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SecureMAG Vol 4.


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SecureMAG Vol 4.

  1. 1. Not for Sale VOLUME 4 2 0 1 2 SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY GROUPNot for SaleHighlightTrade Mission to Vietnam, Laos & National eID &Cambodia with MOSTI, MalaysiaExhibitions 2011 ePassport ConferenceNational eID & ePassport Conference Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaCSO and the ASEAN Bankers ForumProject 2011 Hosted by: 2012MyEGAl Hilal BankBank RakyatNewsSecureMetric scores 4.5 out of 5in MSCs SCORE + ProgrammeProductsProfessional Consultancy ServicesAwards 2011 Istanbul, Turkey 2010 Athens, GreeceSecureMetric TechnologyEditorial Team 2009 SECUREMAG 2011 BY SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGYCONTACT US:SecureMetric Technology Lisbon, PortugalAddress: 2-2, Incubator 2,Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil,57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Tel: +603 8996 8225Fax: +603 8996 7225
  2. 2. COVER STORY SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY GROUP National eID & ePassport Conference Kuala Lumpur 2012 The 4th edition National eID & ePassport Conference will be hosted on October Mr. Gérard Galler joined the European 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Date and venue to be confirmed by February) Commission in 1998 to support research on smartcards through the EU Framework After 3 successful conference in Lisbon (2009), Athens (2010) and Istanbul Programme for Research. He ran eEurope (2011), the organizing committee wishes to extend the 2012 edition to be the Smartcards, a policy initiative in the early 2000 to first edition to be host in Asia. We target to gather more than 400 top level faster the pan-European deployment of delegates with the brightest minds in the industry from around the world to smartcards, From 2003 till 2006, he served Kuala Lumpur, to witness and share the foundation and evolution of global eID scientific counsellor in the European Commission infrastructure, based on the digitalization of citizen ID documents. Delegation to Georgia & Armenia where he also dealt with EU assistance. Within the Information Over 80% of the European Union Member States and ICAO Countries have Society Directorate-General, he is now in charge introduced or are in the process of introducing biometric-based ID documents or of the follow-up and revision of EU electronic are at least considering doing so. The trend towards this form of technology is signatures directive. increasing essential and under important consideration of all countries administration. Government Policies, Current Development, The 4th edition is supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Past Experiences and Challenges Innovation (MOSTI) of Malaysia. With support from state members of ASEAN, There are at least 10 top speakers from European and non-Asia continents we wish to promote the awareness and understanding of the global eID together with representatives from Asia to share about their government development to this region to establish a fundamental knowledge sharing and policies towards their countries’ Digital Agenda, the current stage of discussion platforms to contribute towards global eID agenda. development together with their past experiences and challenges. EU-ASEAN eID Interoperability Latest Trends in Technology Evolution, Mr. Gérard Galler, Information Society & Media Director General is responsible Present and Future for the Digital Agenda is expected to share about the experience of cross border There are several high profile speakers representing experts from the industry to eID Interoperability for European Union and also directive towards cross share and discuss about what are the latest trends in term of technology continent eID interoperability. European Union is taking this opportunity to evolution related to eID, ePassport, eGovernment, eInvocing, PKI and Mobile PKI. explore on how to establish a mutual Digital Agenda with ASEAN toward They will also give an insight on what they foreseen to be the f¬¬uture trends. EU-ASEAN eID Interoperability. SecureMetric is the Silver sponsors for1 National eID & ePassport Conference 2011, IstanbulSECUREMAG 2012 BY SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY SecureMetric is proud to be a silver sponsor for this years National eID & proud to be able to invite top government officials and delegates from Malaysia, ePassport Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. This 3rd edition with the support of Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam to this event. With the success of this event the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and under the patronage of Mrs Neelie and the initiative from SecureMetric, Malaysia will host next years event in