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Technology enhanced learning with the iPad


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Presented at ETJ Tokyo Expo 2016

Published in: Education
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Technology enhanced learning with the iPad

  1. 1. Technology enhanced learning with the iPad. Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages Anthony DiGiulio Kieran Julian Anthony Madden Presented at ETJ Tokyo Expo 10/30/2016
  2. 2. Purpose To outline our renewal project To describe the digitalization of EFL curriculum To share information about useful programs and apps To share results from our renewal projects.
  3. 3. Renewal Project Three year curriculum renewal project involving iPad tablets for all teachers and students at Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages (KIFL). The project involves over 1800 students and EFL teachers. Since 2014 we have taken part in the planning, creation, teacher training and implementation of the curriculum.
  4. 4. Materials Online Programs X Reader, Mary Glasgow online site, Learner Management System: manaba, publisher – produced e-texts, Microsoft, Google, YouTube. Online Digital Apps Adobe Reader, Quizlet, Graded Readers, Voice Recorder Pro, Sketchbook Express, HaikuDeck, Mindomo. In- house Materials Online materials for speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary development.
  5. 5. Core Principles Digital learning and teaching with the iPad Rubrics – Clearly defined rubrics and grading criteria Vocabulary – Vocabulary development Major Tenets – Student centered, integrated skills, content based, communicative, task based.
  6. 6. Digital Literacy  Digital literacy results in the student being able to locate, organize, evaluate, understand, and create information using digital technologies. 1. Digital literacy is a necessary 21st century skill 2. The popularity and importance of digital and tablet – based learning has increased. 3. Society and education are being driven by 24 hour access to the internet and mobile learning devices.
  7. 7. How is digital literacy achieved in the classroom? 1. Digital materials: online materials and resources; apps 2. Digital presentations – with video & presentation apps 3. Developing creative skills – selecting and creating images and videos for presentations & online activities 4. Online communities – Writing online, LMS, Google apps, newsletters, video conferencing, blogs, collaborative activities 5. Critical thinking activities 6. Blended learning
  8. 8. SAMR Substitution Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change e.g Reading and writing online Augmentation Tech acts as a direct substitute with functional improvement e.g. PPT – based lesson plans Modification Tech allows for significant task redesign e.g. presentation w/video, Online editing, Self recording. Redefinition Tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable e.g. Video conferencing, online blogs. model to evaluate how teachers are matching technology with teaching methods.
  10. 10. ADOBE ACROBAT (PDF annotation and mark up)
  11. 11. GOOGLE DOCS (collaborative writing)
  12. 12. (real-time polling and audience response) POLL EVERYWHERE
  13. 13. (vocabulary learning gamification) QUIZLET
  14. 14. (quick and easy present HAIKU DECK
  15. 15. Survey & Interview Data
  16. 16. General Student Feelings
  17. 17. Positive Areas For Students: Collaboration
  18. 18. Positive Areas for Students: Using Apps
  19. 19. Which Apps Do Students Like?
  20. 20. Student Quotes  We can make slides and we can share that in the TV in the classroom and we cannot do in paper but if we use iPad we can make a powerpoint or haikudeck and we can share the screen and it helps presentation more.  If I wanna check the information or meanings of vocabulary, I can go to the internet and search it quickly... so in that way using iPad made my study very comfortable and faster.  Sometimes we can share some with my classmates it’s really effective for me I’m not good at writing and reading so their work is better than myself it’s very good for me to share with others… and when I saw their work I was very surprised and I thought I have to do more.
  21. 21. General Teacher Feelings
  22. 22. General Teacher Feelings (con’t)
  23. 23. Positive Areas for Teachers: Student Motivation
  24. 24. Positive Areas for Teachers: Using Apps for Teaching
  25. 25. Which Apps Do Teachers Like?
  26. 26. Teacher Quotes ’ve got a world library at your fingertips… anything that comes up in any lesson you can do a quick Google… You get the students to do YouTube… everything is instant… You don’t have to say I’ll get back to you next week…  You can switch activities very quickly… you don’t have to tell the students bring this textbook on Monday this textbook on Tuesday. It’s all there every day. Teacher has more power he has more room to he’s not tied to a fixed textbook on a fixed day within the program.