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Learning Event No. 13, Session 2: al-Momany. ARDD2012 Rio,


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Presentation by Ms Zeinab Al-Momany, President, Specific Union for Women Farmers, Jordan, at the 2012 Agriculture and Rural Development Day (ARDD) in Rio de Janiero, Learning Event No. 13, Session 2: Perspectives of marginalized women farmers and their needs.

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Learning Event No. 13, Session 2: al-Momany. ARDD2012 Rio,

  1. 1. The Experience of the Union Submit by: Zeinab Al- Momany
  2. 2. Specific Union for Farmers Productive In Jordan
  3. 3. IntroductionThe specific union was established at thebeginning of the year 2007. as a volunteerunion and all of its members are farmerwomen. It was established because a lotof farmer women in all over Jordanrealized the hard circumstances and bigdifficulties that women face like: lack ofoccupations, poverty, low standard ofliving, violence, lack of a wariness, theincrease in the number of the familymembers and misuse of agricultural land.
  4. 4. ‫رؤيتنـــــــا‬ ‫‪The vision‬‬‫تنمية المرأة الريفيه المزارعه التنمية الشامله {االقتصادية‬‫و الثقافيه و االجتماعية } وتمكينها ابتداء من االردن‬ ‫ووصوال للسيدات الريفيات في دول العالم الثالث‬ ‫‪The vision of the specific‬‬ ‫‪union Develop farmer‬‬ ‫‪women Comprehensive‬‬ ‫‪development‬‬
  5. 5. ‫رسالتنـــــــا:‬‫‪The mission of the specific‬‬ ‫• رسالتنا:‬ ‫:‪union‬‬ ‫• انشااااااء العدياااااد مااااان المشااااااري‬‫‪- Establish a lot of productivity‬‬ ‫االنتاجيه و الخدماتيه الزراعيه و‬ ‫. ‪and service projects‬‬ ‫خاصه المتقلعاه بزراعاه النباتاات‬ ‫الطبياااااااااه و العطرياااااااااه لرفااااااااا‬‫‪- To raise the standard of living‬‬ ‫المساااااتوع المعيشااااا و اعطااااااء‬ ‫‪and give women opportunity‬‬ ‫المااااااارأا فرصاااااااة المشااااااااركه و‬ ‫‪to participate and interact‬‬ ‫التفاعااال فااااي مجتمعهااااا وعقااااد‬ ‫‪with the society, hold many‬‬ ‫العديااد ماان الاادورات التدريبيااه و‬ ‫‪training‬‬ ‫,‪sessions‬‬ ‫التثقيفيااااااااااااه و المااااااااااااؤتمرات و‬ ‫‪conferences and shows and‬‬ ‫المعاااااااااااااااااار الداخلياااااااااااااااااه و‬ ‫‪establish a website for farmer‬‬ ‫الخارجيه وانشااااااء شااااابكةالمرأا‬ ‫.‪women‬‬ ‫المزارعااه( عل ا االنترناات) تضاام‬ ‫جميااا السااايدات المزارعاااات مااان‬ ‫جمي انحاء العالم .‬
  6. 6. Impact of the case study (real or expected) for rural women and their organisations• SUFW is an organization which fights for women rights , organize them in cooperatives and unions and develop them economically by giving them the opportunity to have their own projects• The law of the General Union of Jordanian farmers, which provides that a member of the union should have possession of the land of not less than 10 acres. We have solved this problem .Rather than owning land women can rent land and that makes it easy for them to be members in the Farmers Union. Therefore we increased the proportion of women in the General Farmer Union in Jordan from less than 1% to 8% and we aspire to increase.• Develop them culturally by training them and building their capacity through workshops , training sessions , shows and participating in national occasions .
  7. 7. ‫االسباب التي ادت ال‬ ‫انشاء االتحاد‬ The Reasons forestablishing the union
  8. 8. Face the challenges ‫مواجه ة ة ةةياا وا ة ة ة ا ا ة ة ة ا‬and hard difficulties ‫ا صعبياا وياتع نيامنه اا سةد ا ا‬that farmer women ‫ا ر فد ة ة ة ة ا م ة ة ة ة اا ه ة ة ة ة اا ف ة ة ة ةةرا‬suffer. Like poverty, .‫ا بط يا ت نيامسووىاا عد ي‬worklessness andlow standard ofliving.
  9. 9. Backing up thecompetitive outputof our Jordanianproduction
  10. 10. Encourage farmerwomen to make use ‫ت ة ة ةةادعاا لا ة ة ة ة ا ة ة ة ا‬of agricultural ‫االس ة ة ة ةةوف ام ة ة ة ة ة ان ة ة ة ة ة ت ا‬products and grow ‫ا ا صةةد اا ل ا دةةيا ة ا ةةيا‬medicinal plant and ‫ا نب ت ة اا طبدةةيا ا عطر ةةيا‬aromatic for the ‫ونو عامص اا خ‬variation of revenue.
  11. 11. Bolstering Food Security ‫تعل لااالم اا غذائي‬
  12. 12. Spread awareness between farmer women
  13. 13. Taking Care of Environment
  14. 14. To connect theJordanian farmer’svoice to all directionsand take care of herrights
  15. 15. ‫ا ع ة ة ة ا ة ة ة اتطة ة ةةو راا وسة ة ة ئ ا‬Working on developing ‫االس ة دلاا ل ا د ةةيا ة ا ر ة ا‬the agricultural aids ‫ا باثاا ع ي‬and proceduresthrough scientificresearches
  16. 16. One of the Union’s ProjectsOne of our important projects is giving small loans for farmersto establish their own projects for: water harvesting, landreclamation planting gardens with medicinal plant andaromatic, and other agricultural activities for the variation ofrevenue. And any other productive project.Training courses are also funded for farmers to spreadawareness between farmer women. We take bank guarantiesto guarantee that the project will continue.We give small loans to small number of farmers in all areas inJordan because we depend on grants from internationalorganizations.