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Kleenex Brand Tissues - Camille Beaudet


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A proposal of a new line of facial tissue products from Kleenex. A new eco-friendly line of Kleenex products: Kleenex-eco.

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Kleenex Brand Tissues - Camille Beaudet

  1. 1. GreenMarketing Proposal Camille Beaudet
  2. 2. Kleenex Brand Tissues:Business, Challenges and Goals • Business: Kleenex Brand Tissues provide the best in facial tissue products. After expanding into hand towels, dinner napkins, and moist wipes, Kleenex Brand became a force to be reckoned with in the tissue market. Kleenex brand is dedicated to helping “with a variety of life’s little messes wherever they may happen”
  3. 3. Kleenex BrandTissues: Business, Challenges and Goals • Challenges: Appealing to a broader audience and bringing in a new demographic of consumers • Goals: Develop and market an eco-friendly product line of Kleenex Brand Tissues
  4. 4. Kleenex Brand Tissues:Marketing Push for Kleenex-eco Blogs A great new way to market the new Kleenex-eco line would be to implement a blog centered around the new product line – created with the environment in mind
  5. 5. Kleenex Brand Tissues:Business, Challenges and Goals Social Media The new Kleenex-eco should be promoted through every social media platform that Kleenex operates on; this will help to bring in a new demographic of environmentally conscious users
  6. 6. Introducing new Kleenex-eco -eco
  7. 7. Kleenex Brand Tissue:Kleenex-eco -- Metrics for SuccessIn order to measure the success of the marketingpushes that Kleenex Brand Tissues will employ, theKleenex-eco line will be outfitted with GoogleAnalytics and will have a small advertising budgetdevoted to Google AdWords, where Kleenex canalso monitor success
  8. 8. Kleenex Brand Tissues:Kleenex-eco Budget For marketing and promotion of the new eco- friendly Kleenex product line, Kleenex- eco, Kleenex Brand Tissues needs to allocate funds to their new product. $10,000 in product development should be put towards the new line. The new line will include facial tissues, hand towels, dinner napkins and moist wipes (all of Kleenex’s current products) which will feature eco-friendly materials and design.
  9. 9. Kleenex Brand Tissue:Kleenex-eco Future DevelopmentThe new line of Kleenex-eco products will includefacial tissues, hand towels, dinner napkins and moistwipes (all of Kleenex’s current products) which willfeature eco-friendly materials and design. With thisnew product line, we hope to attract a newenvironmentally conscious consumer base, which willhopefully open up a new demographic is KleenexBrand Tissues users.
  10. 10. -ecoCamille Beaudet #NMDL