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Smar tube intro & faqs


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Smar tube intro & faqs

  1. 1. [Type text] 1
  2. 2. [Type text] The SMART Solution v INDIA needs 2
  3. 3. [Type text]SMARTubeTM being introduced for the first time in India – is a simple, yet revolutionarybreakthrough in medical technology for early warning and detection of HIV & HCV infectionsin human beings, months before any other known test or diagnostic method.Stimulating Maximal Antibody Response Tube – SMARTube™ will revolutionize HIV & HCVdetection by enabling one of the earliest and complete detection of HIV/HCV just a weekafter exposure. SMARTube™ not only enables the detection of all the patients who arediagnosed in the conventional testing - but also enables detection in additional patients thatare infected, but otherwise would have gone undetected at that testing time. As a costeffective method that increases the SENSITIVITY and SPECIFICITY of other known HIV & HCVdetection devises—with very little additional training or cost input, it will help in savingmillions of lives.SMARTube™ is manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 regulationsand the highest global Quality Control, R&D and professional standards. SMARTube™ hasbeen awarded-- CE Mark—the regulatory stamp of approval in the whole of Europe (the EUcountries) and is certified for public and individual use in Germany, Russian Federation,South Africa, Israel, Romania, Nigeria, and Turkey. It is being used in these countries inhospitals, diagnostic labs, blood banks, health or life insurance uses—anywhere bloodsamples need to be tested for HIV.SMARTube™ has been tested in controlled clinical trials on over 10,000 patients/individualsin several countries like China, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Romania and South Africa. Most ofthese clinical trials and tests were done by reputed government agencies, blood banks,reference laboratories, academic and professional bodies. 3
  4. 4. [Type text]Q . What is SMARTubeTM ?A. The name SMARTubeTM being introduced for the first time in India – is derived from: S –timulating, M-aximal A-ntibody R-esponse T-ubeIt is a simple, yet revolutionary breakthrough inmedical technology for early warning anddetection of HIV & HCV infections in humanbeings, months before any other known test ordiagnostic method.Q . What is its Unique Selling Proposition - USP ?A. The main USPs of SMARTubeTM are as under:1. It simulates the production and growth of a higher level antibodies in the blood sample—upto a level that can be easily detected by the dignostic tests.2. False negetive becomes positive: The same tests which had otherwise given a false negetive report – can now give a confirmed positive result3. Earliest possible detection of HIV-HCV within days of the infection.4. Eliminate chances of a false positive results- SMARTubeTM could prove to be a medical blessing in terms of eliminating the possibility of doubt and reduce the incidence of false positive result in some of the existing tests.5. Reduces the period of uncertianity-- You don’t have to wait for weeks or months for the body to produce antibodies in the due, natural course.6. Increases the Specificity and Sentivity of the existing tests7. No additional cost for add-on test-lab infrastructure or training of technicians. 4
  5. 5. [Type text]Q . Why is something like SMARTubeTM the SMART solution to India’s needs?A. One of main purpose behind any dignostic test – is to act like an early warning radarsystem to detect the presence of invading germs and virus before they can cause irreparebledamage to the human body.However despite advancement of technology, one problem with most aviation radars is thatthey cannot detect low flying, light aircraft. Likewise most HIV/HCV diagnostic tests candetect only the antibodies produced against the infections and not the actual virus… This isa major problem as during the window period –or the deceptive dark period just after a newinfection—many infected individuals could go undetected due to false negetive test resultsdue to low or inadequqte antibodies produced in the human body.Even in case of a normal viral infection it takes 5-7 days for the antibodies to develop afterthe infection. In case of both HIV or HCV it could take weeks or many months before anyantibodies could be found in the blood.Using the radar terminology-- SMARTubeTM is like an early warning radar system for thedetection and diagnosis of HIV and/or HCV infections – in the early stages of the diseasewhen most tests cannot diagnose it on the basis of antibodies produced in the infectedblood.SMARTubeTM is a scientifically