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Studio Culture Worksheet v1


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What can your staff do to create their ideal studio culture? And how can that culture align with everyone’s desired working environment? This worksheet is part of an activity to answer these questions. Directions for the activity are on page 267 of Success by Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers by David Sherwin, published by HOW Books. Get the book at

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Studio Culture Worksheet v1

  1. 1. STUDIO CULTURE WORKSHEET DATE: _____________Hard attributes Soft attributesSpace CommunityIs your space large or small? Open or intimate? Minimalist or crowded? How do people mingle in the studio? Craft nights? Happy hour?Amenities PhilanthropyDo you have the latest technology? Free snacks? Season tickets to the game? What opportunities do employees have to “give back” to the world?Training ChallengeDo you support ongoing technical training or offer training workshops? Do employees feel challenged to do good work? How are they challenged?Type of Work Ownership How does the studio provide employees with a feeling of ownership?CustomerWhat industries do you work in? What is the size of a typical client? LeadershipDomain Who are the leaders in the studio? Are they managers or staffers?What type of design do you provide? (e.g., industrial, branding or interactive)? RecognitionProject Style How are great work and passionate effort recognized? Awards or contests?Short-term projects or long-term projects? Waterfall processes, or agile processes? Are employees publicly recognized?From Success by Design: The Esssential Business Reference for Designers, ©2012 David Sherwin and David Conrad. Download this worksheet at Buy Success by Design at worksheet is shareable under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. For details on this license, go to