KROES, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Malaysia. Agenda. The event was held on 24 & 25 October 2011, at Istanbul, Turkey. The conference has given Malaysia its rightful recognition as a pioneer in the The follow-up to very successful previous conference editions in Lisbon 2009 and implementation of the eID with many success stories. Lt Col (R) Dato Husin Jazri, Athens 2010, will continue to focus on recent developments in different CEO of Cyber Security Malaysia was also invited to share with the conference countries across the Globe and new major political initiatives both nationally participants the success stories of Malaysias implementation of eID. and from the European Commission. SecureMetric is looking SecureMetric showcased forward to making this its PKI products in this event a success in Malaysia. conference and share its This will eventually leapfrog success stories in making Malaysia into the world PKI more acceptable in the arena as a world class South East Asia region. country with many success in implementing eID and In addition to being a ePassport. sponsor, SecureMetric is VOLUME 4 2012
  3. 3. HIGHLIGHT SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY GROUPTrade Mission to Vietnam,Laos & Cambodia withMOSTI, MalaysiaSecureMetric Technology was invited to join the delegation on a Trade Mission to Vietnam, Laosand Cambodia from 17 to 23 July led by the Malaysia Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation(MOSTI) including agencies under MOSTI, namely MDeC, MIMOS, CyberSecurity Malaysia & SIRIM.At a business forum held in Hanoi, Vietnam, a total of 10 memorandum of understanding (MOU)were signed to forge collaborative efforts and promote Malaysian technologies to the developingmarkets in Vietnam. The exchange of MOU documents were witnessed by Datuk Seri Dr. MaximusJohnity Ongkili, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia and Dr. Le Doan Hop, A group photo of The Trade Mission Team lead by MOSTI with teamMinister of Information and Communications Vietnam lead by Ministry of Information and Communication VietnamMOU Between SecureMetricTechnology & VietUnion VietnamSecureMetric Technology Group’s MOU with Vietunion, the provider of e-commerce applicationsand communities online, is to establish a central authentication and payment platform forVietnam.Under the MoU signed between Mr Edward Law, CEO of SecureMetric Technology with Mr.Nguyen Hoang Ly, CEO of VietUnion in Hanoi on Monday, the two sides will jointly develop a safeand convenient transaction system that will act as a single authentication and payment platformfor e-commerce, e-bill, e-government, e-tax, e-banking and others in Vietnam.This system will also provide solutions for online public services at the fourth level, the highest in MOU Signing between Edward Law, CEO of SecureMetric Technology,the e-government system, including solutions for tax declaration, payment and refund online. and Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ly, CEO of VietUnion.MOU Between SecureMetricTechnology & FPT InformationSystem(FIS) VietnamWhile the next MOU signed between Mr. Edward Law and Mr. Phung Viet Thang - Deputy GeneralDirector of FIS Vietnam, formalises on establishing the Annual Support Agreement for thePartner’s Certificate Authority (CA) System in Vietnam. SecureMetric will use its technical expertiseand project experience to continue support the FIS on maintaining its CA backend system,monitoring its CA operations and project implementation in Vietnam. MOU Signing between Edward Law, CEO SecureMetric Technology, and Mr. Phung Viet Thang - Deputy General Director of FIS Vietnam. VOLUME 4 2012
  4. 4. AWARDS SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY GROUPSecureToken ST3 Wins Big in APICTA 2011APICTA MSC Malaysia 2011 International APICTA 2011SecureMetric was awarded as WINNER for the Best of Security category in the PSecureMetric went to Pattaya on 11.11.11 and won the MERIT award for theMalaysian chapter of the competition. As a WINNER, SecureMetric represents Best of Security Application in the 11th International APICTA 2011 competition.Malaysia to Pattaya, Thailand to showcase its SecureToken ST3 in theInternational round of the APICTA 2011 competition. SecureMetrics SecureMetric presented its award winning SecureToken ST3 to a panel of 4SecureToken ST3 won the Malaysian chapter of the competition due to the judges from Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia. The judges was sofollowing feature: impressed with the product that they only have positive things to say about1. Market acceptance and penetration. SecureToken ST3.2. Innovation which makes PKI a more acceptable technology.3. Excellent user experience making the use of PKI technology easy even for the During the competition, SecureMetric had to compete with participants from layman. Hong