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Shooting schedule (1)

  1. 1. Locations? What? I would like my artists to be looking directly at the camera, with aI have decided that my blank expression so that it shows nomain image should be set emotion. Therefore due to the femaleon top a neutral gaze, I think that this would attract mybackground so I would female audience that is intendedhave to take the photo oneither a green screen orplain wall colour, so that Base of idea: Hair makeup and costume: Ithe background in the Mid shot would like my artists to wearphoto can either be used clothes that look presentableas the main colour of my however I do not want them tomagazine, or that it can be look to over the top because thecut out, this is because as I main aim is for my targetstated before I would like audience to want to be like them,my magazine to be very so the clothes need to besimplistic so that the affordable. I also want them tofeatures such as the Photo One link together like the wantedmasthead and the image photo above, therefore I think Istand out more clearly. may need to meet with each member to see which coloursColour and lighting: due to would fit better with theirthe nature of pop wardrobe. Considering the hairmagazines I think that it element of my magazine I havewould be best if I have decided that I want the hair tobright lighting, therefore look well groomed and lookedmaybe doing the photos after, with possibly eachshoot outside or getting a participant in the group having aspot light to reflect of the different style.bands faces. Either way, I Mise enwill edit the photos and Props: bands generally dochange the balance to Scene not use props howevermake their faces more therefore within the fronthighlighted. cover of my magazine no props will be used.
  2. 2. Locations? What? In this image I would like the band to seem as if they are really goodSimilarly to my first idea I friends, therefore I would like the maindefiantly want to keep the singer in the middle, with each of thebackground of the image others doing their own individual poseas minimal as possible, to the camera, to show their unity.therefore I think that Ishould imitate a real photoshoot and possible use a Base of idea: Hair makeup and costume: If Igreen screen in order to Wide/Long decide to do a black and whitecreate the most effective shot shot then I think it would be veryimage. important to ensure that the band are only wearing black and white clothes, this will therefore makeColour and lighting: the black and white editing lookI have decided for the more effective. Similar as my first ideas I would also like to ensurelighting element similarly Photo Two that the hair looks veryto my first ideas I shoulduse a bright light in order presentable and smart and notto emphasize the artists scruffy, again with differentfaces, on the other hand I the one directionsblack and white image asit seems like colourcorrection has been usedin order to make the whiteand black of the photo Props: Again I do not wanteven brighter, therefore I to use any props withinmay experiment with this the front cover of myto see if I can incorporate Mise en magazinea black and white imageon my front cover. Scene
  3. 3. Locations? Similarly to What? For this shot I have decided that thisthe first two shots I will shot would be fun and interesting for theneed a green screen in audience, therefore I will have them all ina spacious room. This different poses in order to show their differentis because the fun personality styles, for this shot the bodynature of the posing will language and facial expressions will be vital forneed to be done in Base of idea: the last a successful shot.plenty of space idea I have for my front cover is a mid shototherwise there may besome risk issues. Hair makeup and costume: for this shot I would similarly like the costume to be very casual, such as jeans and a Photo three t-shirt, this is because this type of shot is very laid back therefore I would like the costume to portray this also.Colour and lighting:Similarly to the othertwo front cover shots Iwould like the coloursto be very bright andvibrant, therefore I willneed a room that haslots of light or a Mise en Props: I will not bespotlight to highlight Scene using any props forthe facial features of this shot.the artists.
  4. 4. What? This is another artist that would be included within the magazine, I have chosen to do a female character due to the fact thatLocations? Again I my artists are mainly focused on the femalewould like this image gaze, therefore I wanted to use a female thaton a plain background could be interpreted as a role model. Ideas Iso that I can edit it onto have for this image is the use of bubbles, Ianother background, or Base of idea: Mid shot of another artist may get my artist to blow bubbles so that Iuse the existing. can have this theme for the contents page, Hair makeup and costume: The makeup in which is going to be used for this artist would be very minimal Photo four due to the fact that I do not want to promote that young girls should be wearing it. Also the costume in whichColour and lighting: the artist would be wearingsimilarly to the other would be what is in thephotos I have decided fashion now due to the factthat I want the artists that I want the clothing to befacial features recognizable to thehighlighted therefore I audience.would like a brightlighted room. Mise en Props: if I choose to go Scene to with the idea of bubbles then I would need them as a prop, if not no props would be used again.