engineered -- medicalboon– which makes it possible to detect an HIV carriereven during the so-called window or latent period of theinfection.All this makes SMARTubeTM – the smart and the ultimate weapon to attackand fight against the killer twins – HIV & HCV both of whom are smart andlethal invaders – and masters in the art of camoflage, deception and hiddencombat after silently crippling the defenders – inside the human body.Putting things in perspective— • It’s a world wide trend that many HIV infected though medically undiagnosed people are actually walking the on streets blissfully unaware of their HIV+ve status. They are like potential Human Time Bombs that can explode any moment causing irreparable damage by actually infecting 100s of other innocent and unsuspecting people 5
  6. 6. [Type text] • Given the trend that only less than 1 % population of India get themseleves tested for HIV-HCV even once in the lifetime and worst still upto 27 % HIV infected people remain undiagnosed… Can India be left to the mercy of these Zombies !! • It is not a just medical but human rights issue very much akin to the right to live and stay away from any accidental HIV contamination • The only alternative before India which is already the home to one of the highest number of HIV+ve people and one of the highest number of AIDS related orphans in the world – is to detect and segregate the carriers of the deadly killer twin diseases – HIV & HCV before its too late. • Ignorance is not bliss—Eliminating the false –ves as well as false +ves -- is the only way to realistically combat the HIV-HCV menance • Early and confirmed diagnosis of the HIV/HCV careers – well before the antibodies in their blood can be taken as evidence – may actually prove to be a turning point in their lives leading to a better management of their infection besides the U-turn towards the road to damage control and possible recovery.In this sense-- SMARTubeTM is +vely the solution India needs…Q. Medically which are the sectors where the use of SMARTubeTM could prove to be ablessing in disguise?A. SMARTube could prove to be extremely useful in Hospitals, laboratories, research centresand the blood banks where everyday hundreds of new donors come to donate blood. Noneof them is carrying a sign board on their faces – that they are HIV+ve. And if its been just 2-3 days before they have been infected by say visiting a prostitute or injectable drug abuse –none of the existing test would be able to confirm the presence of virus in their blood. Thisis where SMARTube can help. Besides this SMARTubeTM could prove to be really useful inthe Army, Airforce, Navy and other central and state police forces as well as large 6
  7. 7. [Type text]corporates both in terms of pre-recruitment screening and periodic in-service monitoring ofthe HIV status.Q. What can be the various uses and applications of SMARTube in India?A. SMARTube can have uses and applications in many sectors like: • HIV testing centers • Clinics and laboratories • Diagnostics (hospitals, labs) • Epidemiology (governments, health organizations) • Research (vaccine design & therapeutics). • Plasma industry. • Health & Life insurance companies. • Army, Police & Police – Pre-recruitment screening • Individuals & Corporate -- Pregnant women, Healthcare workers, Foreign travelers, Sex workersQ. What are the risks involved if all the carriers of the HIV virus are not detected well intime?A. HIV and HCV carriers can be identified by detecting the antibodies against the virus intheir blood. After the HIV infection has set in, diagnosis is made using a blood test to detectantibodies to the virus or copies of the virus itself.Most HIV tests measure the antibodies produced by the body against HIV. It takes sometime for the immune system to produce enough antibodies for the antibody tests to detect.This can vary from person to person. Most people develop detectable antibodies within 2to 8 weeks (the average is 25 days). Even so, there is a chance that some individuals willtake longer to develop detectable antibodies. Therefore, if the initial HIV test wasconducted within the first 3 months of possible exposure, there is a great possibility of afalse-negative result. The length of this period varies from person to person, and dependson a wide range of factors, such as the amount of HIV present in the bloodstream, generalhealth, the presence of other illnesses, and the response to treatment. During theasymptomatic period, the virus is far from inactive. It is constantly replicating and causingdamage to the immune system.Blood donated at blood banks during the ‘window period’ test negative and hence can betransfused into unsuspecting patients – requiring urgent blood tranmission – for instance 7
