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Core new

  1. 1. Committed to providing High-Quality, Affordable and Innovative Medicines
  2. 2. Meaning of the nameCore Gestra Pvt Ltd.
  3. 3. Meaning of the name Core Gestra Pvt. Ltd.Taken together Core + Gestra = A trusted brand name in Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. 4. Core Gestra Pvt. Ltd.Core Values.
  5. 5. Indian Pharmaceutical IndustryWhat is in it for Me ?
  6. 6. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges & Opportunities• A highly organized sector, the US$ 4.5 billion Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing at the rate of 14 percent per year.• At the global level, the Indian pharma industry is 4th largest in volume and 13th in value (US Dollar) terms• India is, today, the fourth largest producer of drugs in the world and a world class supplier of relatively cheap generic medicines.• It is the largest supplier of low-priced anti-retrovirals in the world .• India is fast becoming the “pharmacy of the world” with medicine exports to over 200 countries all over the world• It ranks very high in the third world, in terms of technology, quality and range of medicines manufactured.• India has the most USFDA approved pharmaceuticals manufacturing sites outside USA
  7. 7. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges & Opportunities• India is one of the countries with the cheapest medicines.• From simple headache pills to sophisticated antibiotics and complex cardiac compounds, almost every type of medicine is now Made in India.• Observers predict that the Indian pharmaceutical market will reach an overall worth of $15,490m in 2014.• Indian pharmaceutical industry provides employment for millions• The Indian Pharmaceutical sector has more than 24,000 registered units.• The leading 250 pharmaceutical companies control 70% of the market.• Asia may account for 40%-50% of global clinical trials in 2010• Outsourced contract research activity in India is $2 billion in 2010• Outsourced manufacturing activity in India to cross $1bn in 2010
  8. 8. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges & Opportunities• Indian is a largely untapped market with a population of over a billion.• The penetration of modern medicine is less than 30% in India. The growth of middle class in the country has resulted in fast changing lifestyles in urban and to some extent rural centers.• This opens a huge market for lifestyle drugs, which has a very low contribution in the Indian markets.• Lowest cost of drugs in the world- Indian manufactures produce drugs at 40% to 50% of the cost anywhere else in the world.• In some cases, this cost is as low as 90%. India advantage - 4C’s : Cost, Capacity, Capability, Communication
  9. 9. Core Group- The CompanyWhat Is My Future ?
  10. 10. Core GroupOne of the most reputed and trusted company,involved in research and marketing of:• Active Pharmaceutical ingredients,• Health & Nutrition supplements Our belief : Access to quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege
  11. 11. Core Group- CommitmentTo develop and market pharmaceutical products to: • Prevent, • Diagnose, • Alleviate and • Cure diseases Providing healthier life at affordable prices
  12. 12. Core Group- Vision• Be known as one of the leading and most admired Pharmaceutical companies in India• Improve the quality of life of people, customers and society and alleviate human sufferings.• Provide a wide range of innovative, reliable, trustworthy and affordable medicines created with a spirit of passion and urgency to create a better tomorrow Providing healthier life at affordable prices
  13. 13. Core Group- Strengths• ISO 9001-2000 certified company• Registered member of FICCI.• State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities conforming to stringent international GMP norms• Many of these manufacturing facilities are FDA approved• Trusted by Doctors, Specialists and Retail chemists.• Vast sales and marketing networks.• Availability , Affordability and On-time Delivery Committed to work towards a healthier & happier world
  14. 14. Core Group- Values • A partner in progress. • Committed to:  High quality Products at most competitive prices  Stringent Quality Control and R&D  Total customer satisfaction  Continuous improvement  Build and Sustain Relationships  Smiling Customers, Smiling DoctorsProviding medicines that help patients to live better, longer, healthier and more happier lives
  15. 15. Core Group- Spreading Smiles SmilingSmiling Women Smiling Men Children Smiling Smiling Doctors Chemists Smiling & Stockists Customers Smiling Employees
  16. 16. Core Group- ProductsOver 26 World-Class Products at Affordable Prices
  18. 18. Core Group- Products NIMANTE-P INDOLER-P INDOLER-APS
  25. 25. Core Group- Products MOREDEX MOREDEX-AT
  26. 26. Some Questions in the Minds of New EmployeesWhat Does The Company Expect From Me ? What can I Expect from the Company ?
