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NMDL Kleenex Digital Strategy


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Published in: Marketing
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NMDL Kleenex Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Lauren Duane Digital Strategy Campaign
  2. 2. About  Created in 1924, by Worldwide.  Competitors of Kleenex are other brands that sell of facial tissues.  Kleenex has been brand of facial tissues in the world since it’s start in 1924.
  3. 3. Marketing Strategy  Kleenex is often associated with being sick, having a cold, or being sad, but I would like to stray away from that concept.  A campaign that creates a positive association between Kleenex and its uses  The target audience would include  those between ages of 25-37  parents who are empty nesters
  4. 4. Marketing Strategy The goal is to change the negative association to thoughts of happiness i.e. a wedding, winning a sporting event, and the birth of a child or a graduation
  5. 5. Tools & Tactics  Campaign: Contains keywords like joy, happiness, tears of joy, Kleenex, tissues, tears. For Tears of Joy! Use Kleenex for those happy moments Now 15% off when buy 5 or more On Carpool duty? Kleenex is your new hero for messy hands Kleenex Splash n’ Go - wipes are there for you where ever you are
  6. 6. Tools & Tactics continued  270K Likes currently  Campaign: Ask that users post photos, videos or comment about their joyful experiences  15.1K followers  Campaign: Ask that followers tweet @Kleenex with photos or videos of their joyful moments that involved Kleenex
  7. 7. Tools & Tactics continued  +64,000 views  Campaign: Videos posted on Facebook and Twitter will be featured on the Kleenex Brand channel  Feature the posts on their page  Television Commercial  Introducing the new campaign  Campaign: examples of situations where Kleenex is used for happy occasions, with a call to action to post to sites at end.
  8. 8. Measuring Success  Facebook  Increased number of “Likes”  Conversations on page  Between consumers  Between Kleenex Brand and consumers  Twitter  Increased number of followers  Conversation and posts on page  To @Kleenex  Google Analytics to see progress of online sites
  9. 9. Budget  Kleenex’s total annual revenue is about $1.6 Billion  An estimated $3.5 million  Google AdWords  Social media updating  Social media monitoring  Commercial fees
  10. 10. Summary  Our goal to increase brand loyalty and brand preference, as well as the goal to expand the uses for Kleenex will be one that will draw a large crowd.  This allows conversation and interaction between customers and in turn will grow the Kleenex brand even more.