higher education online learning covid-19 learning outcomes education elementary school students teachers learning motivation mathematics challenges primary school e-learning teacher job satisfaction teaching problem solving vocational high school distance learning learning media attitude attitudes pre-service teachers blended learning gender character education performance gamification sustainable development critical thinking student digital literacy knowledge vocational school technology pre-service teacher employability project-based learning systematic review perception critical thinking skill achievement entrepreneurship education pandemic curriculum validity formative assessment critical thinking skills ict secondary school anxiety teaching strategies social studies professional development flipped classroom teacher education e-module integration effectiveness skills discovery learning problem-based learning misconceptions inquiry assessment academic performance concept understanding perceptions civic education learning style development science bloom’s taxonomy strategy history learning covid-19 pandemic problem-solving culture reliability intrinsic motivation history education character evaluation local wisdom junior high school assessment for learning personality instruction teaching and learning influence problem based learning job performance early childhood problem-based learning model conventional learning styles cooperative learning conceptual understanding design research accessibility self-efficacy reading children instrument development free time islamic education teaching materials teacher commitment inclusive education project based learning competency higher order thinking historical consciousness solutions meta-analysis reflection cooperation literature review new normal research youtube addie model science learning hybrid learning psychological well-being adolescent mental health action research collaboration skill bibliometric tracer study graduate competencies applied linguistics curriculum self-directed learning literacy teacher professionalism creativity intention learning environment conventional learning kahoot! learning experiences metacognitive awareness active learning teaching profession grade level entrepreneurship collaboration learning skills instrument digital storytelling stress intercultural education transformation social media transformational leadership english teacher self-confidence english language teachers’ perceptions organizational commitment environmental care environment video primary schools organizational culture lecturer instructional leadership training 21st century skills environmental social constructivism strategies whatsapp ict skills colleges of education self-regulation cognitive principal entrepreneurial intention student engagement structure interest writing skills german language learning curriculum development students’ motivation teaching english university students primary education reaction rate student motivation islamic studies examination biology quality assurance self efficacy vocational high schools university lecturers disaster education writing skill discipline english academic achievement hots retention metacognitive interpersonal intelligence pedagogy misconception mathematical proof nigeria kindergarten students’ worksheet creative thinking skills emotional intelligence inclusive school interprofessional zakat education higher learning edutainment board game metacognition multicultural science education biotechnology early childhood education organization mathematics education problems ethnoscience information and communication technology intrinsic interest extrinsic interest russian schoolchildren liberal arts education educational values response mathematical literacy community of inquiry writing school environment learning motivation inquiry-based learning module open education game-based learning cybersecurity motivation to learn school leadership intrapreneurship educational management academic writing school administration metacognitive strategy validation politeness health professions students entrepreneurial self-efficacy soft skills development radical constructivism critical constructivism cognitive constructivism solar-powered electric car prop physics learning energy conversion effectivity psychometry diagnostic survey sound marinyo student challenges non english performance-based learning international collaboration interculturality intercultural awareness folktale drama performance mathematical teachers mathematical abilities democratic environment classroom climate approach classroom climate unmanned aerial vehicles training qualification specialization initial professional training abilities acquisition of skills islamic boarding schools english language teaching english language teacher culturally relevant teaching context-specific pedagogy context-responsive pedagogy lifelong learning and aging health and well-being elderly education age-inclusive training professional education pedagogy of partnership future primary school teachers communicative competence leadership behavior initiating structure consideration commitment to organization commitment to job preservice bloom's taxonomy single-grade classrooms multigrade classrooms chile teacher training financial literacy financial education conceptual model teacher competency lesson study community of practice online assessments machine learning cognitive level classification systematic literature review self-determination theory prisma diagram english as a foreign language social character media e-books mathematics performance scopus paper language learning impact of technology educational level video features instructional videos concept retention higher order thinking skills assessment instrument web2apk builder microsoft powerpoint magelang local wisdom ispring free 9 benkangen game strategies-based instruction language learning strategies learning contexts english as foreign language stem-r reflective thinking islamic school visual learning sarangan lake open-start problem kinesthetic learning auditory learning volunteerism volunteer inventory indonesian volunteer function project-based learning (pjbl) historical concept skills digital history mini research learning process smartphone mobile learning structural equation model society 5.0 era rasch