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NMDL final project kleenex


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Published in: Business, Technology
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NMDL final project kleenex

  1. 1. Marketing StrategyBy: Christina Gallanis
  2. 2. • Kleenex is a division of Kimberly-Clark, a paper manufacturer.• Kleenex was invented in 1924 and marketed towards women only. It was marketed as a product to be used as a disposable substitute for face towels.• In 1930 Kleenex was now being advertised as a handkerchief substitute.
  3. 3. • Competitors of Kleenex are other brands that sell similar tissue products like Puffs.• Kleenex has been the Number 1 brand of facial tissues in the world since 1924.• It is hard to identify a target audience of Kleenex since everyone needs tissues and everyone sneezes.
  4. 4. Marketing Strategy• Since Kleenex is such a successful product a good marketing strategy would be one that works keep a good relationship with its loyal customers and to continue to gain new customers.• Using Social media, internet marketing, and digital marketing is a great way to do this.
  5. 5. Facebook• Kleenex already has a great Facebook page.• Their Facebook page presents a lot of information about the company, new product information and provides opportunities for interactions with their customers.
  6. 6. Twitter• A great idea is to start an official Kleenex twitter account.• Tweeting information about new products, promotions, and cold and flu tips.• Also re-tweeting and tweeting back at followers to interact with consumers.
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing• An idea for an app that Kleenex could create would have information and tips for cold and flu season.• It could give notifications if it is being reported that the cold and flu is gong around your area.
  8. 8. Measure Success• Measuring success can be done by: – Counting the number of likes on Facebook – Counting the number of followers on twitter – Using Google Analytics to see the progress of your online sites.
  9. 9. Budget• Kleenex’s total annual revenue is about $1.6 Billion• So an estimated $4.8 million per month budget for this marketing strategy is needed to work.• Kleenex’s seasonal peak is allergy season but everyone needs tissues all year round.
  10. 10. Summary• Using this estimated budget and this marketing strategy I believe that Kleenex’s marketing will reach a large audience.• It will also help gain new and maintain good relationships with customers.