  8. 8. [Type text]in cases of accidents, surgeries or say for instance pateients of heomophilia or thalesemia.Imagime the magnitiude of the problem if every such person requiring blood transfusionfor one reason or the other came back infected with HIV+ve virus.This phenomenon that came to prominence in the mid ’90s when people tested anddiagnosed as ’sero-negative’, went out and infected others. You can’t infect somebody ifyou’re not infected – that’s when the realization came that there was something wrong withthe present tests which could not diagnose everybody.Ninety-seven percent people usually develop antibodies in the first 3 months of theinfection. In some rare cases, it may take up to 6 months to develop antibodies to HIV.The only alternative is the RNA test which can detect the HIV virus directly. Even the timebetween HIV infection and RNA detection is 9–11 days. However these tests, are morecostly and used less often than antibody tests.Researches show that every unidentified carrier could infect, directly and indirectly, somefifty people a year.• In the Latent or Window period – when infected people are still serum-negative – i.e. they do not have enough anti-bodies in their blood that could be detected by any conventional tests. At this stage, they pose a greater risk to their community because: They continue infecting others without any precautions. They think they have a “certified immunity” as they engaged in high risk behavior and yet did not get infected.• Blood Banks – blood units donated by donors during the “window period” could get transfused into unsuspecting patients thus infect them.• Epidemiological studies- are incomplete, as critical information as to the true rate of new infections is missing for incidence calculations in a study population.So in conclusion we can say: • SMARTube– has opened up newer possibilities for fool-proof diagnosis of HIV or HCV • SMARTube has reduced the suspense and made it possible to take on HIV in the earliest stage of progression of the infection in the body. • SMARTube will help save millions of innocent lives by early diagnosis of high risk carriers 8
  9. 9. [Type text] • SMARTube– will help to eliminate doubt and reduce the incidence of false-positive results in most of the existing tests. Imagine the trauma of a person and his family members who has been falsely diagnosed as HIV+ve.Q. What is the technological background behind SMARTubeTM and how is ito be used?A: SMARTube enables antibody production, in a small blood sample, within days frominfection, without having to wait for the body to produce antibodies weeks or months later.The technology is the culmination of more than 12 years of work by Jehuda-Cohen, animmunologist with a PhD in immunology from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.The core of the technology is overcoming the specific immune suppressants of the body. It isa simple three step process.Step 1: A few drops of blood are placed into the SMARTubeTM which is like a sealed testtube with a pink coloured plasma solution inside it. This plasma solution gives a false senseof security to the invading virus to grow without bothering about suppression by the body’simmune system. In this way the it simulates an extremely fast process of antibodyproduction.Step 2: The solution inside the SMARTubeTM is allowed to incubate at 370C for 3-5 daysStep 3: The end result– even routine test by any of the existing methods can now detect asuffiecient level of antibodies of HIV+ve virus in the same the individuals still in the very 9
  10. 10. [Type text]early stages of the window period- who was earliar misdiagnosed as a false negetive. So tosay SMARTube makes it possible to reverse the false positive or negetive as the case may bemuch before any other technology today can detect the virus inside the body. 10
  11. 11. [Type text]Q. How does the detection process using SMARTubeTM compare with regards to some ofthe other known methods ?A. This can be explained with the help of the following diagrams which clearly indicates thatSMARTubeTM allows the earliest detection of the HIV & HCV at the most affordable cost 11