Kong, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore and many more. It was a very close4. Affordable with ready product localization making it far more superior than competition among all the participants. In the end, SecureToken ST3 came out as its competing product from the US and Europe. the MERIT winner. All in all, the event was a great success for all. The gala dinner where the awards were presented was well organised with cultural shows from Thailand and Brunei. The next International APICTA 2012 which is in its 12th year will be held in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. See you guys there next year! 2 SECUREMAG 2012 BY SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY NEWS SecureMetric scores 4.5 out of 5 in MSCs SCORE + Programme Every year, MDeC measures its MSC companies for their capabilities and finds way to help them improve. Each MSC companies are measured with SCORE+ programme which categorized Business Performance, Financial Capability, Management Capability, Operational Management, Marketing Capability, Talent Development and Innovation. Through SCORE+, MDeC is able to accurately identify strength and gaps among MSC Malaysia-status companies and match developmental initiatives in 4.5/5.0 order to cultivate a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic qualities that are essential to their success. SecureMetric scored 4.5 out of 5 points in SCORE+. According to MDeC; there are more than 2800 MSC companies but rarely with 4.5 or more SCORE+ points. This has shown SecureMetic is a capable company in the above 7 categories. VOLUME 4 2012
  5. 5. UPDATES SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY GROUP SecureMetric helps secure SecureMetric partners with Bank Rakyat Chooses Malaysia’s biggest Ascertia UK to provide Digital SecureToken ST3 eGovernment portal – MyEG Signature solution to South East Asia Best Selling Token Al Hilal Bank, Abu DhabiWhen Malaysia’s biggest eGovernment portal, Al Hilal Bank, a forward thinking bank from Abu Bank Rakyat, an Islamic banking services provider inMyEG, needs to secure their online transactions, Dhabi, was searching for a digital solution for their Malaysia, has chosen SecureMetric’s SecureTokenthey seek for SecureMetric. MyEG needed to transactional banking channel. They approached ST3 for their Cash Management system. Bankprotect their online transactions for their car Ascertia for this solution. The proposed solution was Rakyat went with ST3 because SecureMetric wastransfer business. a combination of the award-winning Ascertia ADSS able to give excellent local support on the PKI token product and SecureMetric’s SecureOTP solution. as well as innovative solutions that will help BankThe number of users of the system is expected to be Rakyat provide a better and safer Cashmore than 5,000. SecureMetric assisted MyEG to The combined proposed solution was a sure win Management system to their customers.implement a OTP system using SecureMetric’s solution for all parties. The seamless integration ofSecureOTP Authentication System 3. With the both ADSS and SecureOTP impressed Al Hilal Bank. The project took 2 months to implement and isimplementation of SecureOTP, MyEG is now able to It combined both Ascertia’s and SecureMetric’s expected launch this pilot project next month.protect their online transactions from phishing as strength to make the digital signature solution even SecureMetric, once again were able to help Bankwell as other online threats. more secure without compromising the user Rakyat complete the project well below their friendliness of the system. budget. In addition, SecureMetric also providedThe project was completed, from conceptualisation value added service which the bank production, in 3 months! SecureMetric has once As the project is in Al Hilal Bank, Abu Dhabi and theagain kept its promise to deliver its solutions on solution comes from Ascertia UK with SecureMetricbudget and on time. in Malaysia, this is truly a successful global projectSecureMetric sponsors another SecureMetric Makes Software in Indonesia Moresuccessful event in Ho Chi Minh City SECUREMAG 2012 BY SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY Secure. This year, the CSO and the ASEAN Bankers Forum event was combined to make SecureMetric shipped more than 100,000 units the event a more eventful and fruitful conference. SecureMetric sponsored both of SecureDongle series to Indonesia market. events with 2 speaking slots, 1 in the CSO event and the other in the ASEAN Bankers Forum event. SecurMetric is proud to be the No.1 software license protection vendor in Indonesia with more SecureMetric was promoting a new services, the ISO27001 consultation services and than 100,000 units shipped in 2012. There are penetration testing services. SecureMetric’s partner, Cyber Intelligence, presented to strong sights showing increasing awareness and the delegates on the ISO27001 certification. Mr. Sivanathan Subramaniam, CSO of demand for strong security on software licensing SecureMetric Technology, gave a spellbinding talk entitled “ISO 27001: We are protection in line with high growth in Indonesia certified, but are we safe?”