  27. 27. Why Do Companies Hire Employees ?• Employers hire people to help their company MAKE MONEY or SAVE Money.• From a manager to receptionist or Peon – all employees are hired and paid to contribute to the success of the company.• There are some of the qualities that almost every employer expects from their employees, regardless of the level they are in.
  28. 28. Everyone of us values Good People• Irrespective of who we are…. each one of us wants to be associated with Good people - good friends, good neighbors, good relatives – in personal or professional lives.• Companies are no different…• People are a company’s greatest asset irrespective whether it sells cars or cosmetics. A company is as good as the people it keeps… Companies need good people all the time
  29. 29. Why Are Good Employees In Demand?• Hiring good employees is not only important to business, its essential.• Employees are the heart and soul of a business;• They are the mechanism that makes a business run;• They are the breath of life that enables a business to be something more than an idea. Attracting Good Employees, Repelling Bad Ones
  30. 30. A new employee is like a sapling…• The future of any company depends on the fresh blood (new employees) it inducts…• And so it takes care of their just & reasonable needs and waits for them to grow and develop…• Trains, motivates & inspires them…and does everything possible to improve their knowledge, efficiency and skills…• knowing fully well that all seeds do not develop into flowering trees… Good Jobs Go to Good Employees
  31. 31. After A Few Months…• Some of the employees develop into strong and sturdy fruit bearing trees…• They are the return on investment that every Company, howsoever big or small expects…• There is noting wrong with it… Give and take is the Law of Nature…• It’s a win-win situation as no one loses… Good Jobs go to Good Employees
  32. 32. However Even After Few Months…• Some employees turn out to be barren trees…• They are a bad investment that NO Company, howsoever big or small wants…• Bad employees like bad news are the worst nightmare for any employer. They ruin the reputation of the company, decrease sales, or produce a negative working environment that can affect everybody else• As they say one rotten Apple…spoils the whole basket…. Anyways we will not discuss what needs to be done to them…. All the goodness of a good egg cannot make up for the stench of a rotten egg…
  33. 33. What our employees can expect from us • Teamwork • Equal opportunities • Culture of innovation • Professional Management • Positive working atmosphere • Open and constructive feedback about performance; • Encouragement for enhancing capabilities and skills • Recognition and rewards for outstanding performance; • Opportunities for training, promotion and overall growth • Management support for all constructive activitiesIf you never do more than you are paid to do, you will never be paid more for what you do.…
  34. 34. What our employees can expect from us• Personal and professional development trainings• Support and guidance in career development• Mutual respect and trust• Regular performance reviews & goal settings• Open, constructive and fair feedback• Performance and results-oriented salary & promotion policy
  35. 35. What Makes Good employees… • Take initiative • Take responsibility • Always endeavor to keep the business profitable. • Keep their commitments • Consistently do things best for the company. • Exceed expectations- do a better job than expectedIf you never do more than you are paid to do, you will never be paid more for what you do.…
  36. 36. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Employee… 1. Positive Attitude 2. Loyalty 3. Trustworthiness 4. Ethical conduct & Honesty 5. Communicative Skills & Etiquettes 6. Dependability / Reliability 7. Initiative 8. Responsibility 9. Teamwork 10.DisciplineIf you Love the Organization that you work for, there is a strong possibility that it will do so too
  37. 37. Teamwork & Discipline
  38. 38. Teamwork
  39. 39. Hare & Tortoise Story- Episode 1You must have heard of the Hare & Tortoise race and already knowwhat happened… So we will not go into that…Instead let’s talkabout their next birth…
  40. 40. Hare & Tortoise Story- Episode 2 I will not Sleep …They were born again. The Hare was ashamed of the humiliatingdefeat in the previous birth so he promised himself not to sleep.The Hare and Tortoise raced again. This time, the Hare won…
  41. 41. Hare & Tortoise Story- Episode 3 All is fair in Love vc & War… eSa D;k d:aThey took another birth. This time the Tortoise decided toavenge the defeat in the previous birth. So he connived withthe race organizing committee officials to get the trackchanged. The Hare ran hard but had to stop midway because ofdeep river in the middle of the track. He did not know how toswim… Meanwhile the Tortoise trudged along … dived into theriver and comfortably swam across… He won…
  42. 42. Hare & Tortoise Story- Episode 4 Sure that way both of us can be winners Why fight.. Let’s be friendsThe Hare & tortoise were born again. They both sat down andwondered…. why is it that one of us wins whereas the otherlooses? After much deliberation they found the answer – no oneis perfect and has all the skills to win each time.
