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Three Question Reflection Example - Pomona ID1


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Example of a three-question reflection template used in first-year instruction Fall 2011 by librarians at the Claremont Colleges Library.

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Three Question Reflection Example - Pomona ID1

  1. 1. Librarian Three-Question Reflection CCL ID1 Research Instruction – Fall 2011You’ve recently finished a workshop or in-class teaching interaction with a Pomona ID1 group. Now,take a minute or two to reflect on the following three questions – the idea is to think about how theinteraction went, what you contributed to it as an instructor, and how you might improve your practice inthe future.When you’re done, please print to PDF or scan this form and upload it to your Sakai teaching portfolio.Your Name: ______________________________ID1 Faculty: ______________________________Date of Session: __________________________Brief Description of Session Type (library workshop, in-class visit, etc.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________1) What was positive about the session? As in, what went well? This could be anything from your teaching performance to student attitudes/engagement to faculty buy-in.2) What was negative about the session? As in, what went wrong? Did you seize up, trip on a cord, or drone on? Did students seem bored or unresponsive?3) Describe one thing you’d like to improve upon in subsequent sessions. This could be anactivity to a teaching skill to the way you approach or explain a particular concept.