. software industry. To date, SecureMetric is servicing to more than 350 software companies More than 150 delegates from around South East Asia region attended the CSO which offer software solutions and/or products to event. Most of the organization representatives were eager to know more about various private and public sectors in the region. ASEAN SecureMetric’s new ISO27001 services. BANKER FORUM During the ASEAN Bankers Forum event, Mr Chin Wan, SecureMetric’s Regional Sales Director, gave a talk on how digital signatures can help banks simplified operations while at the same time reducing risk and saving cost. The audience were impressed that digital signature can now be used to increase employee productivity while at the same time manage their risk. VOLUME 4 2012
  6. 6. PRODUCTS SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY GROUP SecureMetric Technology Professional Consultancy Services ISO 27001 Consultancy Services Comprehensive consultancy service to design, establish and implement Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001 Security Posture Assessment A ) Social Engineering Awareness Assessment (SEAA) C Data Loss Assessment (DLA) SEAA is a threat awareness audit to gauge the employees’ awareness to DLA provides real-time content scanning of sensitive data at network layer to information security incidents due to social engineering attacks. gauge the level of data loss in the organization. The service detects data leaks with a unique approach that uses highly accurate fingerprinting and content Features matching technology. • Non-intrusive malware simulation program complete with tools, processes and outputs Features • Comprehensive post-evaluation assessment report covering: Assess the current vulnerabilities and identify the sensitive data on the o benchmark analysis network: o segment hit rate analysis • Data Loss Monitoring o Fail / pass rational analysis • Provides centralized management o Future awareness actions analysis • Monitors sensitive data / intellectual property • Recommendations based on training and policy / process perspectives • Detect data stealing malware leveraging Smart Protection Network o keyloggers, spyware and trojans that collect and post sensitive data on the internet B Threat Assessment Service (TAS) o phone home malware o hidden FTP processes that transfer stolen data to remote hacker sites Threat Assessment Service is a valuable and insightful opportunity for you to o botnet data collectors evaluate the effectiveness of your current security infrastructure. Want to know if malware has infiltrated your systems? If sensitive data is being lost? The true measure of your endpoint, web and messaging security? Threat Assessment Service is enabled by the Trend Micro Threat Discovery Appliance, a key D Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAS) VAS is a service powered by Trend Micro and Qualys used to assess the level component of Trend Micro Threat Management Services (TMS). of security vulnerability for an organization’s information assets. It providesSECUREMAG 2012 BY SECUREMETRIC TECHNOLOGY SaaS-based Vulnerability Management for Stronger Security & Verification of TMS is a non-intrusive network security overwatch service that provides an Compliance. additional security layer that strengthens an organization’s existing security infrastructure against data-stealing malware threats that have evaded detection. Features It monitors the corporate network for threatening malware activity and delivers • Powered by Qualys discovery, containment, and remediation services that provide a last line of • A service not just for vulnerability scanning but for its management. defense for your valuable data and resources. • Security, compliance and risk management • Already certified as PCI ASV(Authorized Scan Vender). Features • Secure hybrid SaaS (Yearly contract with hardware rental) Threat Assessment Service uses non-invasive technology and the Trend Micro™ • Provide vulnerability scanning for both external and internal. Smart Protection Network to provide an informative risk report that reveals the • Automated vulnerability management process. following information: • Centralized reporting and management. • Active malware infiltrations • Infection points • Threat exposure levels • Sensitive data loss Digital Forensics Services • Potential compliance violations A Early Case Assessment B IProtect – protection of potential digital evidences, Intellectual Property and brand (evidence preservation service) C Digital forensics investigations and analysis VOLUME 4 2012