  43. 43. Hare & Tortoise Story- LessonBoth of them had learnt the most important lesson in life…so theHare invited the Tortoise to sit on his back. This way they swiftlycovered the land. As soon as they reached the river the Tortoiseinvited the Hare to sit on his back and so they both swamacross… Both of them were declared winners…
  44. 44. Moral of the Story Teamwork is essential for Win-Win situationsThe Hare and Tortoise realized the futility of fighting with eachother and dividing their strengths. They also understood themeaning of Teamwork.Have you ? Because in our personal and professional lives we tooare like the Hare and Tortoise. When we are operating on theposition of strength we become the Hare but become Tortoise thenext moment in another situation. And in these situations weneed someone to lend a shoulder and pull us through… This isTeamwork. Teamwork is essential for Win-Win situations in life…
  45. 45. Teamwork is incomplete without Discipline
  46. 46. Meaning of Discipline• The word discipline comes from the Latin word disciplīna meaning "to instruct". Discipline means is to bring under control and train in habits of obedience• It means to act in an orderly manner with pride, meticulous attention to details, mutual respect and confidence.• In general discipline refers to systematic instruction to a person to follow a particular code of conduct• Self-discipline means correcting or regulating oneself for the sake of improvement. People in all walks of life, have improved their life, learned new skills, overcame difficulties and hardships Three D’s to unlock the gates of success-- Desire, Dedication and Discipline.
  47. 47. Examples of Discipline
  48. 48. Natureis the best mirror of PerfectDiscipline …
  49. 49. Earth, Sun, Moon and other planets are governed by certainlaws to maintain perfect harmony…
  50. 50. Even Ocean Waves respect the Laws of Gravity…
  51. 51. There is a System even in Jungle Raj…
  52. 52. Even the Potter’s wheel has a message– any one who does not do things the right way … has to pay the price….
  53. 53. There is a discipline even ingames and sports …The Umpire’s job is to ensure that the rules of the game are followed…
  54. 54. Even Prayers have a discipline …
  55. 55. In Music all those singing in chorus have to maintain the same tune.
  56. 56. Ask anyone who practices Martial Arts.He would tell why you need to Synchronize the Mind. Body & Soul…
  57. 57. Can you conceive of an Army without discipline…
  58. 58. Even Airline Pilots follow instructions of the Air Traffic Controller…
  59. 59. Roads are the only exception … where you have red lights & signalsto warn you before crossing the line between discipline & indiscipline
  60. 60. When You Have Discipline Everywhere else in Life… Why not in this Office ?
  61. 61. Discipline At The Workplace• Discipline is best defined as "the art of learning certain behaviors"-to get what we can of our desires while interacting and respecting the desires of others….• Workplace discipline means, abiding by the rules, policies and guidelines of the company.• This involves following the instructions of people in positions of authority• Discipline doesnt mean slavery. A disciplined person has full freedom. But this freedom is such that it neither disturbs the society nor interferes with others freedom. Take 20 of our best people away, and Microsoft would become an unimportant company-- Bill Gates
  62. 62. Signs of Discipline at Work• Complete your assignments on time• Avoid false commitments- Promise only what you can deliver• Stay focused on task• Work toward personal and community goals• Try again and again• Ignore pressure• Choose productive activities• Control your tempers• Think before speaking• Weigh your words carefully before speaking• Be a good listener- listen and observe more, talk less…
  63. 63. Importance of Discipline• A popular misconceptions is that the people who end up being successful achieve this success through short cuts, not working hard.• Successful people attribute their achievements to discipline and practice. Discipline is vital for every living being.• Only disciplined people ever get anywhere in life.• Without discipline mankind will be ruined.• Discipline is essential in everyday life• Discipline means the observance of certain well-defined rules• Without discipline there can be no society, government or nation can exist.• Whether it is brushing your teeth in the morning, riding a bicycle or climbing a mountain everything requires some sort of discipline.
