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Looking for a way to implement PKI the easy and fast way?

PrimeKey's PKI Appliance is the perfect solution for you. Just plug-n-play!

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  1. 1. PrimeKey PKI Appliance offers a complete feature set needed to operate a full blown Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) out-of-the box. With the combination of the Common Criteria certified EJBCA 5, easy to use management functions, high-performance hardware and a FIPS 140-2 certified Hardware Security Module (HSM), PrimeKey PKI Appliance offers the easiest and most efficient way to deploy an enterprise PKI system without the hassles of complex installation and integration procedures. Turn-Key PKI Solution PrimeKey PKI Appliance brings all components needed to successful deploy and operate a full-blown public key infrastructure. It includes a complete Certificate Management System, with unlimited number of Certification Authorities (CAs) and/or subordinate CAs, Registration Authority (RA) and a Validation Authority (VA). An integrated HSM brings enterprise-grade security keeping all cryptographic keys secure. Easy Management Easy and effective management is the key to a secure and reliable PKI deployment. Prime- Key PKI Appliance offers an web based interface including all functions needed for an easy deployment and effective operation. Backup & Restore procedures can easily be triggered automatically and usually complex upgrades are done within few minutes. Powerful Hardware Reliable and performant hardware is essential for the operation of critical systems like a PKI. PrimeKey PKI Appliance is based on enterprise grade server components including ECC protected RAM memory, redundant high-performance SSD drives and of course a redundant power supply. Unbeatable performance PrimeKey PKI Appliance delivers unbeatable performance when it comes to issuing certificates or answering OCSP requests. The powerful hardware and efficient implementation allows to issue more than 60.000 certificates per hour satisfying highest demands of big public key infrastructures. OEM PKI Integration Platform A PKI is often a back-end system used by further applications like VPN, Mail Gateways, Card Management Systems etc. PrimeKey PKI integration platform offers an easy and efficient way for OEM partners to integrate own applications into the PKI Appliance environment simplifying the deployment and reducing the costs. Pre-integrated systems based on a fixed software and hardware stack save valuable time and costs for customers, integration and support specialists. PrimeKey PKI Appliance Highlights • Turn-Key solution for medium and big size PKI deployments, suitable even for massive cloud services • Common Criteria EAL 4+ and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified components assure quality as well as regulations conformance • Enterprise grade, high- performance hardware with Long Term Availability • Scale-up and Scale-out options • Enterprise grade Pre- and After- Sales Services and Support, with our PKI- and HSM- specialists • Simply put, PrimeKey is your one-stop-shop for mission critical PKI technology and services
  2. 2. Technology Stack PrimeKey PKI Integration Platform comes with an modularized and flexible software stack. Based on Security Foundation Platform (SFP) as a specialized Linux OS, all application software components are operated as virtual machines bringing the maximum flexibility to the system, simplifying procedures like updates or backups, and making your PrimeKey Appliances re-usable. Centrally controlled by an Virtual Gateway (VGW), separation of virtual networks maximizes the security by tight control of the data flow between the involved software components. Whether Windows or Linux based applications, with the flexible and efficient virtualization layer, all Third-Party systems can be easily integrated and managed. An HSM abstraction layer (VHSM) hides the complexity of the underlaying technology simplifying the integration of software components that require access to the secure hardware. Making the picture complete, a powerful administration interface allows upload and management of virtual components and internal configuration. About PrimeKey World leading open source PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) company, founder and commercial force behind SignServer and EJBCA - the most downloaded open source PKI project. PrimeKey’s enterprise class integration, dedication to open standards, training and support services, help customers achieve their organizational goals. What is in the box? Hardware • Field replaceable, redundant high-performance SSDs • Field replaceable redundant Power Supply • Intel Xeon Server CPU • Dual Ethernet Interface • Utimaco CryptoServer SE, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Software • PKI Certificate Management System - EJBCA 5.0.4 Common Criteria EAL 4+ • PKI Validation Authority - EJBCA 5.0.4 Common Crite- ria EAL 4+ For full feature set please see product information on EJBCA PKI and EJBCA Validation Authority. What is outside of the box? PrimeAssure Services • Full range of services, including design, deployment, training, Best Practices, audit preparations, Support & Maintenance VHSM EJBCA PKI / EJBCAValidationAuthority / SignServer Third partyApplication & OS VGW Virtual Switch SFP Security Foundation Platform Hardware Enterprise Grade Server Hardware HSM Utimaco CryptoServer Se FIPS Level 3 Virtualization Virtual Network SecureMetric Technology Sdn. Bhd. 2-2, Incubator 2, Technology Park Malaysia, Lebuhraya Sg Besi - Puchong, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603 8996 8225 Fax: +603 8996 7225