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Distribution of Data Security and Networking software in Israel.

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  • SPECTOR 360 provides the most comprehensive monitoring solution of computer usage across the whole organisation. Emails written, sent, received, forwarded and deleted from any email environment, including email clients and webmailSelected document activity – be alerted to who accessed which files, when, what they did with them, who they sent them to, when they print them ect.Which files have been transferred externally, either to plug-in devices, cloud environments or sent as attachments.Who is consuming the most bandwidth and for what purpose?Any keystrokes typed, even if it gets deleted, the keystrokes will be logged.Facebook, Youtube, Hotmail, Excel and The company CRM system may be open for 8 hours, but which one is the active window and for how long?What are users actually doing? They may well log in at 9am, the CRM window may be active, but how long do they spend actually using applications?Track the day and time a program is launched and the total duration of activity in that program.Which websites are visited? How often and for how long? Specify which sites can or cannot be viewed, either all the time or within set time periods.Who is using Chat/IM and for what purpose? Are the chat’s appropriate?Is online searching used within acceptable parameters and mainly for business purposes? Or is it a major distraction?You can monitor all of this and much more with SPECTOR 360.
  • With SPECTOR 360 you can monitor employee desktop activity. This could range from everything they do, right down to event driven recording e.g. if they type a keyword, or access a particular file or website.You can look at the big picture by analysing data across the whole company, a department or a specified group of individuals. E.g. which websites are visited most across a company? Which department consumes the most bandwidth? If you identify something requiring further investigation, you can drill right down to individual screen level and easily view all relevant activity.With SPECTOR 360’s comprehensive search functionality, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. E.g. who touched all files with the work confidential in the file name? Who searched the web for ‘download mp3’? Who emailed the file ‘customerlist.xls’?SPECTOR 360 provides forensic level evidence that something has happened. It has been used in law enforcement to convict criminals. When recording events, it’s critical to capture both the action and the context. E.g. it’s not sufficient to just know that someone accessed a particular file. You also need to see what happened immediately before and what they actually did with it. Was their action legitimate, an error of judgment or a deliberate act of misconduct?SPECTOR 360 has over 75 predefined reports available, or you can customise your own. With keyword and event alerts, you’ll also be automatically informed when something has happened, allowing you to act ... rapidly, appropriately, decisively, and with confidence.
  • Mp company overview 2014 0214 version 3

    1. 1. 2014
    2. 2. About MultiPoint • MultiPoint was founded in April 2009 • Managed by Arie Wolman and Ricardo Resnik • A Distributor of Security & Networking Software • Main exclusive product lines: ―GFI Software, SpectorSoft, Centrify, IronKey, Winmagic, GFI MAX, Sandbox, Data Point, etc. ―Certified, Qualified and Credible Technical team ―Value Added for the Channel and the End-Users alike
    3. 3. About MultiPoint . GFI Software, SpectorSoft, Centrify, IronKey, Winmagic, Secunia, GFI MAX, Sandbox, LiebSoft, SecurEnvoy, Data Point, etc.
    4. 4. Customers
    5. 5. • Security Scanning & Detection • Network & SW Audit • End-Point Security • Email & Web Protection• Single Sign On • Network Access Control • Device Control • Application Control • Disk Encryption • Data in-Transit • Email Encryption • Reporting • Auditing • SIM/SEM – Event Mgt • Archiving • Data & System Backup • Disaster Recovery • Monitoring & Reporting • Vulnerability Assessment • Patch & Remediation • Risk Management • Critical Assets & Network RiskIT Security Components Solutions
    6. 6. Main Vendors
    7. 7. GFI solutions for business » Email archiving » Email compliance » Fax management Email and communications » Granular Internet monitoring » Detailed web filtering » Browsing security Web control » Email security and anti-spam (both on premise and hosted) Email security » Antivirus » Vulnerability scanning » Patch management Security » Event monitoring and logging » Network auditing and patch management » Server monitoring Auditing, monitoring and compliance » Removable media management Storage management
    8. 8. “I use GFI Cloud to ensure all my machines are operating at peak efficiency and to protect against threats.” » Single integrated solution to streamline IT management » Simple web-based interface » Up and running in 10 minutes or less IT management GFI Cloud
    9. 9. On-premise and SaaS/cloud GFI on-premise catalogue GFI MSP/GFI Cloud platform Remote access/Collaboration Patch management Vulnerability assessment Email management, security, filtering Email archiving Mobile device management Web monitoring Anti-malware Network monitoring Monitoring Patch management Mobile device management Anti-malware Asset management Remote access Storage GFI delivers software solutions to customers however they want it Vulnerability assessment
    10. 10. “GFI LanGuard is like our company’s virtual security consultant. It’s a three-in- one power tool.” » Centralizes patch management, vulnerability assessment and network auditing » Help prove compliance with security standards » Increases productivity for IT staff and end users Patch management and vulnerability assessment
    11. 11. Solutions for service providers GFI MAX RemoteManagement™ » Server, workstation and network monitoring and management for SMB networks » Integrated remote access, patch management and antivirus capability » Platform for delivery of integrated solution set to MSP customers Remote monitoring and management GFI MAX Cloud Monitoring » Cloud infrastructure » Cloud applications Cloud services monitoring GFI MAX Mail » Hosted email security service » Hosted email archive Hosted email security, business continuity and archive services