analysis future skills school college student indonesian senior high school foreign language first language students' skills learning approach educational approach engineering education engineering service-learning descriptive exploratory technology integration teachers’ competencies mix-method efl class 21st-century learning practice analysis docimology conceptions assessment practices transition period academic stress flipbook shared voices reflections academic writing course flow engagement case method task knowledge self-knowledge mathematics belief geometry problems woman patriarchy family education outcome expectation matriarchy family education career expectation publications lecturer performance indonésia e-services delone and mclean community service tutors teaching speaking kampung inggris natural disaster merapi volcano stem education historical thinking skill secondary school administratio problems of policy implementat principles effective school administratio pedagogy and assessment practi employment efl teachers’ transformative pedagogy inclusive learning freirean pedagogy critical consciousness anthropology male students dance education confidence gap basic level updating courses future engineers subjective wellbeing fear of failure expectancy value beliefs competitiveness authoritarian parenting style student satisfaction student intention software engineering smartpls research articles novice efl teachers efl teachers students' engagement physics conceptual understandi feedback loop model trigonometry ispring application inquiry method traditional music social sciences preservation learning resources rasch model gases kinetic theory digakit diagnostic instrument alternative conceptions arabic teaching arabic language teaching strategy reading skill english as academic purposes digital-mediated extensive rea agriculture students learning strategies high-order thinking skills active learning method media eco-literacy digital learning sekolah penggerak program retrospectives impact partnership world of business link and match centre of excellence business and industrial teaching folklore synectic model students’ empowerment project-based activity lecturer’s reflection creative instruction science practicum regulation of cognition pblrqa knowledge of cognition test anxiety quantitative research methods ghana thematic subjects team-assisted learning learning stimulation learning differences social intelligence personal adaptation human social capital entrepreneurial readiness career identity adversity quotient small group discussion module development mathematics module learning effectiveness circle module under-graduate students innovative pedagogy environmental practice environmental knowledge environmental innovation effectiveness of environmental islamic finance education islamic banking education co-word analysis co-citation analysis technology-integrated chemistry teaching presence social presence cognitive presence university student sports activity sports social well being positive perception teacher personality students’ self-development students’ perspective reflective practitioner online class diagnose pedagogical ethics level of teaching digital competence competition vapor-pressure lowering colligative properties boiling-point elevation trait narcissism psychological wellbeing perceived social support mattering geography effective university scientific publication journals pre-service english education digital competence framework comparative study misapprehension mathematic misconceptions learning mathematic teacher’s intervention student with intellectual disa parents’ participation intellectual disability behavior problems regression learning model video conferencing application user satisfaction ols delone and mclean model vocational technical educators vocational technical education instructional delivery cognitive learning outcomes physical education teacher physical education lesson metaphor somaliland pedagogical practices micro-teaching jigsaw method probability theory research finding marine fungi feed digital magazine reverse roleplay mind skills mental experiences counselor competence counselor parental engagement dear program numeracy science assessment future science standard economic background coastal students educational game teacher well-being vocabulay knowledge single subject research multilayer model deaf student skill course motivation score learning objects collaboraive filtering adaptation system saudi education religious beliefs preschool teaching middle east social competences problem-based learning method madrasa teacher maturation marriage educational video child marriage supports medical students benefits audio visual mosque modernization model curriculum integration of education alternative technology-based learning teachers’ perspectives english skills self-concept mathematic challenge education bibliometric analysis student with special needs technology utilization teacher welfare teacher professional attitude teacher performance self-sustaining development pedagogic competence ex-add techniques surveys national survey of student en methodological approaches dropout feedback lecturer leadership lecturer engagement era society 5.0 civic literacy parental psychological control mediation analysis islamic boarding school autonomy need frustration recreation leisure value clarification technique contextual teaching and learn student preferences student commitment thematic textbooks language quality fifth grade utility senior high school career aspirations user-friendly platform learning platform learning challenges rrlc strategy paraphrasing reading interest universities ranking technical and vocational educ scientific research teacher burnout teacher attrition school closures modelling the way integrating executing envisioning empoweering efficacious academic leader vocabulary of the noble quran interactive style infographic display styles fixed style animated style understanding concepts thematic learning modules the social environment procedural knowledge conceptual knowledge occupational stress married tutor marital contentment web-gis voronoi diagram triangulation school zonation management education physics subject problem-based hybrid learning prospective behavior collaborative learning rqa disrqa physics concept open-ended questions multiple