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Echamps meeting (oct 2011)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Echamps meeting (oct 2011)

  1. 1. Agenda for the e-Learning Committee Meeting Staff sharing sessions this semester Educamp Singapore 2011 Google Workshop for Educators by Computer Using Educators (CUE) E-Clicker Pilot Mobilise - eFiesta Event Updates Apps development - interest check with AGs AOB
  2. 2. The Magic of Social Media: How Facebook, WordPress and iPhones9th can contribute to Language Learning in School Newsletter Blogging. Angelia Lu (ELL)16th Creating dynamic book posters using Glogster Chitra Shegar and students (ELL) iPad in teacher education: the proof of the pudding23rd Tamas Kiss (ELL)30th Identifying participatory practices in Web 2.0 among pre-service teachers Lim Weiying (LST)
  3. 3. To register go to :
  4. 4. For the workshop on December 5th , send the student teacher’s emailaddresses to
  5. 5. Interested in the pilot ? Please write to
  6. 6. Apps development by CeL
  7. 7. Thank you