  12. 12. [Type text]Q. Why SMART? What is so smart about SMARTube?A. Well this is because the HIV virus itself is a smart virus, justaround 100-150 billionths of a meter in diameter that it isabout 0.1 microns or 4 millionths of an inch in size. Unlike mostbacteria, it is much too small to be seen through an ordinarymicroscope, yet it manages to trick and evade the bodysdefenses. Once the Smart HIV virus takes hold, theimmune system can never fully get rid of it and theHIV+ve person may not even know that they areinfected and may look and feel perfectly well formany years. But deep inside the immune systembecomes weak and increasingly vulnerable to evenminor illnesses which a normal person can easily fight off.To fight such a smart virus, you really have to be SMART. Though inside the human body,the Smart HIV/HCV virus can conceal its presence for a fairly long time by inhibiting theimmune systems ability to produce antibodies from 30-90 days in case HIV or 70-180 daysin case of HCV— the proprietary plasma solution inside the SMARTube is able to seethrough this game. 12
  13. 13. [Type text]So it gives a false sense of security to the HIV/HCV virus by convincing it to grow as there areno immune system cells inside the SMARTube trying to attack it. This encourages the virusto grow and the blood sample to develop antibodies against it during the incubation phase.Once the incubation of 3-5 days is over, enough anti-bodies have been developed by theblood sample inside the SMARTube that even a routine ELISA test – which 3-5 days backgave a false negative report—can now confirm the seroconversion. Its a warfare in whichthe SMARTube technology manages to outsmart the opponent i.e. the HIV/HCV virus.SMARTube enables antibody production, in a small blood sample, within days frominfection, without having to wait for the body to produce antibodies weeks or months later.Q. What is the technological basis behind SMARTube and what is it called?A. SMARTube is based on a unique and innovative technology called Stimmunology-- a breakthrough technology that holds the key to detect hidden antibodies by stimulating specific humeral immune response. The core philosophy behind this technology is to overcome the specific immune suppressants of the body. A few drops of blood are placed into the SMARTube and a solution inside helps the cells of the immune system to overcome the suppression and pushes them into an extremely fast process of antibody production. The end result– We can detect those individuals already infected when nobody else can - because they’re still at the very early stages of the window period-when no other technology today can detect them.Q. What does SMARTube actually contain?A. SMARTube is a pretreatment test tube that holds two ml of a pink colored proprietaryliquid solution which is sterile in nature and has a shelf life of six months when kept at 2-8oC. Before use, SMARTube is brought to room temperature and 1ml of whole blood collectedin heparin is introduced into it.Q. Does it require extraordinary laboratory apparatus; space required or specifically trainedtechnicians to conduct the test using SMARTube?A. There is no specific requirement for any special laboratory equipment except anincubator which is usually present in any diagnostic or testing laboratory. For tests usingSMARTube we also do not need any extra space in the laboratory where just one ml ofblood is required to be collected. This too any normal trained technician can collect. Theblood sample for the SMARTube can be collected in any of the following ways: • Direct draw – directly into the vacuum packed SMARTubes in the laboratory 13
  14. 14. [Type text] • Indirect draw – using heparin wash tubes or syringes and later transferring it in the laboratory into the SMARTube using sterile pipette.The blood sample thus collected by any of the above methods is transferred inside the SMARTube and incubated at 37oC in a humidified CO2 incubator for 5 days. After incubation a sample of the supernatant is removed for testing using any currently available method for HIV/HCV testing. The greatest advantage of this cutting edge technology is the flexibility and simplicity of use, enabling the collection of blood even in remote places. The blood sample thus collected can be transferred to the SMARTube even a day later, when it reaches the testing lab. Since it is a blood pre- treatment device, once the blood is treated in the SMARTube it can be tested using any HIV or HCV antibody ELISA tests. Therefore the labs do not need to change their way of diagnosing the infection, they only change the way the blood is handled prior to the tests. This makes the SMARTube very simple to use -- with great return for the money and betterdetection of infected individuals.Q. How long does it take for the test results using SMARTube?A. Usually the blood sample inside the SMARTube has to be incubated at 5% CO2 and 37oCfor 3–5 days in a humidified CO2 incubator. For the blood banks, the protocol for usingSMARTube is 3 days. Towards this end a validation and implementation protocol has beendeveloped by experts in the field.Q. Does SMARTube require any specific diagnostic platform? What will happen to theexisting and available tests?A. SMARTube does not require any specific diagnostic method to be adopted. It is a pre-testing device which does not replace or make diagnostic test redundant. It only improvesor accelerates the development of antibodies to enable early antibody detection using ELISA(or other antibody test methods). During the incubation period, in-vitro antibody productionis accelerated to such an extent that even regular tests become completely effective. HenceSMARTube only enables earlier, better and complete detection of HIV/HCV, while excludingthe chances of false negative of false positive reports. 14