choice test experimental activity tablet-mediated intervention pre addition skills early mathematics autism spectrum disorder structure-equation model learning city education system citizen engagement preschool teacher preschool education preschool mixed age group mixed age classes web 3.0 nft metaversity metaverse dao blockchain artificial intelligence computer content analysis virtual reality (vr) global trends southern papua individual characteristics elementary schools physics floating market environmental awareness biophy magazine guidance counseling adolescents irme hypothetical learning trajecto special needs predictors coping behavior issues students’ expenditure opportunity cost monetary cost pre-class out-class in-class checklist instrument time management procrastination entrepreneurship behavior alertness thinking hats scenario de bono bullying behavior vocational intent writing ability tutoring proficiency colleges academic writing center special education course handicapped individuals social capital purun village good relations entrepreneurial attitudes strategic management online tutorial reference quote paraphrasing theory critical review marketplace marketing e-commerce student perception student experience online assessment waves students’ performance senior school physics students hands-on instruction urban area adaptation students’ responses mathematical intimacy mathematical integrity instrumental knowledge school literacy movement book teacher digital literacy rasch models teaching experience multigeneration project writing project preparation training project management science skills teacher contextual teaching competence knowledge level cervical cancer screening tertiary students syncronous asyncronous mathematics teaching fractions fraction calculation strategie argumentation method german language preferences learning english google classroom coronavirus teacher-dependency students’ passiveness autonomous learning learning objectives english for specific purposes burnout learning needs junior high school students exposition text electronic module screencast information behavior hyper content socio-scientific topics mankind learning paradigm independent campus freedom to learn experiential learning education policy syumuliyah spiritual attitudes social attitudes muwashafat formal school theme senior student influence favorite idol hobby extensive reading physical education external motivation vocabulary learning theory of planned behavior subjective norm state defense internalization substantial input students’ proficiency proficiency level conducive classroom quizzes measurement distance education nearpod interest driven learning side effect learning achievement jigsaw study from home rural indonesia parents’ perception number sense skill number sense gifted students vocational education meta-ethnography assessment model problem test form problem structures primary school students mathematics lesson arithmetic verbal problems conceptual mastery complexity science student-centered learning lingking capital learning transformation institution-centered learning physics concepts inquiry-discovery concept mastery mathematic education idea learning model migrant workers indonesian open learning teacher wellbeing teacher job satisfaction teacher characteristics language education practicality evaluation instruments acid-base materials pupils workplace learning school development educational policy online instruction internet use college of education class cohesion correlation athlete aggression second language learners chinese language synthesis research report research quality research methods school branding public schools private schools adiwiyata sustainability of education school management financial management progress test medical student assessment method primary teacher authentic classroom societal perceptions low salary loss of respect job dissatisfaction special education teachers special education graduate thesis education and training teens internet addiction positive attitudes music teacher candidates effect size rme learning material security pre-primary schools intervention measures children’s safety instructional approaches teacher educator society educational technology educational technologists alternative reference pandemic era guidebook religious education students attitudes self-monitoring self-learning writing skills self-learning skills information technology academic motivation turnover intention honorary teachers compensation research method effective learning perspective modern classroom educator verification student achievement workers work engagement job crafting horizontal education mismatch career competencies teaching factory quality culture quality assurance system laboratories equipment and materials preservice teachers social studies students mode of entry guided-discovery technique young couples parenting comprehension parenting mathematical disposition learning outcome cognitive aspects affective aspects student conception digital argumentation covid 19 undergraduate education practical education music teacher career goal physical education and sports educational research quality of life career exposure career choice positive behaviour personality type negative behaviour classroom management community cooperation asynchronous learning adaptation strategies sports participation gender disparity female participation peer tutoring tertiary institution money to purchase empirical analysis electricity supply social distancing human-machine friendship learning zoom cloud meeting salt hydrolysis reduce misconceptions transliteration string replacement bima mbojo font bima culture aksara bima teacher subjective well-being teacher experience student-teacher relationship middle school teachers mind map fourth-grade student evulation tool narcissism moral development academic fraud ict integration valid reliable analogy academic potential test online collaboration learning integrated learning student’s characters ethical climate ethics education ethical behavior responsibility mediation friendship empathy benevolence skills of storytelling scrapbook children story worship social interactions muhammadiyah ecoliteracy conservation socio-cultural factors mallams formal education system almajiris students’ cognition retention policy qualitative inquiry