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Final photos

  1. 1. Final PhotosBy shola welch
  2. 2. Retro• This photo has been modified to look like part of Andy Warhols work. I have changed this photo from a plain photo of my wall art in my living room to the previous slide, to make it look like a pop art canvas that has been split into four and painted. This is part of my world because, I have a wall in my room of everything that I like and i took a simple photo of it ,and changed it to this. Andy Warhol inspired me to do this because I think it looks very retro and retro is a style that I like.
  3. 3. Visual elementsContent-This image if of my wall art in my lounge as I made a collarge of everything I liked. I made this as a memory of everything I do I can just add it to the wall as a journey.Form- There are 4 sections to the photo and in each one there is a different kind of light and tone to the picture. I used blue and red, green and purple , then reversed them colours in the bottom two to enhance them more. The image looks quite flat as if it has a light behind it lighting it up. Due to the fact there are 4 sections to the photo it makes the photo look very layered.Process-This image has been created using A slight amount of Black and White photography but I used the HDR and Fisheye settings on my camera to create this photo. I didn’t use any other additional equipment I just used my camera and changed the aperture top 3.4 to get a smaller depth of field. This image reminds me of the work of Andy Warhol as he used pop art in his work. The techniques required are changing the saturation of the photo then splitting the photo into 4 sections and then adding a pop art effect with the colours that you would like to use.Mood- I like this photo because using pop art it makes the photo look very retro and that is a style that is part of the ‘My world’ theme. The colours effect the mood as the red and blue represent Great Britain , it gives the photo a very playful look.
  4. 4. Belongings• I have modified this photo to make it like Rowland Hicks. I have added a layer to this photo which would be the Chanel sign and the 3 flowers. I have edited this on an online Photoshop website to create this layer. This is part of my world because I like ‘Grunge’ Kind of photos. And by using my dr-martens and adding a Chanel sign with flowers this helps create that effect. I got this idea from tumblr as there are lots of ideas for photos like mine on there.
  5. 5. Visual ElementsContent- This photo is of my dr martens and a Chanel sign that I have added as a layer. The theme of this photo is grunge and retro.Form- The symmetry of the boots leads you to the Chanel sign and flowers as the yellow, pink and black all stand out. This image is very 3-dimensional as the curves of my boots make the photo 3-d.Process- In this photo I used a small tripod to make this photo level, to make sure I got it at the correct eye level. I used the ‘Miniature effect’ on my camera. This effect blurs the rest of the photo apart from a box of it where you have positioned it. I have blurred everything apart from the tags using this effect. I also changed my aperture to 3.4 to make sure I had a very shallow depth of field. This photo reminds me of the work of photographers on tumblr and kind of similar to Rowland Hicks work.Mood- I like this photo because It represents the style I wanted to make and it Is very simple but effective. This image doesn’t tell a storey but it gives of a sad and colourful mood.
  6. 6. Wonderland• I have added a ‘wonderland’ layer to this photo because liv is blowing bubbles it is related to childhood which takes you back to a wonderland of your childhood memories. I like this photo because it is very biold and bright and it relates to my world as it brings back childhood memories because it is colourful and liv is blowing bubbles. It also has a slight ‘grunge’ effect to it which I like and have tried to incorperate into my photos.