  15. 15. [Type text]Q. Does SMARTube substantiate any International quality control and productionstandards?A. SMARTube is manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 regulationsand highest globally acceptable Quality Control, R&D and professional standards. Flag Country Certificate European CE Mark-EU Union Russian Registration Federation Certificate Israel AMAR Certificate Registration South Africa Certificate Registration Romania Certificate Nigeria DOR RegistrationSMARTube has been awarded-- CE Mark—the regulatory stamp of approval forregistration and marketing as a blood collection and pre-treatment device in the whole ofEurope. It has also been permitted and certified for public and individual use in Germany,Russian Federation, South Africa, Israel, Romania and Nigeria. It is now being reviewed byFDA (USA) for use in hospitals, diagnostic labs, blood banks, health or life insurance uses—basically anywhere blood samples need to be tested for presence of HIV. Proceedings arealso on for implementation by prestigious world bodies like World Heath Organization,Family Health Initiative (FHI) and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). 15
  16. 16. [Type text]Q. Has SMARTube been clinically tried? If so what were the results?A. SMARTube has been tested in controlled clinical trials on over 10,000 patients/individualsin several countries like China, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Romania and South Africa. Most ofthese clinical trials and tests were done by reputed government agencies, blood banks,reference laboratories, academic and professional bodies.Extracts of Clinical Trials in different parts of the world :Clinical studies of the HIV&HCV SMARTube™ for HIV/HCV have been performed in • China • USA. • South Africa, • Mexico, • Israel, • Kenya Country Sample Size Trial Agency Department of Cell Biology, National Institute for Control of Pharmaceutical and China 6,000 approx Biological Products (China). Trials conducted in five different regions of China. HIV 2,000, high risk Israel HCV 300 HIV 2,000, blood units Kenya HCV 300 , blood units Mexico HIV 200 High Risk approved government agency South Africa HIV 90 High RiskChina: Clinical Trials in China were conducted, executed and reported by the Department ofCell Biology, National Institute for Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products. Thetrials were done in 5 different regions in China (Total samples tested: approximately 6,000). 1. Trial in high risk population (IVD) in Sichuan District: HIV • 653 individuals tested. • 149 Seropositive. • 151 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. 16
  17. 17. [Type text] HCV • 653 individuals tested. • 389 Seropositive. • 391 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. 2. Trials in blood banks: HIV • Beijing Blood Bank: 2000 low risk samples, no positives. • Clearance of false positives by the SMARTube™.U.S.A : Studies were performed in monkeys. naïve monkeys were infected with a very lowdose of SIV virus (the equivalent to HIV in monkeys). • 4 monkeys tested. • 4 seronegative (one week from infection). • 4 Seropositive after pre-treatment in SMARTube™ (one week- infection). All monkeys seroconverted between 1-5 months from infection.South Africa: Clinical trials were carried out in South Africa among high risk population(blood donors): HIV • 90 individuals tested. • 3 Seropositive. • 4 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™.Mexico : Clinical trials were carried out in Mexico, by an approved government agency. HIV • 200 Individuals tested, very high risk, multiple, current exposures. • 20 Seropositive. • 25 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™.Israel : Several high risk populations were screened using the SMARTube™ as a blood pre-treatment device in a number of trials (total: over 2,000 individuals). 1. Immigrants from High risk areas: HIV • 537 individuals tested. • 26 Seropositive. • 28 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. HCV • 67 individuals tested. • 1 Seropositive • 4 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. 17
