin A wolf is thinner than a pig.
  8. 8. •If an adjective ends with a “y”, remove the “y” and add –ier. happy –y + ier = happier than funny –y + ier = funnier than easy – y + ier = easier than heavy - y + ier = heavier than The girl is happier than the duck.
  9. 9. The brown cat is dirtier than the yellow cat.
  10. 10. The suitcase is heavier than the box.
  11. 11. If an adjective has two syllables or more then add the word “more” before the adjective. (long adjectives) more + beautiful = more beautiful than more + expensive = more expensive than more + comfortable = more comfortable than The butterfly is more beautiful than the frog.
  12. 12. Monkeys aremore intelligent than fish . intelligent
  13. 13. Tarkan is more famous than Mustafa Sandal. am f us o
  14. 14. •There are a few exceptions. bad= worse than good = better than far= further than farther than
  15. 15. Dolphins are better than sharks. dolphins gooder sharks good better
  16. 16. Today the weather is yesterday. worse than bad Badder worse
  17. 17. We use as….as to show that two people or things are similar in some way. In negative sentences we use not as… watch ring 10 £ 10 £ expensive The watch is as expensive as the ring.
  18. 18. ig b Tom’ s ball is as big as my ball.
  19. 19. old Tom – 60 years m o T ’ sn i s a t ld o s a J . e o Joe – 70 years