  5. 5. What? For this shot I would like another artist to be sat as if he was drinking a smoothie or milkshake in an interview style format, this is because I would like my magazine to have a range of different shot types. Locations? Café or Base of idea: Wide coffee shop or shot restaurant. Hair makeup and costume: again due to the fact the artist would be in a public Photo five setting I would like my actor to wear a hoodie jeans and a watch, so that they look casual within their environment.Colour and lighting:Very natural lighting,not much editing will Props: For props Ibe conducted for this would need to useshot as I want it to Mise en either a cup or aseem very real life, Scene container for the drink and either a straw or a spoon,
  6. 6. Locations? I would like What? I would like the main article tothis shot to be within a be an interview surrounding a newdance studio, this is music video, therefore the image hasbecause I want this to portray this, I want it to seem as ifimage to portray that they are bundling each other due tothe band have just the fact that they have finished filming,done a successful Base of idea: Widerehearsal of their new shotmusic video. Hair makeup and costume: again I would like the costume to be very casual with each member wearing Photo Six either jeans and a t-shirt and cardigan or jeans and a shirt, so that the audience can relate to them.Colour and lighting: Iwould like this pictureto be very life liketherefore I will not editit from thebackground, I wantthe lighting andcolours to be natural. Mise en Props: No props will Scene be used.
  7. 7. Locations? I definitely What? I would just like a picture ofneed a green screen myself to be looking side on to thefor this shot due to the camera like a school photo shot, againfact that I would need I would like to have bright lighting toto cut the editors highlight my facial features.picture onto abackground to link with Base of idea: Editorsthe colour scheme of image.the magazine. Hair makeup and costume: For this shot I would like to look very presentable but also casual, so I may wear a printed t-shirt with a blazer and jeans in order to Photo Seven convey this.Colour and lighting:bright or natural lighting Mise en Props: No props willwould be needed . Scene be needed within this shot
  8. 8. What? I want the artist to be looking directly at the audience and looking very happy that they will be receiving a Locations? For this award. shot I will need to use a Base of idea: long shot hall in or a stage so that it looks as if they are at an award. Hair makeup and costume: I would like this costume to be very smart, like suits and shoes, so that it Photo Eight corresponds with the intended nature of the image.Colour and lighting: Iwould like brightlighting to used to givethe impression of acamera flash Mise en Props: No props will Scene be needed.
  9. 9. Locations? I would like What? I would like the band to bethis to be set in a living using props in order to show that theyroom area or bedroom are very chilled and relaxed, this couldas this is the most either be through playing Xbox or on achilled out setting. mobile, its to symbolize the finished stage of their new video. Base of idea: promotional style shot, very chilled and relaxed Hair makeup and costume: I want the costume to be as laid back as possible so they could possibly just Photo nine wear chinos and a t shirt or jeans and a jumper, just to show that they are relaxed within the setting.Colour and lighting:Natural high levellighting the roomneeds to ensure thatthe lighting is naturalbut bright enough totake a good photgraph Mise en Props: Games Scene consoles or mobile phones and headphone
  10. 10. Locations? Drama What? The band needs to be in frontStudio or hall or sports of the green screen posing as if theyhall ( needs to be a have just finished shooting, they needlarge area in which a to be energetic and happy that theygreen screen/white have done so.screen in place) Base of idea: Green screen and lighting Hair makeup and costume: I would like the costume to be very similar to the one used for the front cover of the Photo Ten magazine, (same sort ofColour and lighting: style) however maybethe colour and lighting different colours.used is going to bevery exaggerated withspotlights being on theband, I would also tryto caputre some spotlights within thebackground if this ispossible (light theimage above) Mise en Props: No props will Scene be needed
  11. 11. Location Possible Problems Risk AssessmentDrama Studio (Green • It may be occupied • Will have to ensure that the room is not occupiedScreen) • Need to learn how to use • Have a member of staff available to help with lighting the spotlights and • Remove benches or cordon off an area lighting techniques • Someone may trip over a bench or chairCafé or restaurant • Busy with members of the • Chose a time that is not usually very popular public • Use a window seat • People may trip over tripod • Stand with all equipment or camera bagDance Studio • Mirrors are easily smashed • Take photos with mirror in the background and stay • Could be occupied away from them • Ensure that the room is free to take photosThe school Hall • Has a large stage which • Ensure that the band do not come too close to the edge someone may fall into or or are messing around on the equipment fall off • Ensure the shot is taken no where near the chairs • There are many chairs • Ensure the room is free to use around the edges of the room • May be occupiedLiving room • Has two glass tables • Ensure that the tables are pushed out of the way of the • Not very much room sofa • Move sofas suitable for photography