  18. 18. [Type text] 2. Low risk populations were screened using the SMARTube™: HIV • Over 1,500 individuals tested – no positives. HCV • Over 600 individuals tested – no positives.Kenya : Clinical trials were carried out in Kenya. 1. Screening of high risk population: HIV • 555 individuals tested. • 28 Seropositive. • 42 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. 2. Additional trials conducted in the blood bank in Kenya for complete detection of HIV infected blood units: HIV Adults: • 513 individuals tested. • 45 Seropositive. • 66 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. Youth: • 332 individuals tested. • 12 Seropositive. • 22 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. HCV • Over 300 individuals tested. • 13 Seropositive. • 14 Seropositive after pre-treatment in the SMARTube™. 3. A study was conducted on pregnant women: HIV • 40 Seronegative women tested. • 8 out of the 40 Seronegative women, were positive after pre- treatment in the SMARTube™.Based on these clinical trials the following observations were recorded: • After pre-treatment with SMARTube: 1.4% to 40.0% additional positives • All seropositives are positive after SMARTube • Increase in specificity • No adverse affect on specificity • 30% to-95% reduction in false positive rate 18
  19. 19. [Type text] • Increase in antibody levels in low seropositives (and new ones) • Safer blood transfusion – detection of infected blood units missed by current serology • More efficient detection. • Less repeat testing, less blood units lost • Saving in terms of time & money– with improvement in performance. • Better indication of incidence rates-- rate of new cases versus prevalence (rate of positives, total).Q. What are SMARTubes plans for India?A. Initially SMARTube test kits will be imported into India, later as the demand grows,SMARTube will be manufactured in India for the domestic market as well as exports toneighboring countries in the region.Q. How much are tests using SMARTube likely to cost in India?A. It is still too early to predict the final costs, which would depend on many factors likequantities to be imported, infrastructure, logistics and operational costs. A fair idea of theactual cost could only be worked out after the final codal formalities of registration andimport license as completed—still we estimate the cost to consumer should be around Rs1000 per test – which is very reasonable considering the fact without SMARTube it takes –atleast 2-3 different types of tests – which consume much more time and money topositively diagnose or rule out HIV in India, today.Q. Who are the people behind importing SMARTube technology into India?A. The vision and moving spirit behind SMARTube operations and import into India – is DrNarendra.K. Gupta – a Indian born US & Canadian citizen who is President of the Society forMedicare as well founder President & CEO of the Eternal Health & Wellness Foundation(USA). 19
  20. 20. [Type text]The Team Composition is as follows: Name Designation Brief BackgroundDr Narendra K. President – Society Medical Director & CEO, Diabetes &Gupta for Medicare Hypertension Center, Duluth, GA, MD, FRCP(C) Founder President & CEO, Eternal Health Member: Vascular Biology working Group & Wellness University of Gainesville, Florida. Foundation (USA) Principal Investigator: Multiple Trials on Diabetes, Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo Research Grant: Merck & Co., Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Takeda Consultant Nephrologist - Regina General Hospital, Canada America’s Top Physician— 2007 Award by the Consumer Council of AmericaYisrael Serok – Founder and CEO, Yisrael Serok has over 20 years experience in SMARTube Bio managing small and large scale operations, both in Israel and other parts of the world. With a world-wide and established network of government and strategic relations, he is on the Board of Directors of several companies with investment portfolio in a variety of projects. 20