  64. 64. How you can discipline yourself• Decide that you really want to be self-disciplined. Your desire will motivate you to make good choices.• Make a personal commitment. Write down specific things to do.• Make a list of what you can and cannot do.• Accept responsibility for your own behavior. Dont blame others for your actions and decisions.• Practice. Self-discipline is something you can teach yourself.• Engage in activities that enhance self-discipline like yoga, walking, or playing a musical instrument.• Eliminate harmful habits.• Spend your time in healthier, more productive ways.• Start today itself … tomorrow never comes
  65. 65. Japan is a perfect example of what disciplined people can achieve• Discipline not only helps the individual, the Company the society but is an important attribute for nation building…. Look at Japan, Israel and some of the other European countries. Why have these countries progressed– because of discipline, born out of a sense of responsibility towards the society and the people.• Japan or for that matter Germany were totally demolished in the world war-II. Yet they not only resurrected themselves but made great progress because of their people who understood their responsibility towards the nation. The results in discipline in every field. That is how Japan made a place for itself in the world.
  66. 66. Discipline guarantees Success
  67. 67. Indiscipline leads to chaos
  68. 68. Surely you would not like to be a victim of indiscipline…
  69. 69. There is always a thin line between discipline & indisciplineThat is your Laxman Rekha…
  70. 70. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…Have you seen a flock of migratory birds flying ?
  71. 71. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…By flying in a “V” formation....The flock increases the flight efficiency by 71%compared to one bird flying alone.As each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for thebirds behind.
  72. 72. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…Lesson 1:When a goose leaves the formation… He feels theresistance of the air and difficulties of flying alone....So he quickly gets back in the formation to takeadvantage of the flock’s power in front of him ..Working as a team, they get to their destination quickerand easier.
  73. 73. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…Lesson 2:When the leader goose gets tired of flying...He goes to the end of the “V” formation. And another goosetakes the lead.Since all of them are flying in the same direction, the effort isless and it is easier to reach the goals.If people too had as much sense, they would realize thatultimately success depends on working as a team, taking turns todo the hard work and sharing leadership.
  74. 74. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…Lesson 3:The geese flying on a “V” formation, quack continuously toencourage the front-rankers. In this way, they use encouraging“honking from behind” to maintain the desired speed.The Power of Motivation: Each one of us likes a word ofencouragement…With encouragement and positive motivation, the progress isgreater…A timely word of encouragement helps and strengthensthe resolve to move ahead and produces results...
  75. 75. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…Lesson 4:When a goose gets sick, is injured or gets tired and he leaves theformation... Some of the group members also leave theformation and fly with him to help and protect him.They remain with him until he dies or he is able to fly again..Then they launch out again with another passing flock or try tocatch up with their own.Friends in need are friends indeed. Who would not want suchworthy friends in times of need ?
  76. 76. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…Lesson 5:Like the Geese we too need support of others specially in timesof crisis…If we too can forge such kind of bonds of love & mutualcooperation, irrespective of our personal differences… we maybe able to withstand any challenge.Life would be really easier, fulfilling and much more worth livingif only we understood the meaning of friendship, team spirit…and were prepared to share the joys, sorrows and pain of othersas much as our own…
  77. 77. Lessons to be learnt from the Migratory birds…Humans, like geese, were created to worktogether and support one another. Byencouraging each other and supporting ourleaders we can accomplish much more than wecan trying to work alone…
  78. 78. Thank You…