relatedness proforma government attendance language teaching intercultural language learnin local/global connections critical qualitative research case study uganda ivory tower entrepreneurial university online comic educational media teaching-learning mathematics pedagogical boomerang nepal lived experience efl learning digital literacy challenges autonomous learner personal learning environment millennial students digital technology architecture learning organizational justice leadership style ict tools business education muhammadiyah higher education internationalisation barriers youths peer pressure kidnapping involvement muslim undergraduates religious purposes internet utilisation enabled-devices academic purposes professionalism digital training natural science subjects project based higher education institutions clil management human resource future orientation organizational effectiveness mbti managerial styles personal learning model islamic religion education dakon-themed game curiosity reinforcement strategies classroom instruction vean sustainability maritime history learning conservation of maritime catholic remand homes inmates educational program social adaptation family structure emotional adaptation adapted behavior academic adaptation adiwiyata school dedication practice degree technical tasks positive behavior of students administrative tasks improvement needs concreting brick/blocklaying speaking test mini-seminar project authentic assessment heredity model united nations learning method communcation skill addie stigma pocket book novice heads educational reforms outdoor learning entrepreneurial learning cognitive ability modules learning history character values video of mathematics teaching teachers’ understanding realistic mathematics lms classroom tutorial work competences tvet tpack technology learning andragogy learning trust supervisor performance school coexistence family educational agents workload shopping skills mentally-disable android teaching-learning quality leadership technology-enhanced delivery phonemic awareness soft skills international mobility program graduate employability teacher's personality student's behavior questionnaire interview classroom conditions galvanic cells electrolytic cells electrochemistry classroom participation teacher effectiveness middle achievment utilization senior school physics physics teacher e-learning facilities availability workforce development program evaluation curriculum alignment competency level teachers’ knowledge mathematical development development stages mathematical creative thinking math anxiety distant learning tai 3d geometry under graduate student post graduate student graduate student hybridization chemical education research teacher of primary school stakeholder internationalization implementation content of policy test types student’s anxiety english text comprehension reading subject indonesian efl students critical literacy pedagogy model of teaching ict adoption barriers of ict singlegrade classes multigrade classes educational productivity educational efficiency bandar abbas city reflective practices online discussions educational leadership vocational students learning media development electromechanical basic work adobe flash relationship continuous assessment strengthening character language attitude conative affective verbal unpacking translation scheme interpret tertiary education qualitative transformation fund intervention capacity building academic staff critical thinking and problem solving tertiary institutions motivational strategies human resource management business educators working memory visual component verbal component learning disabilities central port instructional time instructional task safety education physical security game based learning sociolinguistics point of view hastag instagram gender patterns internal locus of control student intake quality control output texas staar reading tests english language learners economically disadvantaged economic status achievement gap professional teachers mixed-methods graduate school students second language acquisition language critical period acquisition islamic values english speaking materials e-textbook conformity adoption standard interest in entrepreneurship boarding schools biopreneurship website personnel information system teacher educators prospective teachers placement schools multiculturalism multicultural competence subject health education staff development practices quality assurance mechanisms instructional supervision goal achievement continuous assessment and learning environment teacher knowledge ethno-social ethnoconstructivism social sexting prevalence peer association low self-esteem determinants elementary school teacher z-generation solitary precision accounting profession teaching vocabulary mastery new strategy daily code mixing globalization comic strip caring teachers beliefs and practices performance assessment think-pair-share modification model mathematics instruction cooperative model worksheet laboratory skills guide dinquiry readiness midwifery student clinical decision-making english speaking ability chain story technique primary teacher education pre service teacher cursive handwriting word class reduplication mandarin form multicultural education tarbiyah analysis history instruments university’s students emotinal intelligence universal design for learning module statistics course constructivist-based learning presentation young learners libyan primary schools issues directions self-regulated learning character module behavioral aspects jigsaw approach work and education professional qualification interprofessionality interdisciplinarity multiple time middle school fun carrer interest attitude of science selection of higher education islamic higher education whatsapp application discussion media virtual reality laboratory media development electrolytes and non-electrolytes exam classroom chemical engineering mental capacity cognitive load students’ achievement kwara state further mathematics comparative analysis wave motion powerpoint mixed method educational assessment problem-based blended learning (pb2l) pre-service primary teacher training gap skills gap learning management system indonesian higher education measurements and evaluation academic performances way forward university teachers science