Social media marketing 3.10.11


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How to market in the social networked world

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Social media marketing 3.10.11

  1. Why is Lasso Marketing the future of marketing?<br />
  2. Lasso marketing is designed for the 21st Century.<br />Instead of making up stories and pounding them into people’s heads; we believe you should first figure out what people are passionate about – and then connect to those passions in credible, authentic and compelling ways<br />
  3. IN THE OLD DAYS (Pre web 2.0)<br />Marketing was about push<br />$$$<br />Story<br />Product<br />Rational<br />PEOPLE<br />Emotional<br />PRODUCT<br />
  4. TODAY (The new networked world)<br />Paid media dollars are becoming less effective<br />$$$<br />Story<br />Product<br />Rational<br />PEOPLE<br />Emotional<br />PRODUCT<br />
  5. PASSION IS THE NEW CURRENCY<br />Lasso an idea – join a movement<br />I<br />Passion<br />Lasso<br />Product<br />Rational<br />PEOPLE<br />Emotional<br />PRODUCT<br />
  6. Marketingis becoming more like politics<br />
  7. It’s the economy <br />stupid<br />
  8. Clinton lassoed the economy and got elected President.<br />
  9. It’s the Sex <br />stupid<br />
  10. Axe Lassoed sex and became the #1 male shower brand in the USA.<br /><br />
  11. It’s the Environment <br />stupid<br />
  12. $$$<br />Story<br />Rational<br />Emotional<br />When Toyota wanted to tell a story about the car…<br />
  13. I<br />The<br />Environment<br />Lasso<br />…we helped Prius understand how to lasso the environment.<br />
  14. Source:<br />Sales were 88% above goal expectations and 275% above Honda.<br />
  15. MotiveQuest is passionate about movements.<br />
  16. Major MotiveQuest Clients<br />We help our customers execute their marketing strategies by lassoing customer passion.<br />
  17. PASSION FOCUSED<br />CAR FOCUSED<br />INSULAR<br />EVANGELISTIC<br />Movements grow in different ways.What kind of movement will you be?<br />
  18. Do you want to better understand your customers passions?<br />Tom O’Brien, CMO<br />Website:<br />Twitter: @motivequest<br />