  7. 7. Visual Elements• Content- This photo is of liv blowing bubble on a background of colour full bold writing that says ‘wonderland’. The fact that it is called ‘wonderland’ brings you to remember the memories of being a child which relates to the fact liv is blowing bubbles which is quite child like.Form- I used rule of thirds when I originally took the photo to make sure liv was in the centre of the photo. There are a lot of shapes in this photo because there are the shapes of the smoke and the bold rectangles of the outline of the writing. This image is very flat looking because of the writing. The light in this photo is very bright as there are a lot of colours in the photo. There are 3 layers to the photo including the layer I made of liv.Process-I took this photo free hand because when I used a tripod I couldn’t get it at the angle I wanted to. I edited this photo as it has 3 layers to it. I didn’t alter the contrast or brightness of the photo I just layered liv into the ‘wonderland’ photo, this makes the photo very bright and eye catching. I changed the aperture to 8.0 because I didn’t need a shallow depth of field as it was took behind a white wall. I think this photo is quite abstract as I have only ever seen a few photos like this one. To create the effects on this photo I used an online Photoshop editor and used layer masks and changed the modes to create the photo.Mood- I like this photo because it is very abnormal. It makes me feel imaginative and memorable of my childhood. Because of the ‘wonderland’ writing it makes you remember back to your childhood and because liv is blowing bubbles that also relates to childhood, this is felling I was trying to get across. The colour is very bright and this affects the mood as it is happy, peaceful and reflective.
  8. 8. Purple Puffs• I like this photo if sharna because shes blowing bubblesgum so it looks like she has a lot of atitude. And I have also added 3 layers to this photo. The background, and both layers of sharna , but with different amounts of opacity on each. This relates to my world because Sharna is one of my close friends and purple is my favourite colour.
  9. 9. Visual ElementsContent- This image is of Sharna blowing bubblegum and looking straight at the camera lens. this is quite abstract and surreal as you would never see something like this in real life.Form- there are two duplicates of Sharna on this photo but I changed the opacity of both to make them look a bit different. I used the colours red, purple, blue and black to make Sharnas eyes and lips stand out from the purples and black. The smoke looks quite 3-dimensional but Sharna doesn’t so the photo looks 2- dimensional. You can see the texture of the smoke throughout the photo and you can also see the texture of Sharnas hair.Process- in this photo I used bubble gum to make it look like Sharna had a lot of attitude. I changed the aperture to 7.0 because I took the photo behind a white wall, so having a large or shallow depth of field didn’t really matter. This photo reminds me of Karen Helle as she changes the background of some of her photos to make them more abstract. To create this kind of photo I changed the setting on my camera to ‘aperture priority’ to make sure that Sharna was the main focus of the picture. I then developed the photo further in photoshop.Mood- I like this photo because it has a dark effect to it and it is very makes me feel imaginative because it makes me wonder how the smoke has been coloured purple. The colour affects the mood as it is quite dull and pale which makes it kind of grunge like.
  10. 10. • This photo of Amy in a Starbucks top is to remind me of all the special winter days me, Amy and Sharna have all had in Starbucks. I tried to make this photo like Rachael Joseph’s. As there is a photo of Helen Flanagan in a fur coat with red lipstick on and I liked the way the photo looked so I tried to recreate mine like Rachaels.
  11. 11. Visual ElementsContent- this photo is of Amy in faux fur coat with a Starbucks top on, about to push her hair behind her ear. I asked Amy to put red lipstick on to make the green and red clash off each other and stand out more. This photo reminds me of the memories me and Amy have had in Starbucks.Form- The lines of the coat draw your eyes to the Starbucks logo and the red lips which are the two main focuses of this photo. I have used red and green because I knew that they would clash with each other and make the photo look brighter. Also Rachael Joseph used the same colours in her photo of Helen Flanagan that I am trying to recreate. The texture of the fur coat and Amys hair make the photo look quite soft and light.Process- To create this picture I changed the aperture to 7.0 to make sure there was a depth of field effect, as the hair is slightly blurred and the edges of the coat are too. I took this picture free hand, I was originally going to use a tripod but it worked better using free hand , as I could get the angle I wanted. The leading lines in the photo are the vertical lines of the coat that frame the main focus of the photo, which are the logo and the red lips. The light used is my camera flash, this gives the red lips a shine which draws your eyes to them, as they stand out because theyre bright. The textures in this photo are the softness of the fur coat, the smoothness of the coat, and the defiance of the red lips.Mood-i like this picture because Starbucks is one of my favourite places to go to. My favourite thing about this photo is the fact that the fur coat, Starbucks top and red lipstick all work together to create an effect. This photo makes the mood calm and reflective.