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Gm final presentation


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Published in: Automotive, Technology, Business
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Gm final presentation

  1. 1. By: Ryan DeRose
  2. 2. GM Challenges• Compete with foreign companies that manufacture better fuel efficient vehicles• Decrease in sales because of increasing fuel prices and major recession• 2008 U.S bail out
  3. 3. GM Goals• Continually improving fuel economy• Emphasize safety in all vehicles• Continually decrease emission out-put• Always strive for Innovation
  4. 4. New Strategy Proposal• We think if we narrow GM’s target market we will be able to increase sales.• To start we will first target the middle class American and environmentally friendly consumers
  5. 5. BIG IDEA• GM is already vey active with social media so we will continue to use: – Facebook, Twitter, and GM blog – Implement mobile marketing • Push-to-talk system• Create new accounts in each platform geared toward our specific target market• Continue to generate content and actively respond to followers
  6. 6. AdWords Campaign• Create words for both target markets• Environmentally friendly key words: – green, environmentally friendly, hybrid, save big• For the middle class American use: – innovative research, extended MPG, more comfort & user-friendly interior• Ex: GM, best cars for your money! Innovative research for extended MPG More comfort & user-friendly Interior
  7. 7. Social Marketing Pros• GM is very active online and holds a strong internet presence• Responds regularly to social media posts from followers• Quickly address any negative noise posted on twitter
  8. 8. Social Marketing Cons• Needs to be more active on their blog – People are posting concerns with very little feed back from GM – This should be important to keep a positive image and have a stable customer base
  9. 9. Metrics of Success• Use of Google Analytics• This will provide day-to-day and month-to- month charted information• This will also track number of hits GM generates from Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging site
  10. 10. Timeline/ Budget• Timeline- – daily activity in generating content on social media pages – Have quarterly and yearly update discussions• Proposed 7 Million dollar budget – Social Media: 3 Million – Social Marketing: 3 Million – Mobile Marketing: 1 Million