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Comparative - Superlative adjectives


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Comparative - Superlative adjectives

  1. 1. Adjectives Adding er and est
  2. 2. The car is slow . The word slow tells what kind of car it is. Slow describes the car’s condition. Words that describe nouns are called ADJECTIVES .
  3. 3. When we add er or est to some words we double the last letter .
  4. 4. bi g bi gg er bi gg est
  5. 5. ho t ho tt er ho tt est
  6. 6. we t we tt er we tt est
  7. 7. re d re dd er re dd est
  8. 8. sa d sa dd er sa dd est
  9. 9. When we add er or est to words ending with y we change the y to i . eas y eas i er eas i est
  10. 10. happ y happ i er happ i est
  11. 11. prett y prett i er prett i est
  12. 12. hair y hair i er hair i est
  13. 13. laz y laz i er laz i est t i d y tid i er tid i est nos y nos i er nos i est
  14. 15. John is the __________ boy in the whole world. happy happiest
  15. 16. Toby seems to be ________ than his brother. lazy lazier
  16. 17. The rose is a _________ flower than the dandelion. pretty prettier
  17. 18. The boys are ________ than the girls. nosy noisier
  18. 19. Christmas is the ___________ time of year. merry merriest
  19. 20. Your jokes are _________ than mine. funny funnier
  20. 21. The __________ monster you ever saw in your life was trying to get in. Hairy. hairiest