  21. 21. [Type text]Dr. Tamar Jehuda- Founder and CTO, With in-depth experience in immunology,Cohen SMARTube Bio diagnostics and AIDS, Dr. Jehuda-Cohen is the inventor of Stimmunology technology. She holds over 10 patents, has authored over 30 publications, and more than 100 abstracts— many of them as presentations at international conferences. Dr. Tamar is currently serving as a consultant for the Family Health Initiative (FHI), funded by the UNAIDS. Dr Tamar holds Ph.D in Immunology and cell Differentiation from the Technion Medical school, Haifa Israel and completed post doctoral studies at Emery University in Atlanta, home of U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Neeraj Mahajan Secretary, Society A media professional with over 20 years for Medicare and experience, proven competence and Country Head consistency in Print, Electronic, Web or New (India), Eternal media as well as Corporate Communications, Health & Wellness PR, Image building and Perception Foundation (USA) Management. He has held various assignments in print and electronic media from staff reporter to Editor (Print) & Producer-Director (TV). He specializes in image building and has conceptualized and executed various propaganda, counter-propaganda and Perception Management and psychological operations for the Indian Army in counter- insurgency areas in J&K and North East. Rakshak video magazine– produced and directed by him was recognized as the official medium for audio-visual communications of Indian Army. 21
  22. 22. [Type text]Case Study # 1 : Diagnosis by default-- Jacob Johnes – a US marine never thought he couldcontract HIV, despite risky behavior… A routine HIV test confirmed him as sero-negetive tilla doctor who had heard of Smartube decided to test again. It took 48 hours for the HIVantibodies to develop in vetro and Jones was declared HIV +ve… Imagine how many peoplehe could have infectedCase Study 2: A baby saved: Mayama was 22 when she came to the antenatal clinic. Thiswas her third pregnancy, yet her first visit to that clinic. She has come because her friendtold her that she could save her baby if would go there. She was five months pregnant, andthe nurse explained the risks of transmitting HIV to the un-born baby, and that there wasmedicine that could save the baby form getting AIDS. Mayama was tested for HIV, using arapid test, which was negative. 22
  23. 23. [Type text]The nurse explained that such a result does not mean that she is not infected for sure, asshe could have been infected in the last few months, and then the test will not detect it yet.Mayama was worried. She was sure one of her regular clients on the truck route was sickwithAIDS and seeing she got pregnant… When she shared her fears with the nurse she was toldthat she could come back in 3 months or so and re-test. Mayama wanted to know. She wasworried, and she really wanted to give that baby the best chance possible. “I cannot wait for3 months; if I am infected I want to take the medicine now. In three months I will give birth,it will be too late. Plus, I cannot come back here heavy with pregnancy – everyone will talk!The nurse shrugged her shoulders. “There is nothing we can do for you now. We cannot seethe infection during the window period, when the virus is hiding and the tests are negative.Mayama started crying. The head nurse took her into her office. “There is a new way we canuse to see if you are infected, even if it happened recently. But for that we need to drawblood and send it to the laboratory in town. The results will come back next week. You willneed to come back then, and if youre positive we will give you the ART.”Mayama agreed to come back. A test tube with her blood was sent to the laboratory. Therethey treated the blood with the SMARTube™, an innovative blood pre-treatment whichcloses the window period and thus eliminates the false negative results in the early stages ofthe infection. On the fifth day, the lab sent the results back to the clinic. While negative onthe tests using the regular methods, Mayama was clearly positive after the SMARTube™was added to the testing in the laboratory. When Mayama came back, she got the resultswith tears of fear and a smile of relief. She was going to save her baby; she was going to getthe drugs to protect him from the virus that has invaded her. As she was walking out of theclinic, holding on to the medicine for both her and for the baby, when it will be born, sheturned around and ask the head nurse “How do they do it, there in the laboratory? How can see what is still hidden”. “Well” answered the nurse, “ it is as if they go behind the stage and peak into the dressing rooms, this way they know about the actors even before they get on stage”. Mayama gave birth tohealthy baby girl. 23