    12. 12. 2FA with SMS from SecurEnvoy New “Voice Call” token option: users receive a landline-based telephone call and enter a passcode on the telephone key pad More user control: switch seamlessly between SMS delivery options, select soft token app on all leading smart phones and laptops or select the new voice call token type. Multi SMS Gateway with smart global routing permits the specifying of an unlimited number of SMS providers world wide Support for third party SMS Gateways that are e-mail based Improved cloud and multi-domain configurations with “per domain settings” for all major settings New “Token Type” section: allows administrator to specifying which types of token can be used New Soft Token for Apple Mac computers
    13. 13. WinMagic Encryption
    14. 14. WinMagic Encryption »How PBConnex from WinMagic works
    15. 15. Secure Data Platform
    16. 16. Data Motion SecureMail
    17. 17. Spector 360 from Spectorsoft Company-Wide Monitoring and Surveillance Software Monitor All User and User Group Activity Across PCs, Macs, Laptops, and the Internet. Email sent/received Document tracking File transfers Network usage Keystrokes typed User activity Applications used Websites visited & Web Filtering Chat & IM Online searches Screen activity / inactivity
    18. 18. The Most Advanced Monitoring Software Discreet snapshot or sequential recording of all employee screen activities, files touched & keystrokes typed Identify trends and patterns of behavior across company, department, group or individual Find anything , including files touched, emails sent or received, websites visited, IM chats and keywords Forensic level investigation. What, who and when? What’s happening now? What’s already happened? Contextual recording – before, during and after. Set-up automatic alerts, fully customisable and powerful reporting functionality, automatic management reporting Centralised Management • Monitor • Analyse • Search • Investigate • Report
    19. 19. VIPRE AV Premium • High-performance, proactive endpoint malware protection • Completely new agent, combines antivirus, antispyware, and firewall • Provides powerful protection against today’s most relevant highly complex threats • Field-tested administrative console for central management • All the features of VIPRE Enterprise, plus advanced firewall protection at all times.
    20. 20. Performance Leadership
    21. 21. :Centrify Centrify Mgmt Platform Personal Devices Mobile Devices Servers Apps Centrify the Enterprise –Active Directory
    22. 22. Centrify Suite Single Sign-On • Apache and J2EE web applications • SAP NetWeaver & GUI • DB2 Centrify • IOS • Android Centrify Insight Splunk-based analytics solutions EXPRESS STANDARD ENTERPRISE PLATINUM DirectSecure DirectAudit DirectAuthorize DirectControl DirectManage
    24. 24. Ironkey D80 IRONKEY D80 HARDWARE ENCRYPTED FLASH DRIVE Strong, enterprise-grade AES 256-bit encryption Always-on hardware encryption Encryption happens inside the drive and the key never leaves the drive. Tough, durable, tamper-resistant enclosure Longer life, high-quality flash memory Smart, self-defending IronKey drive automatically reformats after 7 failed logins PROTECT YOUR MOST SENSITIVE DATA We live and work in a mobile world, and you need to make sure your data is always available no matter where you go. But you can’t entrust your most sensitive and confidential information to just any flash drive. A poorly made drive won’t stand up to heavy use or break-in attempts, and drives selected on price alone could leave your valuable information vulnerable to corruption, infection or theft. For an easy-to-use and reliable way to protect your most sensitive data, turn to the IronKey D80 Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive. Even if the drive is lost or stolen, your confidential information will remain safeguarded
    25. 25. Ironkey BYOD Success in the enterprise SUCCESS REQUIRES ALL THREE ELEMENTS SIMPLE A solution that is easy for end- users to use so they will embrace it and require minimal training SECURE A solution that is highly secure to protect confidential information and enable regulatory compliance MANAGABLE A solution that is centrally manageable and mass-deployable to suit the needs of enterprise and government
    26. 26. Privileged Identity Management Solutions from Liebsoft Enterprise Random Password Manager: Automatically discover, secure, and audit the administrator, root, domain and service account passwords in your cross-platform enterprise – detecting dependent accounts and synchronizing privileged password changes to safeguard your infrastructure. Random Password Manager: Discover and secure the local administrator and root account passwords in your enterprise from a single console, all at once. Password Spreadsheet Manager: Migrate shared account passwords from spreadsheets into a centralized password store accessible only to authorized individuals with audited records of password retrievals. Self-Service and Help Desk Password Reset Solution: Account Reset Console Grant end-users and the Help Desk a fast, secure, and audited means to reset and unlock domain account passwords through any web browser.
    27. 27. Altaro Hyper-V Backup • Hyper-V Backup in 5 clicks - Hyper Easy, Hyper Fast, Hyper Effective • Works with: Windows 2008 R2 & Windows Server 2012 • Tight Integration with Microsoft Technologies • Why Altaro?: Better price/Easier to use than competition • Fully Hyper-V Aware – Does all the complex configuration connections and allows you to back up any VM instance in 5 click or less – It supports all guest operating systems on Hyper-V (Linux, old Windows versions) – Lightweight console, resides directly on a Hyper-V host – no need to license another OS, no agent, little disk space, select exactly what needs to be backed up Down to the file
    28. 28. ThreatTrack Sandbox
    29. 29. Value Added Distributor Value Resellers Added VAD We sell only to resellers and system integrators Presales assistance Deal protection Renewal Alerts Tech Support Sales Certification Online Technical Training Big discounts and rebates Lead generation Telemarketing