process skills students’ perception practicum media learning arabic language e-curricula teachers of the arabic languages work readiness work-energy test problem solving abilities imagery training cartwheel ukbi listening ability classroom action research strategy of teachers environmentally language problems international publications english scientific papers speaking esp students developing material turn-taking interaction discourse class interaction hidden curriculum disaster preparedness school mathematical concepts cooperative learning model mathematical modeling desain research algebraic operations professional identity belief researching children tesol methods ethics differences writing motivation srsd recount texts independence social-emotional competencies social returns labor market economic returns bipa teaching materials about agriculture needs analysis honorary mathematics teacher civil servant 2017 revision 2013 curriculum leadership styles head teachers science concepts pocket worksheet mastery cloze test aid restructuring theacher performance project based learning strategies mathematical problem solving ability think pair share mathematics learning realistic mathematic education inquiry based approach geography education children’s welfare child-friendly school environment static fluid scientific literacy metacognition level student understanding introduction to education constructivist learning paradigm plantae high school four-tier test moral literacy cultural literacy warrant thinking inductive deductive argument systematic approach to problem solving junior students’ craft and entrepreneurship education the capacity of school management school vision school mission semantic proving object of research front of mathematics icae model analytical thinking cognitive learning achievement concept attainment model row sport pisa mathematics literacy light simulation practicum cognitive conflict strategy metacognitive skills pbl civic knowledge toulmin argument pattern scientific reasoning content and context biology references virtual physics laboratory (vpl) recording students character (srsc) assessment millennial proof path modes of reasoning analytic proof school algebra procedural errors notion of a variable errors and misconceptions conceptual errors factual speaking traditional games dolanan bocah sundanese pupuh learning materials character educational values science course sangiran museum waste management garbage campus prisma generator effect of war educational system boko haram learning introduction to animals augmented reality (ar) potential mobile technology m-learning students response interactive multimedia instructional media game multiple representations santri reading motivation reading attitude dimension money attitude consumptive behavior parenting stress gratitude experiment students’ learning achievement in mathematics logical mathematical intelligence contextual teaching learning integrated science mathematics prospective elementary school teachers children with special needs acceptability portfolio midwifery medical process skills developed worksheet semantic-proof proving mathematical proposition false-semantic proof apos theory interest in utilization flexibility ease affect students achievement college entrance lane subjective norms accounting elt blog refusal speech act polite values character building newtonian mechanics conceptual change texts word problem metacognitive skill islamic safety unimodal sensory modality multimodal moral judgement cognitive moral rebuttals argumentation cultivating morals students students’book stem approach participation right fulfillment child friendly learning weighted product evaluation application digital library cse-ucla role-playing permutations intra school students approach indonesia’s realistic action learning combined teaching method design studio mechanisms design education problem solving teaching polya type realistic mathematical learning set of phisics heat material mathematical power teacher ict competencies school teachers study motivation normative beliefs commitment carrier teacher work motivation quantitative study principal leadership style certified teachers performance students‟ profile heat and temperature extended response test essay question solving methods mathematics teachers equations problem visualisation strategies pattern generalization learning activities chemopoly-edutainment teaching material metacognitive guidance scientific approach learning results junior high schools in ambon generic science skills prospective teacher ecology concept ecological literacy non-english departmen modular model kards k(plus one)ards english teachers teaching aqidah philosophical inquiry hikmah pedagogy kid story contextual leadership skills generic skills professionalism of teachers community participation learning infrastructure economics learning guidelines h.c.i. virtual reality serious games school policies inclusive practies inclusive culture scientific attitude multiple regressions chi-square test academic work motivation academic supervision school principal student’s learning cognitive style inquiry based learning cooperation skills teacher’ efficacy review inclusive disability developing countries pre-serve teachers geometrical thinking cybersecurity education research-based learning model internal relevance consistency biology learning scientific learning physics module educational entrepreneurship saudi female students saudi efl efl other-initiated repair strategy efl learners conversation analysis tertiary tblt esol learners kaiwa japanese speaking japanese language communication strategy intellectual security extracurricular activities educational curricula web-based courseware basic technology teaching instruction teacher’s voice listening comprehension audio-visual aids information seeking behavior digital native students digital immigrant students bogor agricultural university primary students illustrations drawing character developing virtual test decision-making competence buffer solution politeness strategies politeness practices english language teaching polite classroom interaction creativit accounting textbooks accounting education use pattern digital book curricullum 2013 obstacle curriculum 2013 tutor nursing postgraduates index delphi
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