  24. 24. [Type text]Case Study 3: If we only knew! Katub had her fifth child less than a year after sheimmigrated to Israel. Upon arrival her whole family had their blood tested for differentthings, including HIV. Her husband was the only one that tested positive for HIV. He figuredhe must have gotten it in the camp on route to Israel. Katub was upset, but relieved forherself and the unborn baby. The baby was born slightly underweight, but pink andbeautiful. When he was six months old he had a bad cold that would not go away. Then, thedoctor said it was probably some infection in the lungs. The antibiotics did not help. Thebaby was hospitalized, but could not be saved. In the blood tests, he was found to be HIVpositive, but it was too late, he died of lung infection typical to AIDS patients.The doctors were upset “If only you would have told your doctor that you are HIV positive,you could have saved that baby. We know how to treat these type of infections, we just donot suspect it in a baby without an HIV record.” Katub was very bewildered. How could shetransmit HIV to her baby if she is not infected? Did they not tell her in the immigrationcenter that she tested negative? She told the doctors it must be a mistake. “No”, said theyoung doctor, “it is not a mistake. Unfortunately we cannot detect the HIV infection in thefirst few months. You must have gotten infected shortly before the pregnancy, this is whythe results were negative, but it was not a true negative result.A year later, in a scientific-medical conference, An immunologist presented some interestingresults with a new method which enables the detection of those infected even when stillmissed by regular testing in the first months of infection. She called the method“Stimmunology”, as it stimulates the immune system in the blood sample to “tell” us aboutthe infection “right away”. “I would like to share with you some alarming results we gotwhen studying some families with one seropositive HIV carrier. We used the Stimmunologyprocess for stimulating antibody production even in blood samples form infected individualsduring the window period. This was we can detect them using the regular diagnostic antibody tests.” On the screen appeared results showing seronegative wives who were actually infected, and their infected babies. The doctors in the audience sighed “If only we would have known”. 24
  25. 25. [Type text]Case study 4: Building a new relationship -- Seth and Diane decided to move in togetherand formalize their relationship. They both went together for HIV testing, and, to their relief,both tested negative. Because of their lifestyle, Seth’s doctor recommended to do anadditional blood test using an experimental pre-treatment of the blood in the universitylaboratory. They agreed. The following week the doctor called them in for consultation andtold then that using the experimental new technology; Seth was found to be infected withHIV. “It must be a recent encounter, in the last half a year or so” said the doctor. “But it isstill experimental, right” said Seth hopefully… Diane was silent all the way home. They havebeen together for some time now, she wanted to believe Seth that “it could not be”, yet sheinsisted that for their future they should use precaution “Just for the next few months. Thewindow period is not forever, right?” Three months later, Seth tested positive in a routinetesting.Case Study 5: Organ donor -- Sheila has been waiting for a kidney transplant for 2 years. Thephone finally rang with the news – “we have a donor”. The young motorcyclist was braindead and his family agreed to donate his organs. A battery of tests was run, including HIVand HCV antibody tests. All came negative. Additional testing was using very sensitivemolecular biology techniques to detect the virus even before the antibody tests detect theinfection. They were negative for both HIV and HCV. Sheila got the kidney, and stayed onimmunosuppressive drugs to reduce the risk of rejection of the transplanted kidney. Lessthan a year later, Sheila was diagnosed with HIV and HCV infection. The source of theinfection was the transplanted kidney. All the recipients from that donor were nowpositive for HIV and HCV. When Sheila sued the hospital the doctors testified that they haveused all known measures for testing the donor for these infectious and deadly viruses. “Buteven with the most sensitive tests, there is a window period in which we cannot detect theinfection, and this window period can take three to six months and sometimes even longer”testified the laboratory expert. “So there is nothing that could have been done?” askedSheila’s lawyer. “Well, responded the expert “there is a way to eliminate that windowperiod. It is a simple system of pre-treating the blood in a way that expresses the antibodies prior to their appearance in the body. It works like magic; it exposes those early infections we currently miss.” “So if you would have used that method, you would have been able to prevent all those terribleinfections! Why did you not use it?!”. “We do, but only experimentally, and unlinked, as ithas not yet been approved for use in our country...” responded the expert. 25
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