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Kleenex presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Kleenex presentation

  1. 1. Kleenex Digital Presentation Strategy By Madeline Kaczala
  2. 2. Company Background
  3. 3. The BIG Idea
  4. 4. Campaign: Creating Kleenex Consumers are use to dull and neutral Kleenex box design… Time to change! Anyone can create their own Kleenex box design to be entered into a contest judged by the consumer. New website will be developed to display designs where the general public will vote on their favorites. Winners will be given a years supply of Kleenex and their designs will be mass produced.
  5. 5. Social Media The “Creating Kleenex will then be followed by a “How I Use Kleenex” campaign ran mainly through Instagram and Pinterest with a winner. All through both contests #hastags of both campaign titles will be implemented on Twitter and all social media platforms, the Kleenex Facebook page will be contently updated, and Pinterest pages will be created. Increased social media customer and fan engagement will be the main focus.
  6. 6. Target Audience Creative Individuals Young Adults/ College Students United State’s consumers Generation Y
  7. 7. Tools & Tactics Outside of social media and an initial press release… New AdWord campaigns will be created so Kleenex no longer pops up only for “cold and flu” and “sneezing” but now “create” and other artistic words New webpage to house video explaining the contest, rules, and prizes. Area to upload designs and for public to vote. Updates and social media links and live stream will also be incorporated on the website and mobile app.
  8. 8. Budget $10 million • New webpage development – contest video development • Google AdWords campaigns • Social Media boosted posts and PR specialist creating the posts and press release • Prizes and production of new designs
  9. 9. Key Performance Indicators • Facebook and Google Analytics – Increased impressions and engagement (Likes, comments, hash tag use, new followers, shares. Etc.) • Participants and involvement in campaign • Mobile App downloads and use • Sales
  10. 10. Summary Want to show another side to Kleenex- Not just dull and boring, but can be used creatively! Social Media and Google AdWords will propel this campaign to success. The “Creating Kleenex” campaign will draw in a new younger audience while increasing user engagement. The “How I Use Kleenex” follow up will help hold attention on Kleenex’s other uses.