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my presentation for 2nd TeachMeet Int'l

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ICT Initiatives

  1. 1. ICT INITIATIVES FROM THE 1stGRADE OF PRIMARY SCHOOL mr. Nataša Ljubić Klemše, teacher advisor I. osnovna škola Bjelovar natasa.ljk@gmail.com
  2. 2. NEW WORLD OF EDUCATION new multimedia environment; society of knowledge pupils – digital natives; z generation school – need to adapt the knowledge society FIT (Fluent with Information Technology) persons implementation ICT in educational system
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY ENHANCEDEDUCATION information technology – only from 5th as an optional program necessity of information literacy from 1st grade of primary school planing teaching with computer redefinition of curriculum computer as a tool
  4. 4. NEW EDUCATIONALENVIRONMENT integration of ICT in teaching and everyday class life minimum one computer in classroom create a stimulating learning environment preparing students for individual access to the contents of learning (basis of e- learning) developing information literacy, following the computer literacy of students
  5. 5. WEB 2.0 TOOLS - support new generation and new level of use of the Web support a new generation of pupils – z generation (homo zappiens) supplement to traditional instruction the use of extracurricular activities learning is socially constructed new culture of learning and teaching  focus on the complete development of pupils
  6. 6. REALISATION computer as part of physical environment everyday use of computer e-communication with parents using Web 2.0 tools in the regular teaching and in extracurricular activities (Voki, Smilebox, PictureTrail, Animoto, Flixtime, Wallwisher, wiki, (Teach)YouTube, Bubbl.us, Wordle, Tagxedo, ImageChef, Glogster)
  7. 7.  participation in international projects perform specific tasks on the computer (in school and at home) publication of results and achievements on the website
  8. 8. REALITY Considering that relevant ministry has no recommendation about the introduction and application of ICT 1st grade I decided to "take" matters into my own hands.
  9. 9. STEPS1st STEP – right at the start of the school and the school year inform parents about the intentions2nd STEP – immediately, 2nd day of classes, pupils demonstrate school web site and say that we on it (and elsewhere) will publish our creations
  10. 10. 3rd STEP – ensure conditions – collect and provide technology in the classroom (computer, projector, connection to the Internet, AAI@Edu.hr identities of pupils, space on school (or other) web page4th STEP – involved in eTwinning projects that promote the use of IC technology
  11. 11. 5th STEP – cooperate with the wonderful virtual community and a wonderful team of organizers TeachMeets6th STEP – engage in professional development of ICT7th STEP - introduce pupils to e-learning (e- g- Moodle)8th STEP – continuously working and learning
  12. 12. THE OTHER STEPS systematic work with pupils systematic work with parents systematic work with teachers
  13. 13.  address of our class website http://os- prva- bj.skole.hr/stranice_razrednih_odjela/1_c
  14. 14. I welcome your questions, suggestions, comments @NatasaLJK